Today I started an 8 week Shape Up challenge with my gym Creazione. The challenge basically pushes you to shape up your body in 8 weeks through guided training sessions set by a team leader, group training sessions and a nutrition plan. You are measured on your weight, body fat and inch loss.

You are placed into a team which is led by one of the fantastic trainers at the gym who is your guide and support for the 8 weeks. 

At the end of the 8 weeks there is a big party where all the winners are announced. There are prizes for individuals who 'shape up' the most and also the teams that perform the best. 

I have taken part in the challenge in previous years and I love it. I can't recommend it enough. Creazione is without a doubt the friendliest gym I've ever been a member of. The support that you get from the gym, your team and other members is incredible. It enables you to stay focused and determined. 

This time around I am going into this challenge with a new mindset. I am placed in a team led by my amazing personal trainer, Elliot Williams and I couldn't be happier. I've had 15 personal training sessions with Elliot (one a week) since the summer and I have already achieved and progressed massively. My fitness levels and techniques have improved greatly since we started. Honestly, I was a shambles beforehand. How I hadn't injured myself on a weight machine I'll never know. He has taught me technique, tips, tricks and has given me his complete support. One of my first goals was to be able to do a press-up on my toes (I couldn't even do them on my knees). I thought this was going to take me ages to master but he managed to get me to do them within in 2 sessions. 

Above all he has managed to change my attitude towards the gym. I no longer see it as a chore but it is something I enjoy and look forward to. Also the benefits it has had on my mental health have been incredible. I haven't had a relapse in my postnatal depression in a very long time which I know is down to my new lifestyle. Elliot is a great team leader and I know I will do well in this challenge under his watchful eye. He's also setting an example to our team by doing the whole challenge with us. 

My goals for this challenge are to drop a bit of weight, increase my strength and build some muscle definition and hopefully a dress size which I know I can achieve. I am also hoping to be able to do pull-ups by the end of it (they are my ultimate weakness at the moment).

I'll be sharing the whole challenge with you over on my instagram (kerrylouisenorris) and through blog posts and youtube videos. This is to keep me focused and to also show you what a positive effect it will have on my lifestyle and my mind. I'll share my ups, my downs, my swearing (probably) and my wins. At the end of the challenge I'll reveal my before and after pictures and all of my stats.
We have certainly been feeling the cold lately which I’m sure is down to the fact that we had such a long, hot, summer. I’ve not been prepared for the drop in temperature this year as I haven’t bought any winter clothing for the girls (bad mum alert).

Last year I had all the essentials covered but the girls have grown out of everything already.

Here are my winter clothing essentials for kids:

Socks are definitely a winter essential. I can’t tell you how many times I had to take spare socks out on our winter walks due to the kids jumping in muddy puddles and getting wet. Condor socks UK have a huge range to choose from in all different colours. They have knee high socks too which are perfect for wearing with wellies. 
When it’s snowing I use children’s cotton socks under boots and wellies as they can be layered up to provide extra warmth.

Winter Waterproof Coat:
I always try and buy a waterproof coat with a hood and a fleece lining. I usually buy them in a bigger size to allow room for lots of layers underneath.

Wellies and Boots:
These are certainly a necessity to battle the great British winter weather. It’s usually pouring with rain and children really hate having soggy feet despite the fact that they seem to adore running through the deepest puddles they can find.

Hat, Scarf and Gloves:
A hat and scarf are great for covering exposed areas such as the neck and ears. Gloves are also great but if you can manage to get pre-schoolers to keep them on then please send me your tips. 

As I’ve already mentioned it’s usually raining. My kids are at the age where they like to hold their own umbrella and last year I made the mistake of not getting the one each. They would fight over the one they had and then I’d end up having to pass my own which led to one drenched mummy.

Thermals provide that extra layer of warmth when it’s bitterly cold. There are great ranges in all shops such as vests, short sleeve and long sleeve tops, leggings and more.

What are your winter essentials for kids?

*This is a collaborate post* 
Welcome to another Disney Wishlist Wednesday. As always I've been browsing the internet daily for new things to add to my list. If you missed last week's post you catch it here, Wishlist Wednesday. Also if you pop over to my Disney Instagram and head to my story highlights on my homepage you will find a 'wishlist' cover and 'xmas finds' cover for more inspiration.

1) Minnie Mouse Hoody - Boohoo

This hoody from Boohoo is perfect and snuggly for the winter weather.

2) Disney x Vans Old Skool Shoes

These Vans shoes have been all over my instagram feed this week and I need them in my life. Just look at all of the colours. I love the retro vibe of them.

3) Alien Sweatshirt - TEEQ

I've had my eye on this Alien sweatshirt from Teeq for a while. In fact most of their clothes have been grabbing my attention. Toy Story is one of my daughter's favourite films and I hadn't realised that the sweatshirts were available in children's sizes too. Therefore, they'll be ideal for our next Disney twinning outfit.

4) Jiminy Cricket Pendant Charm - Pandora 

I haven't bought a Pandora charm for my Disney bracelets since our trip to Walt Disney World last year. Their latest release is from Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket is actual one of my favourite ever Disney characters. He is super cute.

