Thursday 23 July 2015

Fruit picking at Hendrewennol

I'm always looking for new things to do with Eva. I work near the Vale and I'm always seeing a sign for the pick your own fruit garden called Hendrewennol. Both of us have never been fruit picking so when the sun decided to show its face, I couldn't have thought of a better place to go and enjoy it.

There is different fruit growing depending on what time of year it is but you can check what will be available by clicking here on their website, Fruit season. Now is the perfect time to go as there are lots of different fruits available such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries etc. 

You don't have to pay to go into the fields but you obviously have to pay for any fruit that you pick. They have baskets available to buy whilst you are there for £1. Eva loves holding baskets or bags so I had to get her one. They told me that if you completely fill a basket it normally weighs in at about £15. If you have any baskets at home you could take those with you instead. 

Eva absolutely loved the whole experience, as you can see from the pictures. All the walking around, exploring, looking for fruit, being able to pick it all herself and of course adding it to her basket was more than enough excitement. I couldn't believe she didn't even try and eat any whilst we were going around. I was sure i'd end up having to tell her off. 

We filled up about half a basket which came to just over £5 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain for fresh fruit. Next time I think we will go with a plan in mind of what we actually want and what we are going to make with it afterwards so that we don't end up with too much of one thing. We made some meringue berry mess and some tarts. I think Eva loved the fact that she could also use and cook the fruit that she had picked herself so the whole thing really is a wonderful, educational, fun time for them.

There is also a lovely coffee shop there which we didn't use as Eva was quite tired after all the running around. You can buy homemade jams, vinegars, honey etc from the shop. Also if your children haven't had enough fun picking fruit there is an outdoor play area you can go in for a small charge. We didn't go in that time but I'm sure we will next time.

Overall we can't wait to go back to Hendrewennol, it's something that the whole family can enjoy and is a very different outdoor activity.

Have you been here or anywhere else fruit picking? 



  1. It sounds and looks like Eva had a fab day!! What a lovely day out xx

  2. This looks like a good day out and fun too x

  3. oh my days i have been searching for a place to go fruit picking so long now i thought they had all gone I'm deffo taking my kids here thanks for the post xxx

  4. I've been meaning to go here since last Halloween when I saw they had a pumpkin patch and activities, but we still haven't made it! Looks great tho, and a pretty good price for so much fruit. Will try and visit this summer x

  5. Looks like you had lots of fun. Lovely photos of Eva. We're planning on going next week when the maze is open! x

  6. Aw some seriously cute photos! Sounds like you had a good time, and she definitely looks like she was enjoying herself! thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  7. This looks like such a lovely day out. The photo's of Eva are gorgeous. £5 is such a bargain. I bet they tasted delicious. K x

  8. I love going fruit picking it's so much fun and eating the strawberries is even better. I haven't been this year as Ava is allergic to them :( thanks for linking to #PicknMix

  9. This looks so lovely! I've heard of Hendrewennol for this before, can't wait until Archer's a little bit older and I can take him! Maybe next summer! (found you through #WhenInWales!)

    Lyd x electricSUEDE

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  11. I love it here! I think the pricing strategy is heading towards commercialism for me, but I'm not put off yet! Love your pictures and looks like you had a blast! need to get back there soon!!! Are you going for Halloween? x #wheninwales


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