Next up in my Disney quotes for Mindfulness series is Aladdin. This is my all time favourite Disney film and I can't believe I haven't written this post sooner.

Mindfulness really helped me through my postnatal depression. Focusing my mind on reflection helped to calm me down and bring me back into the moment when I was struggling. 

Here are 15 Aladdin quotes for Mindfulness:

1) But oh, to be free. To be my own master. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world

2) Just 'bee' yourself 

3) I'm like a shooting star, I've come so far. I can't go back to where I used to be

4) I am not a prize to be won

5)  A fool off his guard, could fall and fall hard

6) You've got some power in your corner now

7) I'm not worthless 

8) A whole new world with new horizons to pursue

9) Do you trust me?

10) I do love you, but I gotta stop pretending to be something I'm not

11) You ain't never had a friend like me

12) What would you wish for?

13) I can open your eyes

14) I'm in the mood to help you dude

15) For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right

Traveling is often something when we imagine, we think it has to involve really far away places and longer trips, but this isn’t always the case, and many times, the shorter trips we take can actually be more enjoyable since if we know we have less time to enjoy something, we’ll be more conscious of fitting everything in as much as possible.

So, if you have a shorter trip coming up and are wondering how you’re going to make the most of it and see all that you want to see, then in this post we’re going to share with you some of our top tips for how to do just that.

Have a clear plan:

As you should with any trip you’re planning, it’s always a good idea to have a plan in mind for the things you want to do and see whilst you’re there. Of course, having a plan doesn’t mean being completely rigid and not doing anything off the cuff, but it’s simply to ensure that you do actually have some kind of framework to follow so that you can at least hit the best sights and not end up leaving and feeling like you did nothing at all and you’d have been as well staying at home.

Know the best way to get around:

When it comes to getting around the place you’re visiting, this will require a little bit of research on your part because all countries and cities are completely different in terms of roads and overall infrastructure, so whilst getting around a city in Europe could be much easier thanks to great public transportation systems and well connected roads, other parts of the world may not be as easy.

However, it’s not just about how you’re getting around in terms of the the availability of options, but also in looking at how much time you have and what the most time effective and efficient way would be. So, for example, you might want to use something like a Prague chauffeur service if you don’t feel confident relying on public transport or just if you feel it will save you some time.

Allocate time for each place:

When you have a limited time budget to work with, then you need to spend your time wisely and this means creating a schedule for yourself that allows you to allocate time to each place you want to visit based on what you think is realisitc, and again this is something you should know ahead of time if you’re going to do some research and make sure you know the best times and days to visit.

Time your visits according to when crowds are less:

As mentioned above, timing is really everything, so making sure that you go at times when places aren’t likely to be busy is definitely a good idea if you’re already short on time since crowds and long lines are definitely going to slow you down - plus sometimes it’s just nicer to have a place that’s not as busy when you’re visiting.

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For many people, a holiday in the United Kingdom is most definitely something they will one day experience, and with that in mind, here are some must-see attractions in London that you should add to your list.

1.    Buckingham Palace– No holiday in Great Britain would be complete without seeing and experiencing the wonders that Buckingham Palace has to offer. This is a working royal residence, and the place where Queen Elizabeth II spends a lot of her time while attending to her many royal duties. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to actually use the palace as an official residence in the early 19thcentury, and since then, it has been used continuously. If you have yet to book your flight, there are cheap business class flights and tickets to London that are available from an established online agency.

2.    The Tower of London– Located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the Tower of London is located on the north banks of the River Thames, and has a very colourful and long, if not disturbing history. The Tower was used as a prison for many years, mainly in the 16thand 17thcenturies, when anyone that the Crown believed to be against them would be detained without trial.

3.    The British Museum– Dedicated to the history of mankind, the British Museum is located in the Bloomsbury area of the capital and has some of the best exhibits in the world. This world class museum was established in 1753, by Sir Hans Sloane, who bequeathed more than 70,000 items to the museum, which gave it some foundation.

