Friday, 15 November 2019

How To Cope With Depression And Anxiety 100%

Depression and anxiety can really take it out of you and make your life a horrible place to be. There is often no escaping the feelings of worthlessness that go along with these complex mental health issues. 

Unfortunately, mental health issues can affect anyone and at any point in their life. They are something that many people will suffer from to one extent or another. There are ways of treating your mental health issues which will involve looking after yourself and one of the biggest hurdles that you will have to face is admitting to yourself that you are suffering, and then allowing yourself to open up and admit it to those around you. 

Talk About It

Talking through the complex emotions and burdens that surround your depression and anxiety can be tough, but it is necessary. Often, we tie ourselves in knots with worries and stresses in life and then when we try and process how we feel about a situation we do not understand ourselves. This can lead to being irritable or angry whilst also feeling down. 

Find someone that you can confide in that you are struggling with. You may want to choose a friend or family member. Or, if you do not feel that you have anyone close enough that you can speak to, you should definitely raise the issue with your doctor. You may be able to get referred for some therapy, or there are private counselors that you make an appointment with. 

Getting to the bottom of your problems can take a long time, and when you start to open up, you may find that you bring up feelings that you did not know you had. It can be emotionally draining to go through any form of therapy, but in the longterm, it can be hugely beneficial. 


One option that may be open to you to treat your depression and anxiety is anti-depressants. These drugs are designed to alter the hormones in your brain in a way that allows you to function much better with less of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. There are a number of different medications on the market, and your doctor will recommend the right one for you. 

Opinions are mixed on anti-depressants as there are many different types around, and they don’t all work for everyone in the same way. 

Alternative Treatments

There are a number of herbal medications such as St John’s Wart that have long been used for the treatment of depression. Again, the success of this is varied, but it is something that can be bought without a prescription and taken as needed. 

Another option that can be taken when needed is CBD  Vsavi can offer an amazing kit that contains everything that you need to start taking this oil that is derived from the cannabis plant. With none of the psychoactive ingredients, CBD oil is not addictive and can be taken whenever needed, providing a fairly instantaneous feeling of calm and a reduction in anxiety.

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Christmas Bucket List

This year I'm determined to make the most of the festive season so I've created a Christmas bucket list. 

What's on your list to do this year?

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Thursday, 14 November 2019

6 Ways To Combat Your Mental Health As A Parent

Being a parent is the greatest feeling in the world – that’s pretty much indisputable. Creating a little person is just about the only thing that we know we’re here for – everything else is just pure speculation. That said, completing the one and only task we know we need to complete feels wonderful! As soon as you hear the news that there will be a baby on the way, you feel this overwhelming sense of love, and a new-found duty of care flows through your entire body. These feelings become massively amplified during and after the arrival!

It’s amazing, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s also very, very difficult at times. Sure, some days parenting is a walk in the park, but the majority of days are pretty hard-hitting. Many people are able to shake off the tough times, but they can have a lasting effect on many other parents. 

If you’re a parent that is struggling with the jobs you have ahead of you, then there are things you can do to combat the mental struggles of them all. The stress will always be with you – it comes with the territory – but there are ways to lower its intensity. With any mental health struggle, time is needed, it’s not exactly going to be a quick fix, but it’s something that can absolutely be conquered. Here are a few things you can do: 

Talk About It With Your Partner

Simply opening up about what you’re going through would help out a lot. A lot of people are too afraid to talk about their problems because they feel it might burden the other person – it really wouldn’t though. If somebody you love is struggling with all kinds of issues, would you palm away their attempts to share and relieve stress? Of course, you wouldn’t. Open up completely about what your issues are – once they’re out in the open, you’re able to then approach them better.

Keep Active 

Well, if you’ve got a child with you, then you’re going to be kept on your toes a lot, so you might not need to do anything else in order to keep fit. You should absolutely keep an eye on your physical fitness, however – you don’t want that thing dropping off because it’ll make your jobs so much harder. Keeping fit and exercising will also clear your mind for a little while, and make you feel a lot more positive and confident. You’ll be in a better headspace whenever you approach certain tasks. 

