Wednesday 23 October 2019

Be in the Picture - Weekly Favourites 12

Welcome back to the Be in the Picture weekly roundup. Once again there were lots of wonderful pictures shared on instagram and I struggled to pick just a few favourites. I could have featured so many. If you missed the last roundup you can catch up with it here, Be in the Picture 11.

For those of you that haven't heard of #beinthepicture, it is an instagram hashtag that myself and Alana from Baby Holiday created. It is designed to encourage you to get in-front of the camera as opposed to behind it. I used to always be the one taking the pictures and I was never in them myself. 

You can use the hashtag on any pictures that feature you, whether that be fashion, parenting, travel, with your partner etc. You name it, we want to see it.

This week I've chosen some beautiful pictures of parents with their children.

First up is this stunning one by @parissemansky:

The next picture I chose is from @carolynkpan:

Next up I chose this super cute pic by @emilyandindiana:

The last picture I chose is from @christinehull:

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Laying on the hammock with my baby girl, she was telling me stories, I was laughing like crazy. We were taking pictures together, I had the camera on a timer and this one was instantly my favorite. But...I really hesitated to post it. Even now sitting here looking at it I can’t help but see the melasma on my forehead and the double chin. Uggg why do we do that to ourselves ladies? Instead I am going to embrace this photo as a moment of pure joy with my sweet little girl who could care less about melasma or chins. She only cares that her mama is hearing all her songs and silly stories. Do me a favor mamas...get in the picture. . . . . . . . #itsahullabaloolife #ownyoureveryday #motivationalquoteoftheday #beinthepicture #skincarelove #specialneedsmom #myhonestmotherhood #mommyof3 #purposefulparenting #thoughtsbecomethings #documentingmotherhood #workingmomlife #messy_motherhood #mamapreneur #goodnewsfeed #raisinggirls #healthymomlife #momentsinmotherhood #christianmomlife #skinlove #healthymoms #mamahoodinsquares #healthymama #mombosslife #instamamagang #aginggracefully #momsinthepicture #makingmemories

For the next roundup I'm hoping to feature some fashion pics so be sure to be joining in with the hashtag over on instagram for a chance to be featured. #beinthepicture 

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