Wednesday 10 October 2018

Talk To Me - World Mental Health Day

When you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed
and the world is on your shoulders,
and you can't shake the feeling off, you hide away,
Talk to me.

When you say you're busy,
too busy to see friends and family,
you have no plans you made them up,
Talk to me.

When you feel you're not good enough,
you compare yourself to others,
you become obsessed with social media and comparisons,
Talk to me.

When you feel tired, so tired,
when all you want to do is lie on the sofa,
you have no energy, you are drained,
Talk to me.

When you feel sad, confused,
nothing makes you happy,
you don't even know why you're sad,
Talk to me.

When you analyse yourself in the mirror,
you hate what you see,
you have no self confidence or self-esteem,
Talk to me.

When you find yourself in a daze,
you can't complete tasks,
you make endless lists but achieve nothing,
Talk to me.

When you lie awake at night,
desperate to go to sleep,
but your mind is in overdrive and you're hyper,
Talk to me.

When you feel you can't do your daily tasks,
everything is a struggle,
you can't cook, clean, read, do the school run,
Talk to me.

When you have a headache,
you feel sick, so sick,
your legs ache, your back aches,
Talk to me.

When you feel like the walls are closing in,
you feel trapped, you feel anxious,
you want to leave but you can't,
Talk to me.

When you decide you are worthless,
when you think that everyone would be better off without you,
when ending your life seems like a form of escape,
Talk to me.

I have been you, somedays I still am you,
most days I am a superhero,
once in a while I'm a superzero,
Talk to me.

Talking is a form of medicine,
it's a relief, it's offloading,
talk to anyone, people will listen.
Talk to me.
Everything will be ok. 



  1. Such a lovely poem Kerry and all of that right back at you. When you’re feeling any of them ways talk to me. Always there for you.
    Love Coco xxxx

  2. This is so beautiful Kerry. Very heartfelt. Right back at you though - we are here when you need us too x

  3. Thank you ,I shall keep these words with me...


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