Make Sure You Eat And Drink Enough 

Not having enough energy is a big factor that leads to increasingly poor mental health issues. It sounds so simple, but it’s true. This can be amplified when you have a child to take care of. You need the energy to perform certain tasks, and you also need it to stop your mind from going crazy (or crazier!). 

Be Grateful For The Situation You’re In 

This sounds like a stupid idea – especially when you’re in a pretty torrid predicament – but perhaps you should take a step back and look at the position you’re currently in. It might not mean much to you when you’re not in a great headspace, but lots of people would love to be in your shoes. It might be a little difficult at times, but many people would swap lives with you in an instant. 

This kind of thing might not be much of a booster, but it might be able to shine a light of positivity on your situation. It might make you feel as though you’re in a pretty nice position as it is.

Look For Alternative Medicinal Means 

If it’s getting all too much for you, then you might want to head to a doctor, and let them figure out a few things. They’ll listen to your story and point you in the right direction. If it means taking a few tablets to calm you down a little, then so be it. It sounds taboo and crazy, but many parents (and people suffering from mental struggles in general) use cannabis in order to relax their minds a little and grab some perspective. It’s obviously still a stigmatized thing, but Cannabis in the UK is looking more and more likely – and that’s due to the positive effect it has on the health and wellbeing of so many people. 

Hire A Childminder

If you’ve got the money, then this is a no-brainer. You should take a little break every now and again. You may feel a little too attached to your child, but letting go for a day or two could fix up your mind. You’ll have to chance to refresh and revitalize ahead of another bout of parenting!

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Cardiff's Winter Wonderland 2019

Last week we were invited to the opening of Cardiff's Winter Wonderland. It's one of our favourite places to visit during the festive season. 

There have been a few changes this year. Our first impression was that it seemed smaller, however, it is simply because the layout has changed and there has been an exciting new addition.

There are plenty of rides and stalls to choose from for all ages. My girls are nearly 4 and 6 and they went on quite a few amusements. Their favourites were the fun house, the funny mirrors and some of the smaller rides.

The highlight of the night for all of us was the ice-skating with the new alpine ski trail. My youngest absolutely loved skating with her penguin. She had ice-skates which went over her shoes which I think she found quite comfortable.

My eldest started with a penguin but then bravely had a go at skating by herself.

The ski-trail is the first of its kind in the UK. It is attached to the ice-rink and takes you on a journey around the gardens and then back into the ice-rink. It's a lovely addition to the experience.

We also enjoyed the big wheel. It has had a makeover and it is now wheelchair accessible. Even in the dark we enjoyed sweeping views of Cardiff.

I will admit that we were disappointed with the food options. There was one large van serving hot food and drinks. It was reasonably priced but it was busy and we had to wait a while. I think on a very busy day at Winter Wonderland, one van will not be enough. There are other options such as donuts or crepes but for things such as burgers and chips, this is the only stall.

We ended the night in one of our favourite places at Winter Wonderland and that is the Sur la Piste bar. Hubby and I had a mulled wine whilst the girls enjoyed hot chocolates in a cosy booth under a heater.

We will definitely be returning over the Christmas period.

It is open until the 5th January. Booking for ice-skating is highly recommended. 

** Disclosure - We were invited to the opening of Winter Wonderland in exchange for instagram posts. You can head over to my instagram profile and go to the Christmas highlight on my homepage to see what we got up to. Head over to my profile by clicking here, Instagram. We were not asked to write a blog post. I have written this one as we had such a good time that I wanted to share it with you. All photos and words are my own*

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Dental Tips For The Winter Season

The winter is a time when ailments tend to visit us, with colds and the flu often a frequent issue, as the weather changes and our body is more susceptible to bugs and viruses. We are still a long way off the winter here in Australia, but here are some great oral hygiene tips to help prevent the onset of colds and the flu when the temperatures drop.

