Friday 18 January 2019

The 10 Year Challenge - Growing Old is a Privilege

I'm sure you've seen the latest challenge hitting social media, the 10 Year Challenge. To join in you share a photo of yourself now and one from 10 years ago to see how much you've changed. After seeing everybody else's pictures I was eager to join in but whilst hunting for a picture I came across Katie Piper's challenge image which derailed me. Not only were her pictures incredible and also shocking but her words struck a chord with me, 'growing old is a privilege.'

Hmmm I thought. I am a total moron. That morning I had spent a solid 15 minutes moaning about the wrinkles on my face and the mum bags under my eyes rabbiting on about various night creams, eye creams and wrinkle serums. 

As I stared at her pictures I realised how lucky I am to be growing old. If you're not aware of her story, she suffered an acid attack which permanently damaged her face. She is in an incredible, strong, inspiring woman who has been through hell and back. She's had multiple surgeries to her face and what she has had to endure has been an emotional and physical battle for years. It made me realise how lucky I was and how the ageing process is completely natural.

Not only did her images have such an effect on me but those words, they cut deep. Growing old is a privilege. It served as a reminder of the family and friends that haven't survived those last 10 years. In the last 10 years death has hit us with a hammer especially when we lost my mother in law who battled a brutal brain tumour, just days after Ophelia was born. That almost tore our family apart. 

We also tragically lost my beautiful cousin who ended her own life after struggling with a mental illness. If you've read my blog before you will know that I have suffered with postnatal depression for years and her death had a huge impact on me. Those words certainly ring true for her. Growing old is definitely a privilege and one that she will now never experience. 

So this challenge has made me sit back and realise how lucky I am. Therefore I have looked back at what I have achieved in the last 10 years and honestly I can be proud. From 2008-2018, I did a lot and I can smile about all of it. 

So here goes, everything I have achieved in the last 10 years, in the order I did them.

I qualified as an Operating Department Practitioner

I bought my first house which was with Arwyn

We climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 

I got engaged in Kilimanjaro 

I got married

I had an amazing honeymoon in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Los Angeles

We got our first joint pet, Alfie

I had my first child, Eva (an awful birth)

We did lots of travelling

I started blogging

I had my 2nd child Ophelia (another traumatic birth)

I lived in Australia for 3 months with my girls

We had our first family trip to Walt Disney World

We renewed our wedding vows in Walt Disney World

I conquered (well I tried) my fear of heights whilst doing the Ultimate Xtreme underground challenge with Go Below. This included a 70 foot freefall jump

We did lots more travelling

I got to interview Emma Bunton thanks to my blog (childhood idol)

We became annual pass holders at Disneyland Paris

I set up my own small business, Magically Jasmine.

Looking back I have had a blast. I may have wrinkles on my face and the biggest mum bags under my eyes but what a privilege that is when I see everything I have done. 



  1. Wowzers what a fab 10 years!! Ok we have a few greys and wrinkles than we'd like but 10 years can change so much!!

  2. It's great to take time out and look at what you've achieved, I think we can surprise ourselves sometimes. Looks like you've had a fab 10 years :-)

  3. What a fab round up of the last 10yrs. I agree seeing Katie Piper’s post stops you in your tracks. We all worry far too much about the little things.

  4. Oh wow, Katie’s picture and words really puts everything in perspective doesn’t it?! Growing old definitely is a privilege! You have done and achieve so much in the last ten years!xx

  5. Katie’s story really made a lot of people stop in their tracks, didn’t it? You’ve achieved so much in ten years, so much travelling and some gorgeous memories to boot!


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