Friday 10 July 2015

Personalised potty book by Penwizard

We were lucky enough to be asked to review a personalised potty book by Penwizard. They got in contact after seeing that we were about to start potty training. 
We gave training a go when Eva was just over 2 but she clearly wasn't ready so we thought we would wait until she seemed a bit more ready.

She is now 2.5 years old and showing signs that she is ready. The personalised potty book is a fantastic way of introducing your little ones to the idea before you actually start.
The book is available in a girl or boy form and you can personalise the name and also the character in it by changing their hair colour etc. 

The girl version of the book is the Princess Potty Book which is available for £14.99. Eva loves everything to do with princess's so this is ideal for little girls of this age. 

The book explains all aspects of potty training from the child's point of view using their name throughout. Eva particularly liked the pages about choosing her favourite potty and knickers.

As a parent I love the pages that show princess Eva the potty rules. I don't know about you but Eva loves nothing more than to not listen to me so I know that through reading this book she is learning and understanding whilst still feeling independent. 

Overall, we love this book. It was a fantastic introduction to potty training for Eva. The first time she read it she went and sat straight on her potty. We couldn't believe our eyes and thought it was a fluke but she is continually using the potty whilst we are in the house. 
The book is small in size but that makes it better as it's suitable for small hands. 

The illustrations are fab and relatable to children. 

Eva reads this at least once a day and I'm sure she loves it so much as it's all about her (with a spot of mummy too). For this reason I am definitely going to order more books from Penwizard especially for christmas. Delivery was very quick as the book arrived within a couple of days.

There are many children's favourites on the website. Eva's a massive fan of Peppa Pig and Frozen so i'll definitely be getting some of those, Personalised FrozenPersonalised Peppa Pig. I'm also going to remember the website for future gifts for Eva's friends. I think they make a really unique gift that hopefully nobody else will buy. 
Have you ordered any books from here or any personalised books from anywhere else? What types of personalised books would you like to see in the future? After the success of the potty book i'd like to see one about being a big brother or sister.



  1. They look fab. Gonna be ordering them very soon. Thanks

  2. Not ordered any personalised books but we used Pirate Pete's Potty with Ieuan which worked a treat. Trust me, you'll look back on potty training and smile. Grim while you're going through it mind x

  3. We have the regular Princess and Pirate versions of this book, which we used with my daughter and son and they were brilliant. They still love reading them now. I love the idea of a personalised version of them, what a lovely idea x


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