Wednesday 26 August 2020

Common Causes of Stress and How to Deal with Them

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Stress is something that most of us are going to feel at some point in our lives. In can be a regular occurrence for some, for others it can be every now and then, for others it might not happen very much at all.

The thing about stress is that in small doses it can be easily managed and you can get through it with minimal impact. However, when the stress doesn’t get better, or we don’t find a way to manage it properly, then this can have an impact on our health and wellbeing.

One way that you can try and learn to manage stress better is by learning what actually may cause it in the first place. By identifying the common causes of stress, you can start to learn how you can manage it and limit its impact.

Money (or lack of)

Money is a huge contributing factor to feelings of stress and more often than not it is because we feel that we don’t have enough of it. We can’t magic up money that we simply don’t have, which means that in order to try and combat these feelings of stress, we need to find a way to manage our money better. This could be things such as budgeting or perhaps learning how best to approach any debt - something that Mark Muso can help with - that we may have and manage it. If things really are a struggle then we can also learn ways to bring more money in to the household, such as with additional work or selling the things that we simply don’t use anymore.

Trying to do too much

Many of us get stressed out because we are trying to do too much and we take on too many things at once. This could be at work, or in our personal lives. A reason for this is the fact that we don’t like to let people down and by saying no, we might be doing exactly that. However, you need to think about it this way, if you keep saying yes to people then you are going to run out of time and then you will be left letting people down even more then if you just said no in the first place to them.

Arguments and conflicts

Relationships can be strained at times, this applies not only at home but also at work too. If this is the case for you then there is a good chance that this is going to leave you feeling somewhat stressed out. Arguments and disagreements cannot always be avoided and sometimes there are points that need to be raised within them that are valid, however, you need to try and ensure that you both come to a conclusion with the way that you feel. That way there won’t be any unresolved feelings that could have an impact on your both.

Stress can be a bit of an inconvenience for some and completely life-altering for others. Whatever you do, learn to recognise what causes you to feel stressed and learn how you can try and beat those feelings whenever they arise.

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Wednesday 19 August 2020

4 Types of Pain That You Should Never Ignore

Pain is often described as a personal thing because everyone has a different threshold of what they’d consider painful. Some people tend to have a much higher tolerance, meaning they’re less likely to be stopped by pain in their body. Others are much more sensitive to pain and it could affect their daily lifestyle.

Most people respond to pain by either ignoring it and hoping it goes away, or taking some kind of painkiller to help ease it. While this works for most signs of pain, it’s actually not a good idea to get used to this because our bodies can develop a dependency on it. Some types of pain just shouldn’t be ignored, especially if it’s intense or persists for a few days.

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Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain has many different causes. It could just be excess gas in the stomach or it could be something more severe such as appendicitis. Some causes of abdominal pain are even life-threatening and may require immediate surgery. Sharp pain is usually a sign that there’s a serious problem, so if it’s debilitating and prevents you from going about your daily life you should immediately contact a medical professional.

Foot pain

Foot pain tends to be ignored because we have to use our feet to move around. If we stopped at the first sign of pain, it’d mean we can’t get up and walk around anywhere. Unfortunately, you should never ignore foot pain because it could get much worse in the future. It could affect your walking capability and might even lead to long-term issues if you’re not careful. We suggest you look at foot pain causes to try and identify what your foot pain might be. If the symptoms are consistent with some conditions, we highly recommend you speak to a doctor especially if the pain is getting too much to bear.


Headaches can often be seen as a nuisance that we deal with in order to carry on with our lives. Unfortunately, it could also be a life-threatening condition if it’s a sharp pain that lasts for a long time. Don’t just immediately reach for the painkillers if the headaches happen time after time. It could be the sign of an infection or even a weakened blood vessel.

Back pain

Back pain can be a sign that your posture is poor and needs to be corrected. However, if the pain radiates to your lower back between your ribs and hip, it could indicate that you have a kidney infection. If you’re also experiencing pain when urinating then you’ll want to get checked up by a doctor. Back pain can have numerous causes and it’s vital that you don’t ignore it.

We suggest that you seek immediate medical attention if you experience any severe pain that lasts for several days or even hours. If you experience pains in these areas of your body, then we highly recommend you at least speak to your doctor to get checked.

