Monday 5 March 2018

30 times I sounded like my Mother

There comes a time in your life as a parent when you have this realisation, 'shit I sound like my mother!' 

As a child or teenager, how many times did you cringe when you heard those dreaded phrases repeated to you over and over again? Those phrases that made you sit there with your best eye roll face imaginable. You'd respond with things like blah, blah, blah or 'I would never say that to my child'. Well guess what, I bet you've said some of the following to your child.

1) This is your last chance (let's face it, it's never their last chance is it?)

2) Because I said so

3) If someone asked you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?

4) Ask your dad

5) I've told you a thousand times

6) It's not what, it's pardon

7) You'll take someone's eye out with that

8) You'll get square eyes sitting that close to the TV

9) Who is she? The cat's mother (What does this even mean?)

10) Don't talk with your mouth full

11) Do you think I was born yesterday?

12) Don't swallow chewing gum because it'll wrap around your heart

13) Money doesn't grow on trees

14) Don't use that tone with me

15) Eat your carrots, it'll make you see in the dark

16) There is no such word as can't

17) What part of no don't you understand?

18) Your face will freeze like that

19) Eat your crusts, it'll give you curly hair

20) Just you wait till your father gets home

21) I'm not going to ask you again

22) Let's see who can be quiet the longest (The quiet game that never works)

23) There are children in Africa starving. Eat your food

24) What did your last slave die of?

25) Back in my day

26) Get your fingers out of your nose

27) See if you can fetch me that before I can count to 10

28) Don't make that face. If the wind changes you'll stay like that

29) I don't care who started it

30) When you're older you'll understand

What phrases do you find yourself saying that you heard through your childhood?



  1. It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s everyone else

    That is my latest one!

  2. I think we all turn into our Mums at some point.

  3. HAHAH yes to all of these! I find myself turning into my mother more and more by the day!

  4. Oh goodness, so funny! I've said them all! The other day I asked my two "what did your last slave die of?" and they were like, what? haha

  5. Hahaha!!! I love this post!! I find myself saying the most “mumsy” things now too.

  6. I haven't, yet, as I have no children-but I'm sure I will.

  7. haha this is so me! Not only I really sounds like her but I start looking more and more like her ! This is scary! LOL

  8. I ALWAYS hear my Mum when I admonish the kids. I pretty much say everything on that list.

  9. Oh gosh YES!! All of these and more. Funny how we all end up saying the same old things. This really made me laugh x


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