4.    Windsor Castle – Steeped in royal history, this amazing castle is actually located in Windsor, which is a town about 30 miles west of London, in the Royal County of Berkshire. This is a very popular location for foreign tourists, and there are a few other local attractions in Windsor that definitely warrant a visit. The nearby borough of Eton is the home of the most famous public school in the United Kingdom, where aristocracy have been sending their children to be educated. Prince Charles and Prince Andrew both spent time there, and the quaint streets of Windsor & Eton are lined with souvenir shops.

5.    The London Eye– If you want an amazing view of this amazing city, the London Eye is a huge observation Wheel that allows you to climb above the city and see it in a unique way. You are suspended 443 feet above the city, which gives you a unique viewpoint, and 3.7 million visitors a year enjoy this spectacle.

Taking a holiday in the United Kingdom offers an unbelievable experience for anyone, especially those from Australia, and with business class flights, the long haul will not drain your energy and you won’t need a couple of days to recover. There are affordable business class flights available from established online travel agencies, who can easily be found with a Google search.

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If you follow me on instagram then you'll know that I am a big fan of twinning with my girls. Sometimes we wear the exact same clothes and other times we just wear similar ones.

Lindy Bop asked if we would like to receive some dresses for us to twin. Lindy Bop is an online shop that specialises in vintage clothing and accesories. They have such a huge range to choose from that you're spoiled for choice.

Both Eva and I sat down and browsed the dresses together. She wanted every single one. In the end we settled on a black lace dress for her and her sister. I chose the Amber Black occasion swing dress.

We wore our dresses for an evening out on our last half term holiday. The girls loved dressing up in their dresses and matching their mummy. 

The girl's dresses are very good quality. The night they wore them , they survived dinner, a fairground and soft play so they must be hard wearing! 

My dress was comfortable and very flattering. It hid all of my wobbly bits which is always a thumbs up from me. The shoulder and neckline was pretty and made the dress look more glamorous. 

I'll definitely be shopping from Lindy Bop again. Their dresses are so unique and they really stand out from the crowd. 

I've included one of their dresses in my Minnie Mouse Dapper Day inspiration post. The dress I've highlighted is perfect for Dapper Day (vintage clothing day) at a Disney park. Keep your eyes peeled on my Disney instagram account next week to see what I decide to wear at the Disneyland Paris day.

*We were gifted our dresses. Lindy Bop did not ask us to write any blog posts. These pictures, words and opinions are my own*
Tired of that stressful, rushed morning routine? When you’ve got kids, the morning routine can be incredibly challenging. You spend most of the time rushing around, trying to get the kids ready before it’s time to leave. This ultimately leads to arguments, things get forgotten and you start the day off feeling exhausted and stressed out. Then, the next day it all starts again!
If you’re desperate to get the family into a more relaxed, happier morning routine, there are a few tips you can follow. To help, below you’ll discover some great ways to master your kids’ morning routine.
Start the night before
One of the best ways to ease your morning routine,is to prepare the night before. Ensuring both you and your kids get a good night’s sleep is paramount. So, make sure your kids have a set bedtime routine, and that your own bedroom has a relaxing, sleep-inducing ambience. You can invest in products to help give the room a calming fragrance, and ensure you switch off all technological devices half an hour before bed. 

It’s also a good idea to get things prepared the night before. Set out your kid’s uniforms, sort out your own wardrobe for the day and prepare any snacks and lunches ready for the morning. This will really help to minimise what you need to do when you wake up, eliminating a lot of stress. 
Wake up a little earlier
Another thing that’s going to help make the mornings that little bit easier,is waking up a little earlier. It might sound like the last thing you want to do but waking up a little earlier will enable you to wake up gradually before the kids get up. Having just a little time to yourself first thing in a morning can make a huge difference tohow you feel, and it prepares you for the day ahead. 

You’ll also have chanceto get yourself ready, giving you more time to help the kids get ready when they’re up. 
Create a morning routine chart
No matter how old your kids are, a morning routine chart can prove invaluable. Your kids can use it to work through their morning chores, such as cleaning their teeth, washing their face, getting dressed and having breakfast. Once they’ve completed a task, it gets ticked off. You’ll be surprised how much kids enjoy making their way through their morning routine when they have a little chart they can tick off!
The above tips should really help you to master your kids’ morning routine. However, keep in mind that some mornings, even the tips above might not work. Parenting is a never endingchallenge and it requires a great deal of patience and persistence! 
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