Friday 22 May 2020

Tips for Looking After Your Health in Lockdown

The gyms are closed, health food shops and vegan restaurants shut down, and no marathons for the foreseeable future. We’re more or less confined to the house, which makes staying healthy quite a challenge. If you’re not careful, the combination of low activity, reduced availability of food, and stressful news headlines could cause your physical and mental health to decline.

Staying fit and healthy is more important than ever in lockdown. We all need to stay positive and look to the future, keeping our minds and bodies strong to face whatever challenges arise. If you are finding it difficult to look after your health while in lockdown, here are some tips to help you.

Make exercise more fun

When government advice says you’re allowed out for a short burst of exercise each day, this can severely limit your options. Running a lap around your neighborhood can get dull after a few days. If you’re the kind of person who prefers the fun, social atmosphere of gym classes, or the beautiful scenery of a hike in the mountains, your options are limited. Whether you’re new to exercise or a fitness fanatic, it can be hard to motivate yourself to work out if you’re not enjoying it. Instead, try making exercise more fun by varying it up. Go for a run one day, a walk another day, and a bike ride the next. There are hundreds of free online workouts of all kinds that you can try. You might find something you love. If you’re missing the freedom to get out and exercise wherever you want, try expanding your horizons within your neighborhood. Find roads and footpaths you’ve never set foot on before, or challenge yourself to run every street in your city.

Eat well

It can be hard to resist the temptation to snack or order an unhealthy takeaway when stuck at home, but eating well is crucial for maintaining health. Even though you may be out of a routine, stick to regular mealtimes, and try to eat a balanced diet. Find healthy recipes online that anyone can quickly whip up.

Manage stress

The constant barrage of fear-mongering headlines would make even the most upbeat person anxious. Stop continually checking news and social media, which can damage your mental health and lead to stress and anxiety. Switch off and only check the headlines once a day if you have to.

Be kind to your eyes

This doesn’t mean treating them to a new pair of Gucci glasses. Your eyesight is one of the most critical aspects of your well-being, and it’s essential to look after it. Being stuck at home, we’re probably spending more time in front of screens than we would like to admit. Our phones, computers, and televisions are our windows to the outside world, but staring out the actual window would be much healthier. Too much time on screens causes eye strain and can lead to degeneration of vision over time. Take breaks from the screen as much as you can. Perhaps allocate some time each day in which to disconnect from technology entirely.

What tips do you recommend for staying healthy at home?

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Tuesday 19 May 2020

These Are The Real Monsters In Your Home

Kids are often scared of monsters in their closet and ghosts in the attic. We never worry when we hear these stories because we know they aren’t real. We know they are just the variables of an overactive imagination so to us they are harmless. It’s useful because it allows us to help our children dispel these fears when we can say with confidence that they can't possibly be true. But that doesn’t mean that your home is free from monsters. There are definitely scary foes that could be lurking around your property. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. 


It doesn’t take much research online to find that there have been several high profile cases where contaminants have been found in water supplies for homes. These contaminants can be both dangerous and even deadly. Indeed, various research suggests that the level of fluoride found in water - a chemical used for cleaning it - is often far too high. To compensate for the danger here, it’s worth exploring different options including filtration systems. Filtration systems are available for home use and more than affordable for the typical family. 


Hopefully, your home doesn’t have asbestos. However, you won’t know this for sure without a full home survey. Through a survey, you will be able to discover whether this substance could be an issue. If you connect with a top mesothelioma attorney, then you will discover that asbestos has been linked to this dangerous illness. The good news is that asbestos only becomes dangerous when the fibers get into the air. That usually won’t happen unless you break through the walls and it used to be a form of insulation. This is why you should always complete a thorough survey of your home before making any big changes to the construction. 


You probably don’t worry too much about mold around your home. Particularly, if it’s the variety that you tend to find around a window that has a poor level of air circulation. However, mold can be a problem because of the spores that it releases. It could cause breathing difficulties in young children and potentially make health issues like asthma significantly worse. This is why when you notice mold around your home, you should clean it up as quickly as you can. There are plenty of mildew sprays that work beautifully. 


Finally, if you have older kids, there is an invisible enemy that you need to be aware of and that’s the online world. It’s fair to say that the world of online communications can be quite useful but definitely dangerous to children. You never know who they might be talking to and that’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on how they spend their time online

We hope this helps you see now that monsters can be real. But perhaps not in the way you might expect. However, you still need to prepare for their potential bite and learn how to battle them the right way. 

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Friday 15 May 2020

How to Step Up Your Fitness Regime

We always experience a surge of enthusiasm when we get hit by the fitness bug. It’s so easy to dream of the time when we’ll have a toned or chiselled body! Alas, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before we get to that period, and it’s just a fact that many people falter before they reach their desired goal. If you’re going to reach your goal, then you may need to step things up somewhat. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to do this.

Make it Convenient

You’ll be going to the gym or otherwise working up a sweat with enthusiasm for the first couple of weeks. After that, things will begin to die down somewhat, and eventually you might have more or less given up on fitness altogether (or just be doing the bare minimum). And it’s not hard to see why this happens: we all live such busy lives, so it’s not always easy to dedicate time to fitness. As such, it’s recommended that you find ways to make your fitness as convenient as possible. Pick the gym closest to you, get your gym clothes ready the night before a workout, and so on. You’ll find that you’re much more inclined to work out.

The Right Workout

If you’re going to put the time and effort into working up a sweat, then you’ll want to get the best results from your efforts. But this isn’t guaranteed. It’s not enough just to go to the gym and sweat; in order to reach your goals, you’ll need to focus on the areas of your body that you want to improve. Some workouts feel strenuous but don’t do all that much for us. Working with a personal trainer or looking up an exercise circuit that leads to your goals will help.

Get Serious About Food

Here’s something that all people concerned with their fitness need to be aware of: what you do at the gym is only half the battle. The other half is your food. You can’t expect to reach your fitness goals if you’re just eating whatever you want after you’ve worked out. If you’re not achieving the results that you’d like, then it could be time to get serious about food. There are diet meals that’ll ensure you’re eating healthily after your fitness workout. As well as generally eating healthy meals, it’s also important to avoid too many of those cheat days; the odd unhealthy snack is fine, but you’ll run into trouble if you’re rewarding yourself. 

Setting Goals

Finally, remember that it’s always best to go into anything with a desired goal, including your fitness. Having something to aim will help to keep you on track and motivated. Once you’ve reached your initial target (let’s say, the ability to do 40 push-ups), you can then revise your goals and set new targets. Doing this will ensure that you’re always pushing yourself to be and feel better. 

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