Tuesday 14 July 2015

Travelodge Birmingham airport

Last weekend the hubby and I got to have a date night and night away. It wasn't all it sounds as we were away and back within less than 24 hours so it wasn't as relaxing as it seems.
We went to see Fleetwood Mac in the Birmingham genting arena (which was amazing by the way) which is close to Birmingham airport. Seeing as we live in South Wales we thought it was a better idea to find a cheap hotel to stay in overnight rather than drive back. 

After a while searching we opted for the Travelodge Birmingham airport. The reviews looked good and seeing as all we were going to be doing was sleeping there, it seemed the perfect choice. It was cheap and close to the arena.

The room cost £57 which was booked on the Travelodge website. We chose to have breakfast added which then made the cost £64.65.

The hotel is easy to find and has onsite parking which costs £7.50 for 24 hours. We thought this was very reasonable. Check in is very quick as you can use a self service machine. All seemed well except the price. When we booked the room we booked for 2 people in a double and it gave us an option to pay extra for breakfast. We decided to add the breakfast on as it seemed very reasonable. However, when we were checking in it was asking us if we wanted to pay for a 2nd breakfast. This really annoyed us as you assume that having prebooked it, it would be for both of us and not just one person. We wanted to discuss it with the reception staff but there was only 1 person working behind the desk (due to there being self check in machines) and there was a queue of about 10 people in it so we decided to pay for the extra breakfast and write to Travelodge at a later date to query why the price advertsied on the website didn't include breakfast for 2 people. 

The room itself is very basic but very clean. I had no problem with the size of it for the 2 of us. Excuse the photos being very dark the sun was affecting how they came out. I loved the fact that the room came with tea and coffee making facilities. This was a pleasant surprise and a very nice touch considering the room is so cheap.
We didn't like the fact that there was no telephone in the room because we needed to phone reception a few times but we were unable to. We were also unable to find a number for them to ring from our mobiles. I would have thought if you were staying here for the airport you may need a telephone to phone for a taxi so bare that in mind if you ever stay there.

The bathroom was small but again clean and suitable for what we required. There was also hair and body wash provided. We were not very pleased to find that there was only 1 towel in the room. As i've already mentioned we had stated that there were 2 of us staying in the room so you would thought that 2 towels would be provided. We were unable to phone for an extra one as we had no phone.

The side of the hotel that we stayed in overlooks one of the runways which I din't mind at all. No big planes seemed to take off and land on it so therefore the noise was pretty minimal.

Breakfast was fairly quiet which was great. There wasn't a huge choice but it was an all you can eat option so you could have as much as you wanted from what was there. There were hot and cold choices but the hot choices were very minimal. The croissants that were there were very hard (perhaps they had been left out all morning). 

Overall we were happy with the room considering how much we paid for it. I would stay in another Travelodge again and I'm intrigued as to what the family rooms would be like if we were ever to go with Eva. There were however, lots of little things that should have been better such as the towels, phone and the breakfast.

Have you ever stayed here or any other Travelodge? What did you think?



  1. Looks inviting and good value

  2. We're booked into one next week, but there's no breakfast option so I hope they can manage enough towels!! I'm just hoping for cheap and cheerful as its only one night. Fingers crossed! X

  3. Stayed in that travellodge 12 months ago because I had an early flight.
    I thought everything about the place was exceptional value for money as I've stayed in places far more expensive that wasn't as clean and tidy as the travellodge, I would stay there again definitely


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