Monday 14 January 2019

Pocahontas Disneybound

Last year I attempted Disneybounding for the first time and I loved it. To see some of my outfits, head over to my instagram account. This year I have quite a few Disney trips lined up so I am starting to look for inspiration for outfits. First up is a Pocahontas Disneybound.

Pocahontas's outfit is all about nudes with a splash of turquoise and with spring/summer fashion hitting shops soon, we should be spoilt for choice on that colour palette.

Bounding can become quite pricey so I try and find items that I would wear anyway and not just for dressing up.

The dress I've featured is from Nastygal which always has a great selection of clothes. Their website is reasonably priced with this dress coming in at £20. The dress would be a great buy for the year as it has a hint of utility about it which is set to be an upcoming trend.

The shoes are also from Nastygal and at the time of this post going live, they are in the sale.  A wedge is a lot more comfortable to wear around Disney then any other kind of heels although it may be better to find some flats.

The necklace was kindly sent to me by Shoppe Minuette and it's perfect for this Disneybound. It definitely reflects the colours of the wind. It's handmade from acrylic and laser cut which makes it unique and it's sure to make the outfit pop.

The bag is from Forever 21. I think the fringe trim reflects the bottom of her outfit so it's a great match.

Last up are these Disney Princess feather earrings from Couture Kingdom. They are Pocahontas inspired and at the time of publishing, they are on sale. 

You can read my other Disneybound posts below:

I'm going to feature bound posts throughout the year of me in actual outfits and also inspiration outfits. What characters would you like to see me do?



  1. I love when people find ways to bring the Disney princesses to life. I think Pocahontas would definitely approve!

  2. I love everything about this outfit. One would that because it is inspired by a Disney princess, it would be for little girls. But love the colors and any girl can rock it xx

  3. I love this outfit. Pocahontas is so underrated!

  4. I love that dress! The necklace is really pretty too. Fab outfit.


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