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Keeping Up with the Kardashians with a year's subscription to TVPlayer

I have a confession..I'm a closet Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan. I love nothing more than watching the lives of Kim, Khloe, Kylie and the rest of the family. Annoyingly I always seem to miss the latest episodes that's why I am super impressed with Cyber Monday deal for a subscription to TVPlayer.

The Cyber Monday deal is available for a limited time only and customers can get a year's subscription to TVPlayer from as little as £41.90 saving nearly £42 (usual cost is £83.88). You'll be able to catch up with the latest shows on MTV such as my fave, Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E!. Subscribers can stream 19 channels not available on Freeview, plus 61 other channels through Fire TV. The deal ends 5th December. You can view it here, TVPlayer deal.

I've followed the antics of the Kardashians for a while. To be fair, it's hard not to as they are all over social media. Kanye West is one of my favourite artists so when he and Kim got together I became even more interested in them. I went to see Jay Z and Kanye West in concert in Birmingham about 6 years ago and when I popped to the toilet mid show, Kim was walking past me. She was stunning in real life and I couldn't believe how petite she was.

I also love watching Kendall's life as a model. She has done incredibly well for herself and I always find watching her shoots and catwalks fascinating.

Do you want Keeping Up with the Kardashians? What show do you secretly love watching? What show could you binge watch?

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Explore Your Options For Getting Fit

Exercise and all that comes with it can be incredibly difficult, but once you are over that initial hurdle of starting to get fit, you’re likely to find that it feels incredible. Depending on your personality, you might love exercise and be motivated enough to go for a daily run around the park. If that isn’t you but you’re aware of the importance of fitness and your health, don’t let it deter you. Taking the time to learn about different ways of exercising and the help you can get could be the confidence boost you need to find your running shoes.


There are different types of gyms and activities in those establishments to explore. Do you want to do classes? Are you better doing an independent workout? Let’s take a look at these questions and some of the other options available to you, hopefully, for those of you that need it this will help make the gym less daunting. And for readers who are already avid gym goers, this might just give you some alternative ideas so that you can mix up your routine.

Exercise classes

The exercise class has been trivialised and mocked in film for so many years now, but the reality is very different. The benefits of taking a class really depend on who you are and what you want to get from a fitness plan. Exercise classes will give you regular structure to your routine; you will build a social dynamic and will hopefully build confidence moving through different levels of your program. These classes can also be supplements to the independent workout that you want to do, sometimes it is easier to run and cycle on your own time but doing yoga with a qualified instructor is useful.

Independent Training

If you are more of a solo gym goer then perhaps putting together a solid exercise plan is more appropriate to your needs. There is nothing wrong with preferring your own company in the gym; fitness is a very personal thing so tackling it without the input of others is understandable. But you should look into different recommendations for training alone so that you know what you are doing is productive, accurate and safe. Motivation can be the hardest thing to maintain when you are training on your own, so putting together a proper weekly plan is helpful to combat lethargy. There are several YouTube videos and guides out there to help you put together a plan whether that be a couch to 5k strategy or if you are just looking to improve your health through weight loss and general fitness.

Personal Trainer

A halfway house between the two gym options discussed so far is the personal trainer. This is someone who has a qualification like a certificate 3 in fitness and can help you put together your gym strategy and guide you through proper techniques. You might be surprised at how much you think you know about exercise and how little you actually do. There are usually hundreds of ways to do something wrong and very few to do it right, a personal trainer will make sure you are getting the most out of your workout and not injuring yourself in the process.

Outside of the Gym

Those are some examples of using the gym to improve your health and fitness. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the air-conditioned facilities that charge you flat fees. An environment dedicated to working out is preferable for some people, but for others they just need the outside or home equipment. Bearing that in mind, you can apply the three gym strategies discussed above to other ways of training as well.

There are regular exercise groups in most parks now such as the Parkrun which welcomes runners of all levels to take on a 5k run on a weekend morning. Additionally, you will likely find military style classes and yoga groups on most green spaces around the country or in local leisure centres. Personal trainers are also available to hire outside of the gym, and this might allow you to strike up a better relationship with because you are not under the confines of a working fitness centre.