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Saturday 1 August 2020

10 Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby

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So, you've been with your partner for a while now. You've taken vacations, you've moved in together, and you both feel confident that you're in this for the long haul. First up, Congrats! It's always great to find your soul mate. But what's the next step of the process? Marriage, maybe but with modern relationships being about more than a big day and a sparkling jewel on the finger, perhaps having a child is the actual demonstration of love and affection. Are you ready for a baby, though? You might be if any of these signs sound familiar. 

You Are Planning How to Decorate the Nursery

If you've got a spare room, or are at least looking for new places with an extra bedroom, you might be doing a lot of research about everything you need to buy when expecting a baby, even if the expecting part hasn't happened yet. 

Planning to decorate the nursery is a clear sign of being ready for a baby. It shows that you're open to making a significant change, and you're prepared to put in the work when required, and creating a nursery is hard work. 

You Get Jealous of Other Moms

It sounds like a cliche, but being jealous of other moms walking down the street with a stroller is a crucial sign that a baby could be in your future. 

This isn't bad jealousy, though, and it's really closer to envy than anything else, but that swell of emotion you feel when you see strangers and friends playing with their little ones means that you won't be satisfied until you have your own bundle of joy. 

You Feel Financially Comfortable

Financial security and comfort is a huge part of having a baby. You need to be able to feed another mouth while also finding your monthly income reduced as you'll start lowering your hours before you give birth. 

If you feel financially able to have a child, there should be nothing holding you back. Of course, you'll need to consider the budget and what you can afford to pay for before you go ahead with anything too concrete. 

You Are Satisfied with Your Career

Modern careers are far from what they were in the past. While your parents and even their parents found a job straight out of school and stayed there for the rest of their lives, most people don't fall into their dream career until much later, and this can contribute to never feeling ready for a baby. 

However, once you reach that position where you feel satisfied and comfortable, you can start to think about motherhood. But before you do, it's important to check your company's maternity policy to find out how much time you are permitted and whether your partner can help out. 

You Have a List Of Baby Names

Most people have their perfect baby names stored away in their minds, but if you keep finding yourself adoring new names that you come across, then perhaps it's time you put them to good use. 

There's always a problem somewhere, though. You might have the perfect name in mind, but one of your friends just named their dog the same name, so it's back to the drawing board. Hopefully, you'll have enough names that there's plenty to pick from, and don't forget to ask your partner for input. 

You Have Had Serious Discussions With Your Partner

Mature relationships require serious adult discussions about significant changes. While you might have spent the early years of your relationship joking about having lots of babies, you will need to sit down and have a serious conversation. 

If they are happy to start trying for a baby, then jackpot. You can begin planning out the next nine months and hopefully enjoy a bright future together. 

You Are Looking At The Best Schools 

You want your child to have the best education possible, and while it might seem a little premature, it's useful to know about the best schools in the area. 

But what about if you can't find excellent schools in the area? You might need to move into a new home at some point, so if you have the freedom to go anywhere, there's plenty of spots to choose from. 

You Are No Longer Bothered When People Ask 

Whether it's your parents, your partner's parents, old school friends, or strangers off the street, getting asked when you're going to have kids can get frustrating. People rarely understand that not everyone's life revolves around being a parent, and you have likely told them you would get to it in your own time. 

However, if those questions no longer bother you, there's a significant chance that you're ready for kids, and aside from the joy that comes with being a parent, you can also feel happy you'll never need to answer any more questions. 

You Are Ready to Give Up Your Party Lifestyle

The party lifestyle is fun for a few years before, during, and after college, but most people can't keep it up forever. When you're young, though, you believe the party will never end, and you'll be raving forever. 

However, there will come the point where the idea of going out and getting back late (or even early next morning) fills you with dread. You don't want to do it. You want to be responsible, and becoming a parent will make you responsible. 

You Know It Just Feels Right

Ultimately, though, you'll know you're ready because it just feels right. We have stages in our lives, and after school, work, and finding the one, having a baby is the next logical stage of our lives. Even if you've never considered yourself mother material, your opinion may change as you get older, so even if you don't feel ready just yet, you might sooner than you expect. 

The Next Stage

There will come the point in everyone's life where they are ready for a baby, and while there are plenty of factors that can determine how ready you are, the real sign is that you are no longer terrified of the thought of having a child. Regardless of finances, space, and the endless hours browsing baby equipment, you're ready to take the next step in your relationship.

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