When it comes to living a happy and healthy life, the main thing we all want to make sure of is that we keep our body happy and functioning correctly throughout the years. Now that summer is over it is the tempting to let go of our summer body habits and go back to eating Marshmallows and drinking lattes, but we should still take the time and effort to try and remain healthy. Here are some top tips to stay healthy and happy all year long.

Eat a balanced diet

Our diet is the single most important aspect of our lives and it is the most effective way to stay healthy and have a long life. If you want to improve your diets towards the the end of this year it can be worth investing in some Tupperware tubs to create meal prep meals and lots of vegetables for protein and healthy carbs. Your diet is the most crucial thing to maintain so make sure to eat in moderation and always have some green on your plate.

Look for natural remedies

Natural remedies are always the best kind of remedy because they don’t involve any unnecessary chemicals which can cause side effect on the body. You can pretty much buy natural remedies for everything in your body, you can buy natural remedies for the heart, natural remedies for liver function, and even for your skin and hair. Do some research this year and see if you can find some handy remedies to do at home.

Get moving

Movement is something which a lot of people don’t enjoy but it is something which everyone needs to do during their week. If you hate the idea of being at the gym surrounded by people, you don’t have to go to a gym. How did people keep fit before gyms existed? They went outside and had fun! In the evening after school and work instead of sitting down in front of the TV right away, why not go outside and play some football? You can move around while having fun and this is the best way to keep your muscles strong and your heart happy.

Be less stressed

Stress can have a terrible impact on the boy which goes beyond simply feeling down in the dumps and unhappy. When you are stressed, it affects every system of the body and it can cause a number of things to happen. Your blood pressure can increase which can in turn increase your risk of a heart attack. Your liver can cease to rid the body of toxins effectively, and your body won’t want to digest food which can cause IBS symptoms. When trying to stay healthy, be less stressed with techniques and this will keep you functioning to the best you can.

Train your brain

The brain needs training just as the body does. To prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease later in life, regular brain training can be the ideal thing for you to do. It will keep you learning, allow for better memory and make you happier.

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Welcome back to the Be in the Picture weekly roundup. Once again there were lots of wonderful pictures shared on instagram and I struggled to pick just a few favourites. I could have featured so many. If you missed the last roundup you can catch up with it here, Be in the Picture 5.

For those of you that haven't heard of #beinthepicture, it is an instagram hashtag that myself and Alana from Baby Holiday created. It is designed to encourage you to get in-front of the camera as opposed to behind it. I used to always be the one taking the pictures and I was never in them myself. 

You can use the hashtag on any pictures that feature you whether that be fashion, parenting, travel, with your partner etc. You name it, we want to see it.

I've loved seeing lots of fashion style picture's recently and I'm especially loving all the autumn/winter trends all over the gram so for this roundup I've included some outfit pics. 

My favourite outfit has come from Lamb and Bear because I'm insanely jealous of her Leopard print boots. 

Oh hello Monday! I’ve been a little bit giddy about today. My first full week back to my working routine and hopefully getting my emotions back on track 🤪 I’m also starting my short course with @selfishmother. I’m so excited to learn something (anything!) to get @adaandalfredshop off the ground. A lot of passion, emotion, sweat, tears goes into what I do, I just need a little helping hand to help me grow. So here’s to a new week, new goals, new achievements. ✌🏻 I’ve got this 💪🏻 • • • • • #Momstyle #mumstyle #fashionover30 #styleover30 #whatmamawore #whatiworetoday #mamastyle #dresslikeamum #instamum #lifecloseup #thismamaloves #thisparentlife #ohmamamoment #ohheymama #mumlifeisthebestlife #acupofmotherhood #whatmamaworetoday #girlboss #investinwomen #bossbabe #ahappyboss #startup #beinthepicture #mumsthatslay #lionessmama #blondehair #whatmamaworemonday #beglamorous
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Next to feature is memeandharri. This outfit has autumn written all over it. It's making me cosy just looking at the picture. You can't beat a dress with an oversized knit.

This outfit by lifeafterblue is just gaols. The colours are lovely and I'm rather envious of her hair. She's been through lots of life changes lately and she still remains positive. Go and give her a follow.

If anyone has been following my stories or posts to date, they may have noticed that a lot has changed in our lives – we have moved cross-country, we have left/changed jobs, we are now the gracious roomies of my parents (for money saving reasons), Lola has started ‘big’ school and Sadie has… well, let’s just say found her voice. I also had a scare two weeks ago, whereby, what started off as blurred vision and a blind spot in one of my eyes led to a few days of querying a tumor. Luckily, after some tests and scans, we were told this was not the case. The whole experience definitely changed my outlook on things and certainly made me more grateful for, well, today. Although we are not sure if the central vision will come back, it is definitely something I can adapt too (except the injections 👁 ... I’ll need a drink on ice after the next one of those!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I have realised just how quickly life can change. It is not enough to live in today but being grateful is the key. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I went to see a movie with my four old last night staring the always insightful, Mr Winnie the Pooh, who in fact lay this lesson down with a fully-grown Christopher Robin - “Today, my favourite day.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *full post in blog, click link in bio if you want to read more . . . . . . . . . . #today #todaywasagoodday #todayful #gratitude #gratitudejournal #gratitudeattitude #themommydiary #me #beinthepicture #love #family #begrateful #documentyourdays #thingsiwanttoremember #thehappynow #thehappycapture #quotes #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #liveauthentic #livefortoday #inspirationalquotes #positivemind #mindfulness #mindful #inthemoment #picoftheday #winniethepooh #winniethepoohquotes
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Last up from my favourite picks is leanmeanmomma. Cliona always looks great. Her holiday snaps have been making me wish I was away. 

