Tuesday 1 December 2020

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Daily Water Intake

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Do you often struggle with drinking enough water every day? Maybe you don’t like the plain taste of water or are too busy to hydrate regularly? If this feels like you, you are hardly alone in your struggle.

 Water is essential to the human body. Science suggests that the body is 70% water and relies on it for a wide array of physiological processes. This fluid plays a critical role in maintaining correct body temperatures, ensuring ideal electrolyte balance and lubricating joints.

 Now that you know how vital water is, here is how you can increase your daily water intake.

How to Drink More Water 

Set A Goal

 Before you increase your water intake, you ought to know just how much water your body needs every day. You can then use this as a starting point for creating your water consumption strategy.

 Most health organizations recommend that people take eight glasses of water daily. Although this is not accurate for everyone, you can use it as a guiding framework for the amount of water you should drink.

 You may need more water if you:

  • Live in a hot area,

  • Are breastfeeding,

  • Exercise regularly

  • Work outside for long hours

Start Early

 A great way to drink more water is to include it in your morning routine. Most people go about their morning routine in an almost mechanical way, which is great for consistency in drinking water.

 For instance, you can start drinking a glass of water as you wait for your kettle to boil or as you clean your braces for straighter teeth. To help you remember to hydrate, keep an empty glass of water near the kettle every night. That way, you will always refill the glass and drink water every morning.

 You could even keep some water on your bed stand and take it first thing every morning. Within no time, this habit will be ingrained, and you will increase your water consumption tremendously.

Infuse Flavor

 If you find water to be too plain, infuse some flavor into it. You can use citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges to do this. Other fruits that will impart a wonderful flavor to your water include strawberries and passion fruits. You could also use herbs or slices of cucumber to make your water tastier.

Use a Water Bottle

 If making eight trips to the water dispenser is too tedious a task, why not buy a water bottle that can hold more water? You can always carry the bottle with you wherever you go, which is quite convenient.

 Additionally, having the bottle around encourages you to keep sipping water, which will increase your daily intake considerably. Better yet, investing in a reusable water bottle is environmental-friendly as it reduces your use of plastics.

Take Water Before Meals

 You could also make a habit of drinking some water before meals. Not only will this increase your intake of water, but it could also help you eat less since you will feel full faster. This is particularly great if you are trying to lose weight.


As you can see from the tips in this post, drinking more water needn’t be overwhelming. You can increase your daily consumption by making a few changes to your daily routine. Start today and enjoy the numerous benefits of adequate hydration.

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