Friday 18 January 2019

Doing Something Different With Your Beauty Regime This Year

We’re in the first month of a new year and you might be looking for an opportunity to change and improve your beauty regime. It’s time to take a break from your usual routine and give something new a chance! Why not? You could try something out that you end up really loving! Here are just a few plans that you might want to consider engaging with for the upcoming twelve months.

Trying New Products

Many of us tend to use the same products over and over again. Once one bottle or packet runs out, we just replace it with another. But why not try out some different products? There might be something out there that better suits you and your needs. Whether this is a new facial moisturiser, a new hair conditioning mask, or a new foundation. Generally speaking, you can pick up samples or try products out in stores to determine whether you like them or not before investing in them!

A Piercing

While the majority of us have our ear lobes pierced, many of us won’t dabble any further in piercings. But why not? They’ve become increasingly socially accepted recently and they can add a bold statement to your overall look. You could go for something bold and out there, such as a septum piercing or a nose ring, or you could keep things more subtle and tucked away - perhaps opting for a nipple piercing. Whatever you choose, make sure to have it carried out by a reliable professional in a sanitised studio. Also make sure to follow aftercare instructions to minimise your risk of infection.


Eyebrows have gained increased importance as a beauty statement over the past few years. Nowadays, the majority of models and beauty-associated celebrities that you see tend to have thick, full, and voluminous brows. So, if you’ve got thin brows, you might be wondering how you can plump yours up a little without looking like you’ve simply drawn them on. Now, there are brow pencils that you can use to make your existing brows look a little darker and fuller. But you can’t really make your brows bigger with these without looking a little odd. Instead, you might want to consider microblading. This is a process that creates an entire new look. It is a form of semi-permanent tattooing, but don’t let that put you off - the beautician won’t be handling a tattoo gun anytime soon. Instead, tiny incisions are made in your brow and a specialist form of ink is placed in the incisions. These mimic lines like hair and give a truly convincing end result.

These are just a few changes that you could implement into your beauty regime. They may seem relatively minor, but the smallest alterations can make so much difference! So, give them a shot!

*This is a collaborative post*

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