Sunday 19 July 2015

Gender scan at Peekaboo

The idea of finding out the gender of your baby seems to be a 50/50 divide. You're either desperate to find out or you want the surprise at the birth. We are on the finding out side!!!
We found out on Eva and literally couldn't wait to find out this time around. For us it helped us to bond with the baby during pregnancy and we felt more prepared. 

We decided to opt for a gender scan at Peekaboo Baby which is located in Penarth. You can have a gender scan there anytime from 18 weeks. This is ideal for people like us who hate the long wait between finding out your pregnant and the 20 week scan. The scan costs £60 and that includes a selection of images and a bit of 4D, view the package here, Gender confirmation scan. There is also a cheaper package which is £40, Simply gender.

We decided to take Eva with us as we wanted her to see the baby at a scan in a bit more of an intimate setting. When you have your scans with your hospital I find them very 'clinical' and I never feel that you have time to appreciate and take in what's actually going on.
The scan itself was amazing. There is a TV type screen infront of you so you can see everything that is going on the whole time you are there. The picture is fantastic and very clear. We also got to hear the heartbeat too which was a bonus. 

I loved the fact that the scan didn't feel rushed in any way and that you had plenty of time to watch your baby. All body parts were pointed out in clear detail including the heart which was fascinating to see. 

We also got a peak with the 4D on which was such a treat. We definetley want to go back for a proper 4D one which they recommend having later on. The 4D was incredible as we got to see baby playing with the umbilical cord and hiding its face etc.

At the end of the scan we were then told the gender which was another girl. Apparently you look for 3 lines for a girl and they were clearly visible to see. We were delighted to have a baby sister for Eva. 

We were given plenty of scan pictures to take home which are really big in size and far better in quality than the ones you pay for in the nhs.  We had beautiful 2D and 3D images. In particular I loved the ones that were just of babies leg and one of babies foot. They are so different and unique to the normal ones you get.

Overall I can't recommend Peekaboo Baby enough. The experience was something we will never forget and the staff were very friendly and helpful. If you are desperate to find out the gender of your baby I would definetley give Peekaboo baby a try.

Did you find out the sex of your baby? Would you want to find out?



  1. Wow thats so good. People need to read this. Wil. Be telling my friends all about this and making sure they try

  2. This looks really good for people having a baby. If I was going for a scan i would have this one instead of the one you can get at the nhs x

  3. I've never had a baby but I'm not sure if I'd want to know the sex. I love the idea of a surprise but there's so much to plan for when having a new baby, and knowing the sex would surely make it easier to know what kinds of clothes to buy etc.

  4. Congratulations, little girls are the best! :-) Really great value for the scan too, didn't realise it was so cheap!

  5. Never got round to having one with Alfie but would love to this time. I'm quite a worrier in pregnancy and going from 20 weeks to birth without a scan is a worry for me. May book for 30 weeks so half way :) gorgeous photos. Can't wait for all this again

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