Whatever your preferred choice, make sure you don’t let the days just pass you by. Exercise is not about becoming Mr. Universe or Miss World; you can just be looking to improve your health and maintain a positive fitness balance.

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Paw Patrol On A Roll Game

We are hosting a Paw Patrol Party to celebrate the new 'Paw Patrol On A Roll' computer game by Outright Games. You can join in with the party on Twitter from 1pm on Friday 30th November by using the hashtag #PawPatrolOnARoll.

We were sent an amazing box filled with everything we need for the party. It included plates, cups and a tablecloth. There were party bags and treats to go in them. There was also craft style party games, Paw Patrol frustration (a personal favourite game of mine), a puzzle and of course the computer game itself.

Eva literally squealed with delight when she opened the box and Ophelia couldn't stop shouting it's Paw Patrol. 

Paw Patrol on a roll is available for Xbox one, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and a PC. The game features all of the beloved characters from the TV show who are ready to save the day on 16 exciting missions around Adventure Bay. 

I was worried Eva would struggle with playing the game as this was her very first experience of using the Xbox but the gameplay is very easy to follow. 

Each mission is split into 2 parts which require two of the pups to complete. The pups have to collect hidden treats which are gold paws and bone biscuits. I think it's a great idea using 2 of the characters for each mission as it helps to keep your child's attention. It certainly kept Eva hooked. 

Throughout the gameplay, Ryder pops up on screen to give instructions, hints and tips.

The graphics are quite impressive. There are no baddies or anything worrying for children to come across which I think is good seeing as the game is aimed for children around 4 and up. If you're happy for your kids to watch the TV show then you'll be more than happy for them to play the game without any cause for concern.

My only downfall would be that I think each mission is quite long. It did seem to take a while for Eva to finish one to be able to move on.

Overall, both of us were impressed with the game. It's easy to follow for children and is fun for them to help their favourite characters on actual missions. Fans of the show will love this game.

Paw Patrol On A Roll is available to purchase at Smyths, Argos, Amazon and game and is very reasonably priced. 

If you'd like to get a copy of Paw Patrol On A Roll in time for Christmas then come and join in with the Twitter party on Friday 30th November 1-3pm. Make sure you tag @outright_games and @ukmumstv and use the hashtag #PawPatrolOnARoll in any tweets.

*Please note this is a collaborative post. We were gifted the Xbox game and party supplies. However, all words and options are our own*

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Looking After Your Health When You Don't Feel Like Going Out

Many bloggers are naturally introverts, and this is a fact. If you would like to make the most out of your life, but don’t want to book an appointment with your doctor for a checkup, all you need to do is listen to your body. It has a special way of telling you when something is wrong, or it needs support. 

Working from home can have a negative impact on your daily schedule, even though you embarked on a journey to have more flexibility. In the beginning, you will need to put in more hours than you initially thought. Below you will find a few tips on taking care of your health when you are too busy or don’t feel like facing the world.

Online Tests

If you suspect that there is something wrong with you, it is better to seek professional advice than to bury your head in the sand. You can get some online eye tests that will tell you whether you need an opticians appointment, or if your body is missing some nutrients, based on your symptoms. If you want to avoid sitting at the doctor’s office for hours for a routine checkup, not even knowing whether there is need to worry, it is better to do your research before you waste your time and energy.

Delivery Services

You can now get various health supplements delivered to your home address, so you don’t have to spend your time at the office. If you have already had an eye test, you might simply sign up for Glasses 2 You and get some replacement pairs just in case you happen to sit on one of them. This will help you save time and make sure that you are getting the right glasses all the time.

Nutrition Changes

If your body is telling you that it needs more support, you will notice it. There will be signs such as hair loss, white areas on your nails, and even digestive issues. If you already know that your body usually lacks magnesium and Zinc, maybe Iron, you will just have to change your diet so you can take more of the vitamins and minerals your body needs in.

Diet Planning

We often forget to take care of the food processing storage of our body, and this can have serious consequences, such as frequent heartburn, or even chronic IBS. Challenge yourself to avoid processed food and artificial coloring, and only eat food that is made from scratch. Plan your diet with your goals in mind. 

