Wednesday 23 October 2019

Perfect Prep To Help You Achieve A Wonderful Workout

When it comes to keeping fit and working out, it’s very easy to find yourself focusing predominantly on the workout itself. After all, that’s the bit that seems to matter the most - the times when you’ll feel the burn, reach for your goals, go above and beyond, and so on. Ultimately, it seems that the workout itself is the part of your fitness regime that will contribute most to you enjoying the best possible results, so it demands almost all of your attention. 

There’s no denying that there is some truth to the above, too. The workout does matter, and focusing on finding the right exercises, and making sure you complete them as safely as possible, will always be an important factor. However, that’s not to say that the workout is the only factor when it comes to your fitness - what happens before your workout is also fairly crucial. 

Why is workout preparation so important?

Imagine, for a moment, that your workout is like a house. The workout itself is the sections above ground; the most visible part of the entire structure (and thus receiving the most attention). Preparing for that workout, however, is the foundation - underpinning the workout and ensuring it can be successful. 

Sufficient preparation allows you to make the most of the time you spend exercising. Your workouts will be more enjoyable, more efficient, and you’ll feel better while doing them if you have good preparation underpinning your efforts. What’s more, you should find that as your fully-prepared workouts are now more pleasant, you have more motivation to work out in the future - which can be hugely helpful when it comes to reaching your fitness goals

How should you prepare for a workout?

Here are a few areas to focus on when seeking to prepare for your workout: 

  • Nutrition. You’ll need fuel for your efforts, so a snack around an hour to an hour and a half before you’re due to start exercising is recommended. Lean meat, fruit, and whole grains are all good choices, though keep portion sizes small so you don’t feel overly full when you’re actually starting to exercise. 
  • Supplements. The best pre workout supplements will ensure you have all the energy you need to enjoy your workout and improve your performance, so they’re definitely worth including in your preparatory regime. 
  • Hydration. Even if you are only intending to partake in gentle exercise such as yoga or pilates, hydration will be absolutely crucial to how you feel during your workout. It’s usually best to sip water gradually over the course of an hour before you work out to avoid feeling bloated. 
  • Comfort. Make sure all of the clothes, and the shoes, that you will be wearing are in good condition and are suitable for your intended activity. Also consider any equipment you may need to ensure you stay comfortable while exercising, such as a knee support, kinesiology tape, or a plantar fasciitis brace. 
  • Workout plan. You may find it useful to pre-plan as much of your workout as possible, making decisions regarding the machines you’re going to use, the number of reps you’re going to complete, and so on - doing so can help ensure that your workout is well-balanced and addresses each area of the body successfully. Note your plan down on paper or, if you prefer, on your phone so that you can reference it during your workout.
  • Music. If you - like many others - find working out to music is beneficial, then make sure you have a playlist or two ready to go. Also check you have headphones or earbuds with you in your gym bag and, if you’re going to be listening via your phone, that the device is charged. 
  • Mental preparation. Some people find it useful to mentally prepare for a workout, with pre-exercise meditation a particular popular choice that could help you get yourself in the right “zone” for a workout. 
  • Gym bag essentials. Last but not least, make sure you have everything else you’ll need in your gym bag; you should find that knowing you have everything you need is reassuring, and allows you to focus on the workout itself. As well as the items we have discussed above, you’ll also need a towel, shampoo, and conditioner if you’re intending to shower at the gym, your water bottle, your fitness tracker (if you use one) and anything else you might need. 

In conclusion 

We hope the information above will help you to achieve the best possible workout preparation, so you can benefit from a more enjoyable workout and achieve optimal results in the future.

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