Wednesday 16 October 2019

What Types of Deep Carpet Cleaning are Available on the Market?


Cleaning companies operating in London offer various types of deep carpet cleaning at home: dry, steam or intensive cleaning. The choice of technology depends on the type of product, types of contamination, the customer’s availability of cleaning time and many other factors. The technology is selected by professional technologists - all the personnel of companies working with deep carpet cleaning undergo special training.

Characteristics of Dry Cleaning Method

Dry, or hydrocarbon, cleaning is suitable for upholstery - cotton, silk, viscose, wool, as well as leather and suede. Using this method, grease, wine, coffee and other contaminants on upholstered furniture are carefully eliminated, which is especially important, for example, for upholstering chairs and armchairs in cafes. Dry cleaning fights against stains of rust, mold, glue and even iodine. The pattern on the upholstery does not suffer, and the effect of a hydrocarbon solvent increases its life. 
Dry delicate cleaning is also suitable for Chinese silk carpets - it keeps the ornament in its original form without damaging the pile and keeping it soft. Cleaning is carried out within a few hours - depending on the complexity of the pollution and the “age” of the spots. Modern carpet cleaning companies offer quality cleaning services not only during the working day, but also at night - by appointment, because everyone knows that situations often develop more paradoxically than in the movies: for example, a beige sofa drenched in red wine on the eve of guests' arrival.

Steam Carpet Cleaning - Advantages

Steam cleaning methods is ideal for cleaning carpets - with the help of this technology, they can easily remove dirt, dust and almost any stains: from shoe polish to traces of a ballpoint pen. At the same time, the pile remains soft, and the pattern is bright and clear. Processing is carried out using special machines filled with chemically active detergent, which is supplied to the surface by a pump, and the vacuum pump then carefully collects dirt and dust. After that, it is important to let the carpet dry completely naturally or, if the process needs to be accelerated, using heat fans. The power of the extraction machine is usually quite large, so it rarely takes more than an hour to dry. Extractor cleaning has a number of advantages: work with large surfaces, long-lasting effect - the next cleaning will be required no earlier than six months later, absolute hypoallergenic composition and time saving - the whole procedure takes no more than four hours.

Intensive Cleaning – Purposes

Intensive cleaning is used when it is necessary to quickly eliminate local impurities, such as old stains, stains of an unknown nature, chewing gum on a chair or traces of dirty shoes on a carpet. The technology resembles wet cleaning, the difference is only in an individual approach to each type of pollution, even on one piece of furniture.
Consumers have already managed to evaluate the convenience of using deep carpet cleaning services at home, which has given a powerful impetus to the development of this market segment: at present, there are hundreds of companies engaged in on-site cleaning of carpets and furniture in London. However, when it comes to top quality and affordable carpet cleaning services, the leader on the market is Prolux Cleaning! Prolux Cleaning serves thousands of customers in London, both individuals and business clients, who benefit from regular discounts from cleaning services. The greatest benefit of contacting Prolux is the chance to receive a cleaning service, performed by the top cleaning professionals in London!
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