Home Exercises

If you find it hard to get to the gym every week, you can start a home exercise routine that will help you stay in shape, look after your joints, muscles, and digestive system. From yoga to Tai Chi, there are several great ways of moving in a small space. 

If you would like to look after your health, but have a busy routine, you will need to get creative and make the most out of the time and resources you have.

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Monday, 26 November 2018

Disney Themed Christmas Decorating

Disney is a huge part of our family life especially at Christmas, so it'll come as no surprise that we have quite a few Disney decorations for the festive period. 

We recently had a festive Disney day which started with us decorating the tree and living room, doing some Disney Christmas crafts and ending the day watching The Muppets Christmas carol.

This year we were sent some fantastic products from shopDisney who have a huge range to choose from.

If you follow me on social media you will know that I love twinning so I was over the moon with the pyjamas that we received. The girls changed into them for our festive day and were amazed by the fact that they were allowed to wear pyjamas so early in the day. They adore the fact that their names are on the back. It's great to see shopDisney offering so many products that can be personalised. It makes gifts and items much more unique and special.

One of our traditions is to buy a new Disney bauble for our tree every year, so we were delighted to receive two new ones in our package. We had Chip and Dale and a stunning Gold Mickey. The girls loved the Chip and Dale ones as they have a Christmas bell on making them jingle. I'm hoping Santa will leave me the Aladdin socks hanging ornament on our tree this year. 

Under the tree we placed their Minnie Mouse sacks ready for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve. They have also been personalised which I think is a lovely touch. I've actually asked hubby to buy me one as I was insanely jealous when I saw them.

We also received a fill your own Disney advent calendar. We much prefer having one that is reusable so this is a great addition to our house. Ophelia hasn't stopped playing with it. She likes to pull the drawers out and stack them up to make towers and then pop them all back. 

The kids love a bit of crafting so they really enjoyed the Create your own ornament kit which you colour and shape them into cubes to hang on the tree, nothing beats a bit of hand made decorations from your kids to make a tree more personal and special. Eva made some for her teachers and family members.

After our busy day making and decorating we headed to the sofa to snuggle up and watch a Christmas film. We are now massively in the Christmas spirit. The girls enjoyed crafting so much that we are going to attempt to make a Disney themed wreath for the house. 

Have you put your decorations up yet? Do you have any Disney decor up over the festive period?

*Thank you to shopDisneyuk for gifting us with a Christmas bundle of products. All opinions and photographs are my own*


Are You Stuck in a Fitness Rut?

The term stuck in a rut is used to describe a situation where people feel frustrated and powerless to change, when it comes to fitness, it often means you feel so flat about your level of fitness and physique that you know you need to do something about it - yet, you feel so lethargic, upset with yourself, and disempowered that you don’t have the inner fuel required to get you back on your feet.

When you’re stuck in a fitness rut it can feel quite depressing, and it can seep through to other areas in your life.  It can have a profound effect on the way you view yourself, as a person, and it can certainly knock your confidence.

The challenge when it comes to fitness, is that often you are having to fight yourself, in the sense that you are having to fight your own procrastination and low levels of motivation in terms of getting back in shape.

It can feel like pushing a boulder, the idea being that it takes an enormous amount of energy to move that boulder from a standing start, yet when it starts to have some momentum behind it, everything becomes much easier… and that’s the secret ingredient to getting out of a fitness rut - momentum.

See, when first go back to the gym, put on your running shoes, or do whatever else you are going to do to break yourself out of this place - it’s going to hurt.  Literally, your muscles will be much more sore the first few times you exercise, than they will a week later, as they are simply out of condition - meaning they aren’t used to this anymore, and they will respond with a few aches and pains.

Yet, have you ever noticed how two weeks down the line, you don’t have that pain anymore after working out?  It’s because your body is adapting and being conditioned to the endurance you are putting it through.

Similarly, on a mental level, momentum builds like a snowball gathering speed down a slope - because as you start to see visible signs of progress, you start feeling better about yourself, which makes you want to do more, which creates more aesthetic changes, which motivates you further… and you find yourself in an upward spiral of positive change.