The skies over Marbella quite literally opened up & unleashed a torrent of H2O down on top of us this weekend. Never mind we said, we’ll grab a taxi to town. Oh no you won’t they replied as there is a 2 hour wait on the taxis and ye are no 5 in the que. Right so scratch that! Instead we strolled to @beachhousemarbella and I had the BEST cauliflower vegan salad ever. And wine... pleanty of fruit & veg then huh? 🤗 Eventually we managed to nab a cab and went for .... well more food. And more fruit 🤭🤷‍♀️ 🍷 in the fabulous @casatuamarbella. I highly recommend it!! A weekend away that was good for the soul - feeling so grateful to be able to do it. Feeling ready for the winter now! Time to knuckle down!! . . #familyholiday #familypic #familyday #igersworldwide #picoftheweek #instalove #instatravel #instatrip #realmum #realmomstyle #realmumstyle #momsofinstagram #momlifeisthebestlife #mommylife #mommyproblems #parenthood #parentlife #mumstyle #dresslikeamum #irishblogger #mamarazzi_square #mumswithhustle #dailyparenting #pbloggers #mamalife #acupofmotherhood #beinthepicture #vsco_mom #raisingragamuffins
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My own personal favourite outfit pic that I have shared over on my instagram is one from my holiday to Turkey. I wore a Next dress which isn't something I'd normally wear but I loved it nonetheless. 

Good morning. Happy Monday. For what mama wore Monday I’m wearing a dress that I was kindly sent by @nextofficial for our recent holiday. To see more pics etc, you can head over to my blog (link in bio) and read my What I Wore On Holiday Post. The night I wore this Eva shattered my princess dreams. As you probably know I am Disney obsessed and Jasmine is my fave. I decided to attempt a Mum bun as I couldn’t be bothered to do my hair. Eva decided to tell me I look just like Mulan 😫. If you’ve seen the film you’ll know this is when she cuts her hair to make herself look like a man. Cheers Eva 👍 You can always count on a child for some brutal honesty 😂 #whatmamaworemonday #mumdresscode #mamastyle #kerrylouisenorrisfashion #sharewithnext #fbloggers #ootd #wiwt #stylediary #stylediaries #mumsthatslay #mumsthatshop #thismamawears #beinthepicture #motherhoodunplugged #honestmotherhood #lifewithkids #review
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Make sure you join in with #beinthepicture over on instagram and also follow it to see everyone's pictures. 

Lingerie tends to be a bit of an odd topic. Why? Well, we are constantly shown images of women in lingerie by the media. From models wearing lingerie on billboards in crowded public places to women wearing lingerie in music videos, films, and other forms of media. However, at the same time, we are hit with news stories of young women in schools getting in trouble because their bra strap happens to be on show, or women being shamed for showing off their own lingerie on social media. When it comes down to it, lingerie is just an item of clothing like any other. It serves a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic purpose, and the type that you wear is entirely down to you and actually none of anybody else’s business. It’s time to focus less on what other people think and more on what you want your lingerie to do for you and how you want your own lingerie to look. Here are just a few different types of lingerie that you might want to consider investing in!

Sports Bras

If you engage with sport, you really should consider investing in a sports bra. No matter what size breasts you have, they could do will a little support during exercise routines that could see them begin to feel strained or sore. Sports bras tend to pull on over your head and have an elasticated band that fits around the circumference of your body beneath your breasts. They tend to cover the entire breast and have thick straps over the shoulders. This all helps to minimise movement. Some reputable brands for high quality sports bras include Nike, Adidas, and other specialist sports companies.

Padded Bras

Padded bras tend to take the format of a standard bra, they tend to have underwire support in the base of the cups, clip at the back, and have straps. However, they also have padding in the cups. This can help to prevent your nipples from showing through your top. You can find a variety of padded bras from bluebella at Lingerie Outlet Store.

Push Up Bras

Push up bras tend to be relatively similar to padded bras, but have extra padding in the bottom of the bra cups. This serves the purpose of lifting the breasts and boosting the appearance of their size and shape. There are various different types of padding out there. Whichever you choose falls entirely down to your personal preference in terms of the feel of the bra. Gel padding does tend to be a little heavier.

These are just a few different bra styles and designs that you might want to consider investing in. Remember that the choice of what you wear is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to wear a bra at all, that’s completely fine too!

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Fat! It's the word we love to hate. In fact it's rarely used these days having been replaced by the likes of wobbly, round, overweight, big, bubbly, the list goes on. Therefore, you can imagine my shock and hurt when I heard the word 'FAT' being used to describe my belly. Not only was I shocked at the use of the word but I was dumbfounded at the fact that it had been hurled at me by a close family member. 

