Saturday 21 March 2020

Oral Health is as Important When You're Older: How to Care For Your Teeth as You Age

Taking care of your teeth and gums is always important, but even more so as you get older in order to prevent problems like tooth decay, tooth loss, toothaches, and other serious oral problems. It is also much easier to eat when your mouth is healthy. If you have a condition like diabetes or heart disease, which older populations tend to suffer from at a greater rate, keeping your teeth healthy is incredibly important. 

Brush and Floss Every Day

Brushing and flossing help to remove plaque from your teeth. If plaque builds up on them, tooth decay and gum disease are much more likely to occur. In order to help prevent that, you should brush your teeth with flouride toothpaste two times a day. The best times are before breakfast and right before bed. It is also important to floss between your teeth every day. If this is something you have difficulty with, contact your dentist about other options. 

Keep an Eye Out For Changes

As you get older, your risk of oral cancer goes up, so if you begin to notice changes in your mouth, get them checked out. See a doctor or dentist if you have any of the following symptoms for more than 2 weeks:
  • A spot on your lip, mouth, or throat that is sore or uncomfortable
  • A thick area or lump in your mouth, lip, or throat
  • White or red patch in your mouth
  • A hard time chewing, swallowing, or moving your jaw/tongue
  • Numbness
  • Swelling
  • Ear pain without hearing loss

Regularly See a Dentist

It is hard to determine just how often people need to go to the dentist, but generally twice a year is best. The next time you go in, ask your dentist if they think you should change the frequency of your appointments. Parkfield Dental offers many dental services and options for those in need of treatment. If you have concerns about the coverage you may have, contacting the dentist is the first step, they will usually work with you on payment options. 

As you get older, oral hygiene becomes even more important. There is a lot you can do to ensure your mouth is healthy, but most of all you should be practicing a healthy lifestyle. The healthier of a life you lead, the healthier you will remain over time. Take care of yourself and put your own health first. 

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