See, the mental power within fitness is that of making progress.  You can be massively overweight and lose a stone in weight, and feel fantastic - yet, you are still massively overweight.  

There is power in progress, and that’s the best antidote to getting out of a fitness rut… but it takes some time to make progress, and the hardest part, is starting out - just like the boulder metaphor above or the fact a jet consumes the majority of its fuel on take off.

Therefore, in this article, we’re going to look at some practical ways to start moving that boulder in the right direction and take the first steps to getting out of a fitness rut.

As, so often it’s that first step that is the hardest - but once you have taken that first step and you have some momentum behind you, you start to gain confidence and become unstoppable!

There are many things you can do at home, if you are feeling a little gym shy, as today there are a plethora of classes on YouTube and other platforms that allow you to undertake anything from yoga and pilates classes to high intensity interval training.  The world leader in fitness classes, Les Mills, has now made its leading classes such as Body Pump and Body Combat available online via a Netflix like platform.

The great thing about working out at home, is that it’s massively convenient and can work around your schedule - rather than you having to work around a gym’s timetable.

Fitness, at times, can feel arduous so looking for fun activities to get you back in the swing of things is a good idea.  For instance, you could look into salsa classes if you have an interest in dancing or boxing classes if you like the idea of something more explosive - the trick is to do something that you find fun and engaging.  This way, you’re more likely to stick with it and keep on going back.

If you’ve been out of regular training for a while, it’s really important to start off by taking it easy.  There’s nothing more tempting than going back to an exercise class you used to go to and presume your body will perform at the same level it did when you were doing the class a couple of times a week.  This can not only be emotionally frustrating - but physically dangerous too… as if you adopt the approach of “go hard or go home” in your first few sessions you’re likely to injure yourself.

Remember the importance of warming up and cooling down, as this is particularly important when getting back into training and it can be useful to visit a sauna or at least have a hot bath after working out so the muscle fibres can relax.

One of the best forms of exercise for someone starting to get back into fitness is swimming, as swimming is a very supportive form of exercise that doesn’t put too much pressure on the joints, such as your knees, unlike the majority of other activities such as running and aerobics.  

Whilst you might feel the only way to lose weight is to engage in activities like plyometric lunges and burpees - you need to ease your body back into such activities, and recondition some of the smaller supportive muscles to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.  Swimming, and particularly walking through the water, in terms of fast wading, can be incredibly helpful to build back the strength of key supportive muscle groups.

In summary, when you’re looking to get out of a fitness rut, you need to be gentle with yourself, start off slow, recondition your body and then ride the wave of progress and momentum - to take you to new heights.

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The Great Skate at The Celtic Manor Resort

One thing we love to do at Christmas is to go ice-skating, so when we were invited to the opening of The Great Skate at The Celtic Manor Resort, we couldn't say no. The Celtic Manor resort is our favourite hotel in South Wales. It's more than just a hotel and every time we walk into it, we feel like we've gone away on holiday. In fact as soon as we walked through the doors last week, Eva screamed, please can we stay at this hotel. It's beautiful.

If you are heading to The Great Skate there is a separate car park which is clearly signposted. If you are there for a certain amount of hours there is a small charge but we were there for a couple of hours and we didn't need to pay anything. The car park is a short walk to the hotel along a path surrounded by Christmas trees.

It is open until the 6th January and prices start from £5. There are various tickets and packages available.

Even though The great Skate is actually outside it is all enclosed which is perfect as it means it's slightly warmer than being fully outside and that you can attend even if it's raining. 

One thing that really stood our for us and enhanced our skating experience was the fact that they have 3 different skating aids for children depending on their age and size. There was a polar bear, penguin and even a sit on seal. Eva had a penguin which I was eternally grateful for as it helped me around the rink too! 

We had an hour on the rink and Eva didn't want to get off. She absolutely loved the experience. 

We then headed into the food and drink area which was lovely. There were a few different food options which was great to see. You could have burgers, hot dogs and there was even a halloumi option which sounded yummy. The only downside was there were no children's sized portions which I would like to have seen. There was also a sweet treats stall serving things such as popcorn, waffles, chocolate, candy floss etc which my children thought was amazing.

