Sunday 20 October 2019

3 Tips for planning your family Christmas

It is happening, it is that time of year. The shops are putting their Christmas cards and decorations out, selection boxes and Advent calendars are popping up all over the supermarkets and you know that the minute that Halloween is over, the Christmas music will be playing, all day, every day. Whether you are a ‘think about in December' kind of person or ‘buying gifts since the January sales’ kind of person, there is just no getting around the fact that Christmas is now firmly on the horizon which means that plans can now be made. That is why today we want to share with you 3 tips for planning your family Christmas. 

Planning the gift lists

Some years this one can go smoothly and at other times it is a struggle. You might have had a brilliant idea for what you can buy your children, or they might be begging for a certain something which, as long as it is within your budget, makes this much easier.  

Start creating a list full of ideas for your children and everyone else that you need to get a gift for. Jot down your budget next to it to help to keep you on track as this can easily get out of hand otherwise. 

If your little one simply does not need any more toys, books, or clothes, perhaps something else would excite them? You could book experiences in for them, such as theatre nights or trips to the zoo, or surprise them with a new-look bedroom
We would suggest that whether you are looking for video game consoles at Latest Deals or searching eBay for collectibles that you shop around for the best buys and voucher codes so that you manage to get all that you need within budget. 

Planning the food

The food at Christmas is such a big part of the season and so it is important that you plan to have everything covered.

Pop to your usual supermarket to find out when all of the Christmas range comes out, and if you shop online, make sure that you know when the Christmas delivery slots are released so that you can snag a good one immediately. 

Ask your family what their favourites are for the big day itself, and then stock up on the nibbles that you all enjoy. 

Planning the fun

This one is possibly the best bit, as you need to plan plenty of fun activities, traditions and outings.

If you have young children the chances are that you are going to want to pay a visit to Father Christmas. Get this one booked in early as the most popular events and times tend to get booked up very quickly. 

There will then be those traditions that are special to your family, or traditions that you want to create. They might be family get-togethers, the day that you buy the tree or put it up, family Christmas film nights, making a gingerbread house or baking cookies or a trip to a nearby shopping centre or stately home to see the lights and decorations. 

This one will be personal to you and your family, you just need to ensure that you are planning things in across December so that you are confident that you will get to do everything and enjoy it all. 

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