5) Toy Story Wallet - EMP

I still find Loungefly products difficult to come by and undoubtedly their best ranges are in Florida. However, lots of it is starting to creep though into the UK. EMP stock quite a large range of their products and this Toy Story character wallet is very high on my wishlist. The pattern is just adorable.

6) Mary Poppins Cup and Straw - Truffle Shuffle

This drinking cup from Truffle Shuffle is ridiculously cute. I can't help but smile when I look at it. They have an awesome Mary Poppins range so make sure you pop over and have a browse. 

What's your favourite from my list?

*All images are from the brand website's*

When you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed
and the world is on your shoulders,
and you can't shake the feeling off, you hide away,
Talk to me.

When you say you're busy,
too busy to see friends and family,
you have no plans you made them up,
Talk to me.

When you feel you're not good enough,
you compare yourself to others,
you become obsessed with social media and comparisons,
Talk to me.

When you feel tired, so tired,
when all you want to do is lie on the sofa,
you have no energy, you are drained,
Talk to me.

When you feel sad, confused,
nothing makes you happy,
you don't even know why you're sad,
Talk to me.

When you analyse yourself in the mirror,
you hate what you see,
you have no self confidence or self-esteem,
Talk to me.

When you find yourself in a daze,
you can't complete tasks,
you make endless lists but achieve nothing,
Talk to me.

When you lie awake at night,
desperate to go to sleep,
but your mind is in overdrive and you're hyper,
Talk to me.

When you feel you can't do your daily tasks,
everything is a struggle,
you can't cook, clean, read, do the school run,
Talk to me.

When you have a headache,
you feel sick, so sick,
your legs ache, your back aches,
Talk to me.

When you feel like the walls are closing in,
you feel trapped, you feel anxious,
you want to leave but you can't,
Talk to me.

When you decide you are worthless,
when you think that everyone would be better off without you,
when ending your life seems like a form of escape,
Talk to me.

I have been you, somedays I still am you,
most days I am a superhero,
once in a while I'm a superzero,
Talk to me.

Talking is a form of medicine,
it's a relief, it's offloading,
talk to anyone, people will listen.
Talk to me.
Everything will be ok. 

The Boots Christmas catalogue has been my favourite to browse since I was a teenager. I used to love picking out the beauty gifts that caught my eye and writing my wishlist in the back. It's also one of my go to shops for Christmas shopping. I tend to save up my advantage card points all year and use them to buy gifts (obviously using the 3 for 2 gifting options and keeping the 3rd gift for myself). When I was asked if I would like to attend the Boots Christmas Showcase to view their beauty ranges, I knew I couldn't say no.

Upon arrival I was greeted with macarons (one of my favourite sweet treats) and a glass of prosecco (one of my favourite drinks) and instantly I knew I was going to enjoy myself. 

The first thing I noticed was a wall display of advent calendars. The advent calendar has certainly evolved since the little chocolate ones I had as a child. I adore the fact that as an adult you can still open a treat every day on the lead up to Christmas. The calendars I've added to my wishlist are the Disney Princess Castle and the Soap & Glory It's in the Calendar gift set which are both in the fantastic 3 for 2 offer.

The event showcased the best products from many beauty brands old and new such as No.7, Naomi Smart, Joules, Ted Baker, Champney's, Sleek, Kendall and Kylie and many more. 

There were 3 brands which stood out the most for me and that was Soap & Glory, Millie Mackintosh and LMX by Little Mix.

I'm a big fan of Soap and Glory with 'The Daily Smooth' being my go to body moisturiser and their 'Drama Clean' being my favourite make-up remover. One thing I hadn't tried was their make-up. At the event I tested their 'Naked Talent Satin Lipstick' and the 'Candy Queen Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss'. I was hooked. The lipstick is a beautiful nude shade and the lipgloss definitely works. As soon as I left the event, I headed to the nearest Boots and bought both items. 

I was shown their Christmas gifting range which was incredible. Every year they out-do themselves with their gifts and packaging. They are all such amazing value for money too. These are all on my wishlist:

She's Show Ready £60

Wash Come True £16

Flatterbox £20

She's a Glamour Purse £20

The LMX by Little Mix collection was amazing such good value for money. The packaging really stood out with lots of metallics and sparkles. 

The band had a lot of input into the products which are designed to empower and celebrate self expression. My top picks are below:

Shout out to my Pout £18

Eyeconix Eye Palette £16

Get the Luxe Mega Beauty Edit £40

The Millie Mackintosh collection was beautiful. The packaging was exquisite and reminded me of Charlotte Tilbury. All of the make up colours were perfect for me. My wishlist is below:

Couture Classics £10

Luxe Lip Kit £12.50

Bombshell Bronze £16

At the event I also got to meet the lovely Naomi Smart who has recently launched her new body and lifestyle products which are all inspired by her favourite foods. 

Last up I headed into the No.7 giant Christmas snowglobe which was fab. 

I have so many things from the Boots catalogue on my own Christmas list and for gifts to buy others. I'll be looking out for their Christmas shopping evening which should be coming soon so I can earn some extra advantage card points.

What products have caught your eye?

*All images are either my own or from Boots*

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