Thursday 19 March 2020

4 Cheap Ways To Get In Shape If You Can't Afford A Gym Membership

If you want to get in shape, you may consider joining a gym. The only problem is, that can be quite expensive and not everybody can afford to pay the monthly membership. They also tie you into a long contract and if you are unsure whether you are going to keep it up, you may not want to commit to that. The good news is, there are plenty of more affordable ways to get in shape. These are the best cheap ways to exercise if you cannot afford a gym membership. 


Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise there is because you work your whole body at the same time, and the resistance from the water gives you a good workout. It is also a very low impact sport, so if you are just starting a new exercise routine or you are trying to get back into exercise after an injury, it’s perfect. The only equipment that you need is some swimwear and maybe a pair of goggles. You don’t need to pay a membership to go swimming, and it’s cheap to pay for entry at local swimming pools so you can get a cheap workout. If you don’t keep it up, you don’t need to worry about paying for a membership that you are not using. 


Yoga is another great activity that helps to keep you in shape, strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility. It is also an incredibly effective way to reduce stress and improve your mental health, so it’s something that everybody should add to their fitness routine. You can attend local yoga classes if you like, and they won’t cost you that much. But if you want to save even more money, there are so many great yoga videos on Youtube that you can watch for free. The only thing that you need to pay for is a yoga mat and that’s it. 

Weight Training 

Weight training is the best way to build muscle and tone up, but you may be thinking that you will need a gym membership to do it. Actually, that isn’t the case because you can easily do it at home. It isn’t that expensive to buy a set of weights but you could also consider making your own. Start out with small things like soup tins and then you can gradually work your way up to things like large bottles filled with water or even buckets. Anything that you find around the house can be used as a makeshift weight, so get creative. 


If you want to get some cardio in, there’s no need to pay a gym membership and run on a treadmill. It’s a lot nicer to run outside, and it doesn’t cost you anything. The only thing that you should spend money on is a good pair of running trainers to protect your joints from the impact. Although they can be expensive, they will last a while and the overall cost will be lower than a gym membership. 

If you cannot afford a gym membership but you still want to get in shape, these are all great cheap alternatives. 

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