Thursday 10 October 2019

Tips for a great tip to Turkey with kids

Turkey is a country that I have travelled to many times. I used to visit every year with my family when I was a child and I have no taken my own children on holiday there 4 times. Planning a family holiday there shouldn't be stressful so here are my tips such as making sure you get your Turkey Visa before hand and more, to help you plan the perfect holiday.

Here are my tips for travelling to Turkey with young children:

1)      The Weather
Turkey can be very hot during the summer months with temperatures in the late 30’s most days. Always ensure you pack adequate sunscreen (preferably factor 50) to keep your child’s skin protected. Make sure they have hats and sunglasses too. Try and avoid being in direct sunlight during the warmest part of the day (midday/afternoon). In the hot conditions, it’s very important to keep hydrated so drink plenty of bottled water throughout the day.

2)     Turkey Visa
Most people don’t realise that to enter Turkey, everyone requires a visa. This needs to be purchased before you arrive. There is more information here for Turkey visa requirements. There are many false websites around selling visa’s so it’s important to make sure that you buy yours from a legitimate website. I have previously used e-visa Turkey.
My children love going through the passport check area in Turkey as they get a stamp in their passports.

3)      Water
In Turkey you need to buy bottled water to drink. I’d also recommend that you use bottled water when brushing your teeth and, in the kettle, to make hot drinks. Also check how the ice is made when eating and drinking out in restaurants. 

4)      Medicine/Insurance
Always make sure you have adequate travel insurance as a trip to the doctor or hospital could be expensive. Hopefully you won’t ever have to use the medical services whilst you are there.
I advise packing as many medicines and first aid kit such as Calpol, antihistamines, plasters etc to save buying any from a pharmacy if they are needed. 

5)      Where to stay
There are plenty of areas to stay in Turkey which are child friendly. I’d recommend a hotel with kid’s clubs and entertainment. Lots of the all-inclusive hotels have water slides and children’s pools so it’s worth looking for those. I haven’t stayed in this particular hotel, but many people recommend staying in the Tui family life hotel which isn’t far from Dalaman airport. 

We have always stayed in Icmeler, which is a town next to Marmaris. We find Icmeler to be much more family friendly than Marmaris. Marmaris tends to be livelier with lots of bars and clubs so I’d say it’s more aimed at couples and groups.

Olu Deniz is also a lovely area with beautiful beaches and many family friendly hotels to choose from. 

If you're struggling to choose then head to TripAdvisor for some honest reviews on accommodation.

6)      The people
Turkey is a family orientated country. Everybody in Turkey is very friendly and the people are wonderful with kids. They always go out of their way to make them feel welcome at restaurants etc. It can often be quite disconcerting how friendly the Turks are with children but please don’t be alarmed, this is just their way. 

7)      The food
There are plenty of local dishes that are worth trying but for children I would recommend the Turkish Ice-Cream stalls, the Baklava, pide and a Turkish breakfast. 
A Turkish breakfast brings the family together. It consists of various dishes of food (like a buffet) so that everyone sits together and enjoys the sharing plates. Typical foods would be cucumber, cheese, tomatoes, breads, jams, olives and more. If you’re lucky you could even get Turkish Sausage (Sucak which is delicious) or Menemen (which is like an omelette) with yours. 
Pide is a Turkish pizza which you will find served in the local restaurants. There are various flavours and toppings you can choose from. I actually got to learn to make a Turkish Pide at a restaurant in Cardiff, you can read about it here, Saray Restaurant.

8)      Safety
One aspect of Turkey that scares me when taking my children are the notorious drivers. The roads are dangerous so be very vigilant and careful when crossing any roads. They seem to drive fast and recklessly.

9)      Transport
One of the easiest ways to travel around are on the buses. They are cheap and cheerful and young children are not charged. They can get very busy at night so you may have to stand. 

Overall we would recommend Turkey to anyone looking for a family friendly holiday. I hope my tips have helped you plan and don't forget to get your Turkey Visa before you travel to avoid any delays on your holiday.

*This is a collaborative post*

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