Tuesday 10 March 2020

Board Game Hacks Kids Will Love

Do your little ones love playing board games? Are you one of those families that spend their spare time holed up at home challenging each other to round after round of the board game the kids are currently addicted to? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Playing board games - from Monopoly to chess - can be a great way to kill time as a family and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon together. However, after a while board games can begin to become somewhat tiresome and the kids can begin to get bored. 

The solution is simple: incorporate some board game hacks. Shake things up by implementing a number of basic board game hacks. In need of a few ideas? Check out the guide below to all of the best board game hacks that you - and your children - should know! 

Tips for Monopoly

Dubbed the ‘fast-dealing property trading game’, Monopoly is anything but fast, especially when you’re playing with little ones. This game was introduced in the early 1930s, in a period where televisions didn’t exist, and families had hours spare on the weekends to sit and play board games, because that was, quite literally, all there was to do. This meant that attention spans were a little different to those of modern families. 

To shorten the game and make it more enjoyable, why not create your own Monopoly house rules for your family to abide by? A common variant of Monopoly rules is to have all of the money collected from players for taxes and other payments be given to the first player who lands on ‘Free Parking’. Another hack you could incorporate is to allow any player who lands on a railroad space to “travel” to any other railroad square on the board. 

Hacks for Scrabble 

Scrabble is another game that can go on forever and ever, and can be a complete and utter nightmare when you’re playing with little ones. To speed the game up, some families opt to play with stop watches being used, to reduce the time that players have to come up with words. Another way to add a little fun to your game is to play ‘made up words Scrabble’ where players have to use made up words and then define them to the other players. Another hack to speed up game play is to allow players to use a random word generator where the letters they have can be added to the system and it then generates a number of suitable words that could be made up of those letters. 

Tricks for Operation

Another popular family game, Operation can be altered to make it a little more fun and reduce boredom. Some players opt to increase the level of buzz that is received when making a mistake and touching the sides, swapping the buzz for a real life electric shock. Although, this hack probably isn’t a great idea if you’re playing with little ones. One option for changing things up could be to give each player a pile of paper clips - or money, if you’re feeling brave - and for each buzz the player gets, a predetermined number of paper clips - or coins - are lost. 

Get creative with game play and you will find that there are a number of ways that you can make things more interesting for everyone.

*This is a collaborative post*

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