ü  Stay Hydrated - We don’t always drink enough water in the cold season and this could have a negative impact on our health. If you do go down with a cold, or worse, the flu, then it is critical that you stay hydrated, so get into a routine that includes drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, after lunch, in the afternoon, and during the evening.

ü  Reduce Your Sugar Intake - This is something you should try to do all year round, and especially in the colder months, as sugar is the major cause of tooth decay, and if you do ingest anything with high sugar content, always brush and floss directly after. You can also rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash, which will help to remove sugar from your teeth enamel.

ü  Professional Teeth Cleaning - This is always a good idea, and something the dentist would recommend prior to teeth whitening in Sydney, which is a popular cosmetic dental treatment. Having your teeth professionally cleaned is recommended prior to laser teeth whitening treatment, but the treatment can be carried out at any time. Some people have their teeth professionally cleaned every year, which reduces the risk of tooth decay, and with proper brushing and flossing every day, you are minimising the risk of cavities.

ü  Take Vitamin Supplements - This can really help your body deal with the climate change, and that could be enough to protect you against common winter bugs. Start at the end of the summer and if you feel the benefits, why not continue taking the supplements all year?

ü  Cold Sores - These can suddenly erupt at any time, but are more likely to occur in the colder months of the year. In the event you have a cold sore, resist the temptation to pick it, and apply some cold sore ointment, which will promote the natural healing process.

ü  Use Lip Balm - The cold wind can easily cause chapped lips and the best form of protection is to apply lip balm as the cold weather arrives. Chapped lips can be extremely painful and rather than wait for it to happen, start protecting your lips with balm before the cold weather arrives. There are articles available online that share tips on how best to treat chapped lips.

The cold winter months are a time when we can suffer from colds and flu, and by taking the above advice, you are reducing the risk of catching a common cold. It is important to have a good oral hygiene routine, not just in the winter, but all year round, and you should schedule an oral examination by your dentist at least once a year.

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Friday, 25 October 2019

3 Sure Fire Ways To Make Your Kids Doctor's Appointment Stress Free

If you feel like you are down at the doctor’s surgery every other week with your little darlings, you are not alone. When your cherubs start nursery or school, they are inundated with a whole host of new nasty bugs and viruses. Ear infections, tummy bugs and colds are common amongst the under fives. It can make you feel a little self conscious when you are forever making appointments with your doctor. You might worry that you are being overprotective, too needy and anxious. However, you know your child best. If you need a doctor, go to the surgery. Take a look at these simple ways you can make your visit to the surgery as stress free as possible.

Keep To Your Normal Day

While your little one may be feeling a little under the weather, it’s a good idea to keep the structure of the day as normal as possible. Give your child their favorite toy and allow them to take it to the surgery. Keep them comfortable and wrapped up warm, and if they are feeling sleepy, allow them to snuggle up to you. Often, kids will feed off of their parents anxieties, so try and keep as much normality to your day as possible. Often the best appointments to try and secure are those in the morning. Once your little darling has had breakfast, you can pop to the doctor’s and return home to carry on with your day. You can also start any medication well before bedtime, and start helping your little one to feel better.

Let Your Child Talk To The Doctor

Often, when we head to the doctor’s surgery, we see the medical staff as formal stuffy types. If you are at a surgery where the doctors are more relaxed, encourage your child to speak to them. Many doctors are great with kids. They’ll allow them to have a go with a stethoscope, and squeeze the blood pressure pump. If your child needs a vaccination, they may be worried and a good doctor can calm them down. Ensure that you allow your child to ask questions and allow them to apply their own numbing cream before their jab and let them take their time. Doctors don’t want nervous children to grow up into nervous adults, so they will be keen to put your offspring’s mind at rest.