There was a huge range of drinks on offer. We were really spoilt for choice. There were hot drinks, soft drinks, festive cocktails, mulled wine, beer, cider, wine and prosecco. 

After our experience we had a wander around the lobby area of The Celtic Manor resort to look at the Christmas decorations and soak up the atmosphere.

We had a fantastic evening and we are already looking at when we can return again in December. We'd highly recommend it.

*Thank you to The Celtic Manor resort for having us as your guests. All words and opinions are my own*


Sunday, 25 November 2018

Budget Friendly Hen Do Destinations

Travelling abroad for hen nights is a popular trend among brides and her friends. It gives them more time to celebrate the last lap of the bride’s singlehood and also explore a new place which is always a more exciting idea than just going to a bar and drinking all night.

Hen do celebrations have come a long way from a single night of drinking and dancing to an entire weekend full of several hen do activities, games and tourist attractions of a new place. But a destination hen do can be quite heavy on the pockets, so here’s a list of some of the places that may not burn a hole in your pocket.

1. Prague, Czech Republic
The European charm and beauty of Prague has made it an extremely popular choice for hen and stag do celebrations. Called as the ‘Paris of the East’, Prague is an extremely beautiful city with Baroque churches, riverside restaurants, Art Nouveau architecture, castles, courtyards and much more to leave you and your hen gang absolutely mesmerised. It’s got a rocking nightlife, cafe culture, shopping culture and high fashion which will be perfect for you girls to enjoy and bond over. Prague offers really cheap beer to its tourists which is why it’s popular as a cheap and affordable party destination. You can also enjoy a lot of hen do activities and events here.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
The perfect mix of culture, beauty, great nightlife and cool atmosphere, Amsterdam is one of the most popular party destinations. The canal boats, art museums, cultural trips and the best part, an amazing, active nightlife makes Amsterdam the first choice for many stag and hen celebrations. You can explore the Anne Frank’s house, Oude Kerk, Van Gogh museum, ride around town on bicycle and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city with your hen gang. You won’t be spending a bomb to have a good time in Amsterdam.

3. Benidorm, Spain
Mainly popular for being a cheap destination, Benidorm is a wild party town where you can expect nothing short of all day and night long beach parties. A Benidorm hen do is for the kind of bride who’s just looking to chill, relax and let loose on a beach. Levante beach is surely going to make you girls smile and laugh. Almost everyone speaks English here, so don’t stress about a language barrier in this Spanish town. Called as the answer to Spain’s Blackpool, Benidorm is a great choice for a budget friendly and fun hen do. If you and the girls just want to catch a tan, have some amazing cocktails, party at neon- lit bars, then this is the place to go to.

4. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona definitely ranks on the top European destinations for a hen do. It’s the kind of place that has something for everybody. It’s going to impress the culture vultures with Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. It’s going to keep the wild party rockers dancing at clubs like Sala Razzmatazz, Pacha Barcelona etc., it’s also going to amaze the artist hens with its beautiful architecture and max out the credit cards of the shopaholics at shopping hubs like Passeig de Gracia, Portal de l’Ă€ngel and many more.

5. Krakow, Poland
This Polish city in South Poland, also the former capital of the country, is known for its really cheap bars, hotels, hen activities and of course the beauty. While it’s true that most of Europe is really stunning and beautiful, Krakow will further amaze you with its fairytale castles, dragon’s lair, Schindler’s factory and much more. A Krakow hen do might just be cheaper than a Prague or even an Amsterdam hen do. The hen gang can party at the plenty of beer gardens, cellar bars and clubs that boast of a great Polish nightlife. The Polish cuisine consisting of pierogi, apple cake, spiced gingerbread and more, will make the foodie in you very happy.

Responsibilities of a hen do can be really expensive and heavy on the pockets. Travelling to these destinations for a hen do will ensure that you have an amazing time without your bank account balance going zero. So get your hen gang together, get your passports stamped and get ready for a rocking destination hen do.

*This is a collaborative post*

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