Tuesday 22 December 2020

Fun Indoor Activities to Try with the Kids This Christmas

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It’s winter, and apart from building a snowman and making snow angels, there’s very little you can do with the kids outdoors due the current pandemic. But there’s still many opportunities to feel cheerful this Christmas, and with these tips, you can still have some fun at home with your children this festive season. 

  1. Set a movie night 

Christmas is a time for bonding, sharing and making memories, and you should seize the opportunity to connect with your family. Having a movie night with the kids is a fun activity. Remember, this should be an age-appropriate movie you can all enjoy without feeling uncomfortable about adult scenes. It is even more fun when you ask your kids to choose their favourite Christmas-themed film. If you need help choosing, here are some popular ones your kids will love: Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Elf.  Cuddle together on the couch in cosy blankets with a cup of hot chocolate to make it extra memorable. As a tip, a late afternoon or early evening works fine. That way, the kids will not sleep through the movie. You can also dress to match the theme of the selected movie you are about to watch.

  1. Have fun feeding pets with kids

This seems like a regular house chore because your pet would need to be fed during the day. So how can this be a fun indoor activity? Sharing feeding time with young children is an exercise your kids would particularly enjoy. For example, if the family pet is a rabbit, kids will love to stroke their fur while these little animals eat. Younger children can help out by scooping a handful of Burgess rabbit food into feeding troughs. Although this can be a fun indoor activity this Christmas, it turns out to be an educational one as well; you will get the opportunity to answer their many questions on small animal care.

  1. Make popcorn garlands

You could say this is one of the most loved Christmas past-times. You can hang your homemade popcorn garlands on the Christmas tree, doorways or mantle pieces. Adults should always take control of the threading as it involves using a needle. The kids can help out with attaching the final knot to secure the garland in place. Another precaution you should take is to avoid making garlands with sweetened popcorn. They tend to attract ants (because of the sugar content), and that will require a lot of cleaning to get rid of them. Save the unused popcorn for movie night or as a light Christmas snack.

Although the frosty weather inhibits many outdoor activities, it helps to make up a few creative ones while you’re all cooped up indoors. Make it a point to teach life lessons from every indoor activity you indulge in with the younger ones. For all you know, it will be a family tradition during every holiday season.

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