Friday 4 December 2020

Delicious Oyster Sauce Recipes

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Similar to soy sauce, oyster sauce brings a new dimension of flavour to food and works particularly well with Asian food. This winter, with everybody, stuck indoors, you might be interested in a few delicious recipes you can make yourself using oyster sauce. These recipes are excellent as stand-alone meals or as part or a festive family gathering. Get your bookmarks ready, and read on. 

Stir-fried beef with oyster sauce

Everybody loves a night in with some delicious authentic Chinese cuisine, but you don't always want to pay the delivery charge. What's more, you sometimes want to challenge yourself to make the meal at home. This excellent beef stir-fry recipe is the perfect way to combine all these aspirations; it is also very healthy and can be eaten weekly or as a one-off treat. To make it even more delicious, try it with a side of boiled rice or spring rolls. 

Pork and Potato Hash with Mushrooms

If you want a show-stopping festive dinner or something different for a social gathering, consider This delicious recipe. Pork and potato hash with mushrooms is a feast that's also healthy if you use top-quality ingredients. It combines pork cuts with delicious vegetables, topped with a fried egg and flavoured with oyster sauce. If you want to make the dish even more, stand out why not incorporate black pepper and chilli flakes. No matter the occasion, this dish is sure to impress. 

Braised Shin of Beef With hot and Sour Shredded Salad

For a dish that's both hearty and fresh, consider braised shin of beef with hot and sour shredded salad. This is the sort of thing you might order at a restaurant or as a special treat from the Chinese takeaway. You can enjoy this dish as a snack or as a main meal, making it super flexible and definitely one for the recipe bookmark. To give you an idea of its flavour, imagine ginger root, wine, soy sauce, and cinnamon sticks, contrasted with a salad made of spring onions, chilli flakes, and coriander. 

Firecracker Prawns with Stir-fried Greens

If you want an exciting dish for the festive dinner table or a fiery snack for the weekend, then what about Firecracker prawns with stir-fried greens. The dish uses tiger prawns prepared with spring onions, chilies, and oyster sauce. You can serve it with stir-fried greens made of pakchoi and ginger. Although it looks impressive, this dish is super easy to make and excellent for sharing at a gathering or special event. Don't miss out this Christmas; bookmark the recipe and start cooking a festive favourite. 

General Tso's Chicken

If you want to bring some of that awesome fast food flavour into the home this Christmas, we've got the perfect t recipe for you. You might have heard of General Tso's chicken; it's the classic American favourite that combines chicken thighs, chilies, wine, and peanuts; the sauce is made from soy sauce, oyster sauce, and chili sauce; and the noodles are made from egg noodles, oyster sauce, and Chinese mushrooms. You might find this recipe a bit hotter than the original, but it tastes just as amazing. 

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