Monday 26 August 2019

Easy decorating ideas for a child’s room

Children’s bedrooms can often fill you with dread. This is mostly because they’re usually a
mess 30 seconds after you’ve cleaned them.

But, the even bigger headache is decorating. That’s why you’ll find three ways to decorate
your child’s room without giving yourself too much of a headache blow.

A Theme

One great idea for when you decorate or re-decorate your child’s bedroom is to go with a
theme. Now, first thing’s first, the best time to do this is when your child is little as you can
make the theme about something they are obsessed with.

If they love animals, or space or even a popular TV show or film series (you know Toy Story
4 is about to see them wanting again), you can transform their room with this. You can do
this by first opting for neutral walls, possibly an off-white and furniture, which could be
white or a basic wood, and a neutral carpet – make it a little darker. Then you can add wall
stencils and paints to create a theme, stickers work too, and then incorporate a rug and
bedding to help tie the theme together, finally, opt for themed curtains, like animal print,
which you can buy from Swift Direct Blinds to finish the room off.


If your little one doesn’t have a particular interest or changes their mind constantly, then
neutral is the way to go. By following the above instructions when it comes to your base
theme you can then add their favourite colours, or just a mix-match of bright colours to give
the room a little dimension. This can be done through lampshades and bedding or curtains
and blinds, while you could also transform a wall into a feature colour wall. An idea here is
to use chalk paint on one wall, so they can decorate it as they please while adding a fun
dimension to the room.

To grow into

This is a mix match of the above two. While keeping the base colours, buy basic furniture
than can change with the child. A bed that extends or a unit for storage, where they can place
toys as a small child or fitted storage cubes as they get older. Also, by not putting anything on
the walls, aside from some pictures maybe, you won’t have to keep painting the walls year
after year.

If you’re looking to decorate your child’s room these are the three easiest ways.

*This is a collaborative post*

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