Leave Plenty Of Time

If you are worried about your child, or your child is particularly nervous, allow plenty of time to get to your appointment. Ensure that you keep praising your little one and let them know how proud you are of them. A little bit of positive praise goes a long way. Ensure that you utilize little bribing techniques. If they head to the surgery with you, you’ll cook them their favorite dinner or you’ll pick up a magazine for them on the way home. Often, when your little darling is poorly, all they want is to be at home wrapped up in a duvet. Help them see that the doctor will make them feel better and that there is nothing to worry about.

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Being a responsible and loving parent means taking care of your little ones when they are under the weather. Follow this guide and you can make your kids doctor’s appointments stress free.


Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Perfect Prep To Help You Achieve A Wonderful Workout

When it comes to keeping fit and working out, it’s very easy to find yourself focusing predominantly on the workout itself. After all, that’s the bit that seems to matter the most - the times when you’ll feel the burn, reach for your goals, go above and beyond, and so on. Ultimately, it seems that the workout itself is the part of your fitness regime that will contribute most to you enjoying the best possible results, so it demands almost all of your attention. 

There’s no denying that there is some truth to the above, too. The workout does matter, and focusing on finding the right exercises, and making sure you complete them as safely as possible, will always be an important factor. However, that’s not to say that the workout is the only factor when it comes to your fitness - what happens before your workout is also fairly crucial. 

Why is workout preparation so important?

Imagine, for a moment, that your workout is like a house. The workout itself is the sections above ground; the most visible part of the entire structure (and thus receiving the most attention). Preparing for that workout, however, is the foundation - underpinning the workout and ensuring it can be successful. 

Sufficient preparation allows you to make the most of the time you spend exercising. Your workouts will be more enjoyable, more efficient, and you’ll feel better while doing them if you have good preparation underpinning your efforts. What’s more, you should find that as your fully-prepared workouts are now more pleasant, you have more motivation to work out in the future - which can be hugely helpful when it comes to reaching your fitness goals

How should you prepare for a workout?

Here are a few areas to focus on when seeking to prepare for your workout: 

  • Nutrition. You’ll need fuel for your efforts, so a snack around an hour to an hour and a half before you’re due to start exercising is recommended. Lean meat, fruit, and whole grains are all good choices, though keep portion sizes small so you don’t feel overly full when you’re actually starting to exercise. 
  • Supplements. The best pre workout supplements will ensure you have all the energy you need to enjoy your workout and improve your performance, so they’re definitely worth including in your preparatory regime. 
  • Hydration. Even if you are only intending to partake in gentle exercise such as yoga or pilates, hydration will be absolutely crucial to how you feel during your workout. It’s usually best to sip water gradually over the course of an hour before you work out to avoid feeling bloated. 
  • Comfort. Make sure all of the clothes, and the shoes, that you will be wearing are in good condition and are suitable for your intended activity. Also consider any equipment you may need to ensure you stay comfortable while exercising, such as a knee support, kinesiology tape, or a plantar fasciitis brace. 
  • Workout plan. You may find it useful to pre-plan as much of your workout as possible, making decisions regarding the machines you’re going to use, the number of reps you’re going to complete, and so on - doing so can help ensure that your workout is well-balanced and addresses each area of the body successfully. Note your plan down on paper or, if you prefer, on your phone so that you can reference it during your workout.
  • Music. If you - like many others - find working out to music is beneficial, then make sure you have a playlist or two ready to go. Also check you have headphones or earbuds with you in your gym bag and, if you’re going to be listening via your phone, that the device is charged. 
  • Mental preparation. Some people find it useful to mentally prepare for a workout, with pre-exercise meditation a particular popular choice that could help you get yourself in the right “zone” for a workout. 
  • Gym bag essentials. Last but not least, make sure you have everything else you’ll need in your gym bag; you should find that knowing you have everything you need is reassuring, and allows you to focus on the workout itself. As well as the items we have discussed above, you’ll also need a towel, shampoo, and conditioner if you’re intending to shower at the gym, your water bottle, your fitness tracker (if you use one) and anything else you might need. 

In conclusion 

We hope the information above will help you to achieve the best possible workout preparation, so you can benefit from a more enjoyable workout and achieve optimal results in the future.

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