I know she didn't intentionally mean to hurt me but the word cut through me like a knife. How can someone I know, love and respect be so cutting?

After wallowing in self pity for what felt like days, I started to question why I was so upset over the whole thing. After all, I've only ever wanted my nearest and dearest to be honest with me. You'll quite often find me asking my husband for reassurance of an outfit I'm wearing. 'Does this make me look big?, Is my belly too big in this? Do I look pregnant?'. these are questions that I ask on a daily basis and everyday I don't believe him when he answers me. So how can I be so upset when someone is finally being honest with me, when it's the one thing I always ask my family to be?

It's not the first time this family member has offered their thoughts on my weight, in fact it's quite a regular thing. Looking back on our shopping trips or when I wear something knew, this person always feels the need to offer me some well-meaning advice whether I want it or not. 'Why don't you wear something black, it's very slimming? Darken your hair, it makes your face thinner. Don't wear your hair up as it makes your face look chunkier. Your belly is way too big in that, buy something looser around the waist.'

I know I am not fat and I'm not plus size. I'd say I'm your average Joe. I'm not happy with how I look but I think that's more down to my own mental health and the insecurities that brings me. This person knows I have suffered with my mental health for years and that positivity, in particular, body positivity, doesn't come naturally to me. 

So it brings me to the original question, Is it ever ok for a family member to call you fat? I would say no. Nobody deserves that treatment especially if it is very far from the truth. No one deserves the well-intentioned, ill mannered bullying from family members who will insist they are acting out of concern for you. You shouldn't feel shamed or condescended at.

For days I've been thinking of why this family member speaks to me in this way and I've come to reason that it's because they are from a generation where there were no body positive movements. They had similar unhealthy images and ideas of how their bodies should look but there was no one to enforce that you are beautiful inside and out, no matter what you look like. 

I've come to realise that they are not criticising me on purpose they are simply trying to get me to live the life they believe is still the best. In their mind, being beautiful means you will live a vibrant life, full of love which is so inconceivable. They think that by wearing beautiful clothes, you will be confident and happy and that is the main thing to be. They come from a generation where looks, money and status are important and nothing else really matters. 

I was honestly so upset about this for days but after thinking it through I am fine and I've come to realise the next time I hear one of those comments I am going to stand up for myself. 

Have you ever experienced anything like this from family members?

As part of our Swimologist role with Konfidence, we were invited to stay at Alton Towers to test out some of their products in the Splash Landings water park. None of us had ever been to the water park before so we couldn't wait to try it out. We were also allowed the whole park to ourselves for a short while which was pretty epic.

Both of my girls are water babies although both still can't swim confidently. Whenever we are away they always ask to go swimming and we have a battle to get them out of the pool. It's always very difficult to keep an eye on both of them and I often worry about their safety which is why I was over the moon to be able to collaborate with Konfidence this year. 

We were sent lots of wonderful things to aid them on their learning to swim journey. For the Splash Landings weekend we took the Original Konfidene Swim JacketsWarma Wetsuits and the Flashing Blinkies to put through their paces. 

We arrived at Splash Landings and Eva couldn't believe we had the park to ourselves, talk about a dream come true. She was amazed. 

Eager to get in the water, Eva popped her Konfidence swim jacket on herself and she was also able to zip it up on her own. We had to help Ophelia with hers. They immediately headed for the shallower children's pool. Ophelia went straight to the slide whilst Eva splashed about. The jackets had clearly made them feel safe and secure as they were more than happy to play on their own (under our careful observation in the same pool). 

The Original Konfidence Swim Jackets are designed to last from the start of your child's swimming journey until the end, when they are able to swim. As your child becomes more confident you can remove the floats from inside the jacket in pairs which therefore reduce the buoyancy. 

The girls were much happier wearing their jackets than armbands. Ophelia often cries when we put armbands on her as they are uncomfortable and restrictive. With the jackets both of the girls have the ability to move their arms and therefore learn to swim.

They are available in a few different patterns which all have a bright yellow back which is ideal for us parents as it makes the kiddies clearly visible and easy to spot in a busy pool. 

We spent quite a few hours at Splash Landings and we were amazed that the girls didn't moan about being cold. Usually when we go swimming, after about half and hour they are asking to get out because they are freezing. This must be down to their Warma Wetsuits. 

The wetsuits are made with 2.5mm flexible neoprene which makes them ideal for providing warmth when in or out of the water. The girls were able to run, walk, jump, splash and use the slides whilst wearing them.

The largest pool area at Splash Landings is Lagoona Bay which Ophelia seemed reluctant to go in for a while. I knew the Konfidence Blinkies would entice her in so we played with them in the shallow end, amongst the rocks until she was confident and relaxed enough to go deeper into the water. Be warned though, the Blinkies attracted the attention of all the other kids in the pool who were eager to play with them.

When it was time to leave we were all gutted. We had such a fantastic time and we are already looking to return. It's perfect for an all year round family getaway.

*Thank you to Konfidence for sending us to Splash Landings to try out our products. All our options are own honest views.*

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