Monday 14 December 2020

A Guide To City Breaks With Children

City breaks might not seem the obvious choice for a trip with children, but if you choose the right city, they can make for great family vacations. Here are some of the best options for city breaks with kids.

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City breaks in Europe are a great pick. You can book cheap flights from the UK, there’s little time difference, and you could even take the train. 

Italy is great for kids of any age, but some of the cities are best left until your children are of primary school age. Venice is known for being romantic, but the novelty of a city built on the water will captivate children. There are lots of family-friendly tours available in Florence, and the option to learn to make gelato. Rome also has a lot to explore with children too, especially if they’re learning about the Romans at school. 

April is a good time for European city breaks with children. The peak season crowds haven’t arrived yet, and temperatures tend to be cooler, but you still get plenty of sun. 


If you’re travelling with kids, city breaks in the UK are ideal. There’s a lot to explore closer to home. They can also be a good test for your first city breaks, without worrying about flights, or unfamiliar cuisines. 

London is perfect for children, with lots to do for children, from museums to shows. Look for luggage storage so you can store your luggage safely and keep exploring before you can check into your hotel. 

Brighton is a great break with children. You get a mix of beach and city attractions, and the quirky atmosphere is fun for children. 

In the South-East, learn some history in Windsor, or try the Christmas market in Winchester. Oxford is good for families too. The city is pedestrianised, making it easier with a pushchair, and there are lots to see for fans of Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, or Alice In Wonderland. The Natural History Museum is interesting too. 

Birmingham, home to Cadbury World, could be a fun option, or you might like more history in Bath. Bath has lots of family activities, and some great museums, including the Roman Baths. Nearby Bristol has lots to offer too, including an excellent Science museum. Bath and Bristol both often have sculpture trails, with past themes including bears, pigs, and Wallace and Gromit. 

If you’d like to explore Wales, Cardiff is a fantastic city to visit. The city is compact, so easy to get around. There are some great museum, a castle right in the centre of the city, lots of history, boat trips, and walks around the Bay. Chester is another good option if you have children learning about the Romans at school, who would like to see some architecture for real.

If you choose the right city and plan around peak seasons, and hottest temperatures, there’s no reason that a city break can’t be a great holiday for the whole family.

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