Tuesday 23 April 2019

5 Great London Attractions to Include in your Itinerary

For many people, a holiday in the United Kingdom is most definitely something they will one day experience, and with that in mind, here are some must-see attractions in London that you should add to your list.

1.    Buckingham Palace– No holiday in Great Britain would be complete without seeing and experiencing the wonders that Buckingham Palace has to offer. This is a working royal residence, and the place where Queen Elizabeth II spends a lot of her time while attending to her many royal duties. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to actually use the palace as an official residence in the early 19thcentury, and since then, it has been used continuously. If you have yet to book your flight, there are cheap business class flights and tickets to London that are available from an established online agency.

2.    The Tower of London– Located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the Tower of London is located on the north banks of the River Thames, and has a very colourful and long, if not disturbing history. The Tower was used as a prison for many years, mainly in the 16thand 17thcenturies, when anyone that the Crown believed to be against them would be detained without trial.

3.    The British Museum– Dedicated to the history of mankind, the British Museum is located in the Bloomsbury area of the capital and has some of the best exhibits in the world. This world class museum was established in 1753, by Sir Hans Sloane, who bequeathed more than 70,000 items to the museum, which gave it some foundation.

4.    Windsor Castle – Steeped in royal history, this amazing castle is actually located in Windsor, which is a town about 30 miles west of London, in the Royal County of Berkshire. This is a very popular location for foreign tourists, and there are a few other local attractions in Windsor that definitely warrant a visit. The nearby borough of Eton is the home of the most famous public school in the United Kingdom, where aristocracy have been sending their children to be educated. Prince Charles and Prince Andrew both spent time there, and the quaint streets of Windsor & Eton are lined with souvenir shops.

5.    The London Eye– If you want an amazing view of this amazing city, the London Eye is a huge observation Wheel that allows you to climb above the city and see it in a unique way. You are suspended 443 feet above the city, which gives you a unique viewpoint, and 3.7 million visitors a year enjoy this spectacle.

Taking a holiday in the United Kingdom offers an unbelievable experience for anyone, especially those from Australia, and with business class flights, the long haul will not drain your energy and you won’t need a couple of days to recover. There are affordable business class flights available from established online travel agencies, who can easily be found with a Google search.

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