Wednesday 30 January 2019

Valentine's Day Evening Outfits

This post features outfit inspiration for Valentine's Day evening outfits. A couple of days ago I published my Valentine's Day looks post which featured outfits for a day date/lunch. You can catch up on it here if you misses it, Valentine's Looks.

Here are my looks for a Valentine's Day evening date.



Nasty Gal

Have you seen any outfits you like?

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Monday 28 January 2019

How Positivity Can Change Your Life

The whole idea of changing your life can seem really big. Or really out of reach. And sometimes, it can seem negative. Because the idea of change can often be associated with the idea of something being wrong and broken. So, a lot of the time, it’s easy to think you don’t need to change your life, because nothing’s wrong with it. Yet, that’s not necessarily the case. More often than not, a life change is a positive thing. It’s something you do when you want to be able to find happiness. To live a better life. To love your life. To embrace your health. And there are a range of factors that can go into it. However, there’s one factor that matters the most and that can really turn things around for you - positivity.

What’s So Special About Positivity

Now, the reason for why positivity is the key here, is that it empowers your mind. That it points you in the right direction. That it opens up your mind to put you in the best positive to start living your life and creating the life you want.

How To Harness It

It sounds great, doesn’t it? But now, the next question might be - how can you actually be more positive? What does it take? Well, it can be as hard or as easy as you like it. BUT, you need to want it, practice it, and work for it. Because it’s all in your mindset and your attitude and your thoughts - as well as your habits. So you are going to want to step back, look for the good in life, and choose to be happier.

The Beauty Of It

And the beauty of positivity is that it’s free. And it can be yours without you having to change your life first. This is important. Because one mindset flick, one change in your thought pattern, one attitude adoption can really change the direction of the life and your happiness overall.

How It Helps You

Now, you may wonder WHY this works. And it’s all in your mindset. When you’re positive, you’re in the best possible position to enjoy your life. To make the right choices and head in the right direction. Whether this means to change your diet, to pursue that personal injury lawyer or to finally walk about from an abusive relationship. It empowers you to put your own happiness first and focus on that. When you’re positive, you know that you can do anything.

What It Can Mean For Your Life

And most importantly of all, the thing about positivity is that is really change make waves for your future and for what you want to get out of your future. The more positive you are, the better your mindset can become. The more you’ll say yes. Try new things. Find opportunities. Live. Laugh. Enjoy your life! Yes, positivity can do all of that. So, this is why you’re going to want to embrace positivity to change your life.

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Saturday 26 January 2019

Valentine's Day Looks

Valentine's Day is around the corner and lucky for us there are plenty of style offerings to mark the occasion. Retailers are giving us plenty of heart patterns and palettes of pink, red, black and white to make sure we slay the day.

Here are some outfits I have put together that will be perfect to wear during the day or on a day date.


Marks and Spencer



Which look is your favourite?

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Friday 18 January 2019

Doing Something Different With Your Beauty Regime This Year

We’re in the first month of a new year and you might be looking for an opportunity to change and improve your beauty regime. It’s time to take a break from your usual routine and give something new a chance! Why not? You could try something out that you end up really loving! Here are just a few plans that you might want to consider engaging with for the upcoming twelve months.

Trying New Products

Many of us tend to use the same products over and over again. Once one bottle or packet runs out, we just replace it with another. But why not try out some different products? There might be something out there that better suits you and your needs. Whether this is a new facial moisturiser, a new hair conditioning mask, or a new foundation. Generally speaking, you can pick up samples or try products out in stores to determine whether you like them or not before investing in them!

A Piercing

While the majority of us have our ear lobes pierced, many of us won’t dabble any further in piercings. But why not? They’ve become increasingly socially accepted recently and they can add a bold statement to your overall look. You could go for something bold and out there, such as a septum piercing or a nose ring, or you could keep things more subtle and tucked away - perhaps opting for a nipple piercing. Whatever you choose, make sure to have it carried out by a reliable professional in a sanitised studio. Also make sure to follow aftercare instructions to minimise your risk of infection.


Eyebrows have gained increased importance as a beauty statement over the past few years. Nowadays, the majority of models and beauty-associated celebrities that you see tend to have thick, full, and voluminous brows. So, if you’ve got thin brows, you might be wondering how you can plump yours up a little without looking like you’ve simply drawn them on. Now, there are brow pencils that you can use to make your existing brows look a little darker and fuller. But you can’t really make your brows bigger with these without looking a little odd. Instead, you might want to consider microblading. This is a process that creates an entire new look. It is a form of semi-permanent tattooing, but don’t let that put you off - the beautician won’t be handling a tattoo gun anytime soon. Instead, tiny incisions are made in your brow and a specialist form of ink is placed in the incisions. These mimic lines like hair and give a truly convincing end result.

These are just a few changes that you could implement into your beauty regime. They may seem relatively minor, but the smallest alterations can make so much difference! So, give them a shot!

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The 10 Year Challenge - Growing Old is a Privilege

I'm sure you've seen the latest challenge hitting social media, the 10 Year Challenge. To join in you share a photo of yourself now and one from 10 years ago to see how much you've changed. After seeing everybody else's pictures I was eager to join in but whilst hunting for a picture I came across Katie Piper's challenge image which derailed me. Not only were her pictures incredible and also shocking but her words struck a chord with me, 'growing old is a privilege.'

Hmmm I thought. I am a total moron. That morning I had spent a solid 15 minutes moaning about the wrinkles on my face and the mum bags under my eyes rabbiting on about various night creams, eye creams and wrinkle serums. 

