Friday 18 December 2020

What Do Women Actually Want? Gift Ideas And Tips

Buying gifts can be a difficult challenge, especially when it comes to buying gifts for a woman. Let’s face it; we are not really that hard to please, after all, we have told you a thousand times what we want, but you never seem to listen, and therefore, if you buy us something we are not happy with then we are certainly going to tell you.

However, we are certainly not evil and so if you have an up and coming celebration for your partner and have failed to decipher what present she wants, we are here to help. So to give you that helping hand, here are some suggestions for gift ideas for her...

First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge that all your girlfriend, fiance or wife wants is for you to display through your present that you have put some thought into what to buy her. This does not mean you have to buy lavish gifts and spend hundreds of pounds. It simply means you have to think about what matters to your partner and what she likes, and then try to incorporate either or both of those two factors into the present you pick. For example, if you’re going on holiday together, why not buy some sunglasses, shorts, suncream, and a tourist book for the destination?

One of the best options to go for when buying for a woman is jewellery. Whilst jewellery can largely be considered an unoriginal gift because so many people buy it, it is something which can be made personal and special. For instance, think of something your partner likes, for example, she may be a massive fan of music if so then look for a necklace or a pair of earrings incorporating a musical note. Another attractive alternative is to buy a charm bracelet and fill it with charms that represent your relationship, for instance, if your first date was at the beach include a starfish charm and as you are obviously in love a heart charm is always a good option.

If jewellery does not appeal to you then perhaps a photo frame or scrapbook will. The same rules apply as they do for jewellery - find a unique angle that shows how much you care. This can either be via the style and design of the photo frame or scrapbook you choose or through the photos you incorporate. The best idea is to go for personalisation through both elements.

In addition to jewellery and photographs, another great option is to buy a bundle of specially picked things that your partner can use in order to enjoy a nice and relaxing evening. Buy a nicely decorated box or basket, and include things that your partner loves; such as, their favourite chocolates, champagne, their favourite DVD, candles and bath oils. This will show that you appreciate how much they do and that you want them to enjoy a relaxing and chilled evening to show your admiration.

If you need a gift for your partner then these three ideas should certainly help you on your way. However, if you think that those are not for you then simply remember to think of your partner’s tastes and values whilst deciding on any present.

*This is a collaborative post*

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