Monday 23 November 2020

Great Ways Of Getting Your Life Back On Track

Half of all Americans will be diagnosed with a mental health illness or disorder within their lifetime. This statistic is similar in most developed countries throughout the world. While the spectrum of mental health disorders is broad, this does mean many of us will find ourselves at some point in our lives in a rut that it can feel incredibly challenging to get out of. When we do begin to recover, then it is good to take the opportunity to consolidate the recovery by creating healthy habits that will boost our mental health. Here are a couple of handy thoughts about how to get your life back on track when you are ready. 


Exercise may sound cliche, but the evidence for its mental health benefits is now so strong that doctors prescribe it as a treatment. Exercise energizes you and can help give your life small goals and structure. If you have had a period where your daily living has felt unfocused, then taking time to exercise is highly recommended. The other benefit of exercise, if taken outside, is fresh air. Getting outside is an excellent way of boosting your mental health. It can give your vitamin D a boost, and even seeing nature can reduce stress and anger levels

Take A Trip To The Dentists

This suggestion might sound a little odd, as the thought of going to a dentist can be anxiety-inducing for many of us. According to the Oral Health Foundation, almost half of all adults are fearful of a dentist's trip. This statistic could be why, during bad periods of mental health, our oral hygiene can decline. If you can build yourself up to it, a trip to the dentist can be a real turning point, proving to yourself that you are capable of retaking control of your life. Dental Excellence can give you a significant boost in confidence. Many dental specialists are happy to talk through anxieties with you and put procedures in place to recover your smile without heightened anxiety. Taking time to focus on your smile can make you happier. By seeing a dentist in a period of good health, you are also future-proofing your smile in the eventuality that your mental health and oral care may decline again. Take the opportunity to protect your smile for when you might need it in the future. 

Finally, remember that very rarely is any recovery a straight trajectory from feeling bad to feeling excellent. There may be bumps and setbacks along the way, but none of them are insurmountable. If your exercise or oral care stops, that does not mean you can't pick it up again whenever you are ready. Habits are hard to break, so that you may slip back into an old way of thinking. But habits being hard to break also means that they will be robust and strong once these new habits are established. The healthy habits will make you more resilient and help you maintain a new way of thinking that boosts your life's positivity. 

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