Friday 13 March 2020

To My Mum on Mother's Day

I always find Mother's Day quite difficult as all I want is to see my mum and have a big cuddle yet there are around 10,635 miles between us. I'm in Cardiff and she's in Australia. Even though we are miles apart there's a certain smell that makes me think she is right back next to me. One whiff of Vanilla and/or sea salt and we are walking along the beach together again. For aslong as I can remember she has always been into floral scents with our family home smelling of Vanilla, giving off that relaxed, clean, calming, beach vibe. When she emigrated to Australia her love for that scent only intensified and whenever I do get to visit her, that smell is everywhere. She even now wears perfume that smells like it. 

For Mother's Day I've written her this love note about what that scent means to me:

Dear Mum,
This Mother's Day will be the 11th I haven't spent with you. The 11th where I haven't been able to hand you a card, present you with flowers, wrap up your favourite perfume and place it all on a tray with a huge mug of tea and smashed avocado on toast.
I wish I was there with you. I wish I was in your spotlessly clean house, waking up to the sunshine and feeling it warm my skin. I wish I was walking around having the scent of Vanilla wrap itself around me making me feel happy, calm, relaxed and most of all, at home.
I fill my own home with that scent. My washing detergent, my candles, my reed diffusers, my shower gels and perfumes all smell of you and it feels like the giant cuddle from you I so desire.
I've always loved you mum, but since you've been far away from me and I have moved onto a life without you as an adult and becoming a mother, I have realised just how much you have done for me and all the memories, love and wisdom you have provided me with.
I feel that we have become closer since we have been separated, perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder and it makes those family moments even more special. 
Since being in Australia you've taught me the importance of outdoor family life and to grasp these moments as much as possible. Walks on the beach with my girls, your granddaughters are good for the soul. As we walk and run hand in hand and breathe in that salty, sea air we are transported back with you. I close my eyes, I inhale that aromatic, distinctive smell and instantly feel like we are on an Australian beach. Sand between our toes, sun beating down on our skin, the smell of coconut sun tan lotion engulfs us and we are happy with you, safe with you, free with you. 
Until we see each other again, I will cling to that scent this Mother's Day and every day.
All my love,

I always look for perfumes that provide me with that scent and I always buy them from the huge range of women's perfumes at Boots.

What are your favourite perfumes and scent notes? Are you floral, spicy, woody or citrus? Let me know in the comments below.

*This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own*



  1. Depending on my mood and the time of day I love floral and also woody aromas.

  2. Ah Kerry this mad me well up! Spicy but sweet for me all the way x


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