As I stared at her pictures I realised how lucky I am to be growing old. If you're not aware of her story, she suffered an acid attack which permanently damaged her face. She is in an incredible, strong, inspiring woman who has been through hell and back. She's had multiple surgeries to her face and what she has had to endure has been an emotional and physical battle for years. It made me realise how lucky I was and how the ageing process is completely natural.

Not only did her images have such an effect on me but those words, they cut deep. Growing old is a privilege. It served as a reminder of the family and friends that haven't survived those last 10 years. In the last 10 years death has hit us with a hammer especially when we lost my mother in law who battled a brutal brain tumour, just days after Ophelia was born. That almost tore our family apart. 

We also tragically lost my beautiful cousin who ended her own life after struggling with a mental illness. If you've read my blog before you will know that I have suffered with postnatal depression for years and her death had a huge impact on me. Those words certainly ring true for her. Growing old is definitely a privilege and one that she will now never experience. 

So this challenge has made me sit back and realise how lucky I am. Therefore I have looked back at what I have achieved in the last 10 years and honestly I can be proud. From 2008-2018, I did a lot and I can smile about all of it. 

So here goes, everything I have achieved in the last 10 years, in the order I did them.

I qualified as an Operating Department Practitioner

I bought my first house which was with Arwyn

We climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 

I got engaged in Kilimanjaro 

I got married

I had an amazing honeymoon in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Los Angeles

We got our first joint pet, Alfie

I had my first child, Eva (an awful birth)

We did lots of travelling

I started blogging

I had my 2nd child Ophelia (another traumatic birth)

I lived in Australia for 3 months with my girls

We had our first family trip to Walt Disney World

We renewed our wedding vows in Walt Disney World

I conquered (well I tried) my fear of heights whilst doing the Ultimate Xtreme underground challenge with Go Below. This included a 70 foot freefall jump

We did lots more travelling

I got to interview Emma Bunton thanks to my blog (childhood idol)

We became annual pass holders at Disneyland Paris

I set up my own small business, Magically Jasmine.

Looking back I have had a blast. I may have wrinkles on my face and the biggest mum bags under my eyes but what a privilege that is when I see everything I have done. 


Thursday 17 January 2019

Keep Yourself In The Best Health Possible With These Tips

Being healthy is one of the challenges that we face every day. When you have a hectic schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to do everything that you need to be doing to reach this goal. In fact, you might not have even got to the point where you have planned out what you need to do yet. This is going to be important, as planning is the first step towards doing. In this article, we have come up with some of the things that you can do to keep yourself in the best health possible.

Drink, Drink, And Drink Some More

Hydration is always going to be vital when it comes to the human body staying healthy. You need a specific amount of water to make sure that you and your body are working at optimum levels. However, some people don’t like water. You might be thinking, but it doesn’t really have a taste? Well, it does and some people don’t like it. If you are one of these people, then why not try something like h2coco where you will get some refreshing coconut water instead of plain. Your body will still be receiving all the hydration that it needs, and you can enjoy what you are drinking!

Eat The Right Foods

Next up, you need to be eating the right kind of foods. Are you always eating processed fats and sugars? Well that time has come to an end because you need to start eating your greens, fruits and vegetables. You are never going to get anywhere in your health journey if you are not willing to change what you are currently doing. For example, if a typical dinner for you is pizza, or chicken nuggets then this needs to go. Of course you can still have these on occasion, but not every day.

This is going to be hard at first so if you are struggling, try just adding vegetables to your meals. This way, you will build up a liking to them, and it will be easier to cut the processed food out when the time comes.

Take Time To De-Stress

The last thing that we are going to talk about is taking the right amount of time to de-stress. Work, kids, family, life and so on all have the ability to stress us out and we need to take a step back and relax. Taking up yoga is a great way to do this, or taking up some sort of martial art. While yoga calms you down and helps you relax this way, martial arts let you take your frustration out in a safe and controlled manner. If either of these options sounds appealing to you, then it will help you to de-stress after a long day.

Hopefully you now know some of the ways that you can keep yourself in the best possible health. Keep up with all these things and you will find that you are in great health in no time.

*This is a collaborative post*

Monday 14 January 2019

Pocahontas Disneybound

Last year I attempted Disneybounding for the first time and I loved it. To see some of my outfits, head over to my instagram account. This year I have quite a few Disney trips lined up so I am starting to look for inspiration for outfits. First up is a Pocahontas Disneybound.

Pocahontas's outfit is all about nudes with a splash of turquoise and with spring/summer fashion hitting shops soon, we should be spoilt for choice on that colour palette.

Bounding can become quite pricey so I try and find items that I would wear anyway and not just for dressing up.

The dress I've featured is from Nastygal which always has a great selection of clothes. Their website is reasonably priced with this dress coming in at £20. The dress would be a great buy for the year as it has a hint of utility about it which is set to be an upcoming trend.

The shoes are also from Nastygal and at the time of this post going live, they are in the sale.  A wedge is a lot more comfortable to wear around Disney then any other kind of heels although it may be better to find some flats.

The necklace was kindly sent to me by Shoppe Minuette and it's perfect for this Disneybound. It definitely reflects the colours of the wind. It's handmade from acrylic and laser cut which makes it unique and it's sure to make the outfit pop.

The bag is from Forever 21. I think the fringe trim reflects the bottom of her outfit so it's a great match.

Last up are these Disney Princess feather earrings from Couture Kingdom. They are Pocahontas inspired and at the time of publishing, they are on sale. 

You can read my other Disneybound posts below:

I'm going to feature bound posts throughout the year of me in actual outfits and also inspiration outfits. What characters would you like to see me do?

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