Sunday 26 July 2015

Treetop Adventure Golf Cardiff

I was recently asked to try out the new mini golf centre that is located in St Davids 2 in Cardiff called Treetop Adventure Golf. I had seen it advertised a few times but hadn't yet gone. It is located on the 3rd floor of the St Davids 2 car park which is accessible via the lifts. I needed to do some shopping in town and even though Eva loves shopping (as long as it's for her), I knew I needed to also stimulate and entertain her busy mind so that she would be happy to come around the shops with me. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.

I wasn't entirely to sure what to expect as I had in my mind that it would be small. I couldn't have been more wrong. On first impressions I couldn't believe how large the place was and how well themed it is. There are 2, 18 hole courses to play which are set amongst a rainforest. If you have ever eaten at a 'rainforest cafe' then I can only describe the decor as very similar to that which is great. Eva seemed ridiculously excited about the whole thing and couldn't wait to get started. 

There is no need to book you can just turn up whenever you like. If you arrive before midday, you can play the 2 courses for the price of 1 (this isn't available on a bank holiday). It costs £7.50 for 1 course and £3.75 for under 5 year olds. If you click on the following link there is a price list which includes family ticket offers, seniors, students and the price 2 play the 2 courses, Price list.

Before we started we decided to grab a drink and a cake. There is a cafe and seating area there which serves a variety of hot and cold drinks and a few snacks. There is also alcohol available so you could have a fun date night here or a night out with friends. The full menu is available here, Menu.

Once we started Eva was overly keen. She found the whole thing fantastic. I think the fact that the place is so well themed managed to keep her entertained. There are lots of bright, vibrant colours, lots of rainforest sounds and of course each hole is themed. She loved holding her infant size club. She particularly enjoyed playing the holes where you hat to hit the ball into a tree or a house. She actually managed to get a hole in one twice!! We only played 18 holes as I think this was just as much as a child her age could take. She began to want to throw the ball in after about 10 holes. If you are taking young children I would advise going in the middle of the day during term time as it will be quieter. 

From an adult point of view this place is great. I don't know about you but miniature golf always reminds me of being on holiday. It is such a fun activity and I love the fact that this is in the centre of Cardiff in a busy shopping arcade but yet you feel like you could be somewhere completely different. It is a far cry away from the hustle and bustle of downstairs. I am hoping to come back with the hubby for a date night as soon as we can get a babysitter. 

Overall, we had a wonderful time and we'll definitely be going back to Treetop Adventure Golf again. The place is very well themed, the courses are large so they are good value for money, the food and drink were nice, the staff are friendly and helpful and the toilets are very clean. I think Eva will appreciate it more the older she becomes but regardless of that it is still a great place to take her to keep her entertained for a couple of hours as a bribe for going shopping. I can see this being the ideal place for christmas shoppers. Family shopping at that time of year can be unbelievably stressful so I think it would be a fab place to dump dad and the kids whilst you get the shopping done or if you are shopping as a couple it would be a great place to relax and laugh after the stressful and daunting experience of the christmas rush.

Excuse the quality of the pictures, where it is quite dark in there they didn't come out very well.

Have you been yet? 



  1. Looks a fab place to keep young and old occupied. Will be trying my hand at that pretty soon

  2. Looks a fab place! Need to entertain the kids for the next 5 weeks esp if its raining everyday!!!

  3. I've been here, it's great. The idea of having indoor mini golf is amazing x

  4. I love the look of this! I think I need to try it :) X

  5. Definitely have to go to this! It looks a bit like the one in Bristol Cabot Circus but think it looks better! Great way to break up a shopping day xx

  6. We went recently and had a great time... my five year old enjoyed it as much as his father ;) x

  7. Looks like you had a fab time! Hoping to sort out visit for the next week or so! Xx

  8. My dad has taken Harri there a few times and he loves it. Harri loves crazy golf x

  9. Treetop adventure'? Why would anyone pass on that? I really love these kinds of setups, especially those with a varied and entertaining theme. It’s the best kind of place to spend with your family or loved ones. I hope you really had a great time there. It certainly looks like you did. Cheers!

    Leonard Ellis @ TEED OFF


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