Sunday 8 October 2017

The Kit and Kin Blogger Event

I've been lucky enough to have attended many lovely blogging events in the past but none can compare to the most recent one I was invited to....the amazing Kit and Kin blogger event. 

I'll admit, Kit and Kin were a brand I wasn't very familiar with. Needless to say after reading the email properly and doing a very big double take at the words, 'co-founder Emma Bunton invites you to Kit and Kin's first blogger party', I knew this was an event I had to attend.

Emma Bunton has always been a childhood inspiration of mine. Let's face it, if you're around my age, she was probably one of your idols too. However, nowadays I idolise her for a different reason and that is her ability to be an amazing, kick ass working mum. I couldn't wait to here all about the baby brand she had launched.

The party was held in the Iris Studios in Kensington. The studios are a fantastic venue. I think I need to move in to take all my blog and instagram pictures there.

I was greeted with Fizz (always a winner in my opinion) and started to have a chat with the other bloggers that were there. It was clear that this part of the day was an intimate event as there were only a small number of people there.

We then sat around a table and had a lovely, informal chat with co-founders Chris Money and Emma Bunton. It was a fantastic way to hear about the brand as it was all very calm and relaxed and it gave you a real sense of how passionate Emma and Chris are about the company and products they have built. 

Chris has been developing mother and baby products for leading brands for 15 years and after realising how many chemicals etc went into baby products, he wanted to start an eco friendly range. Emma's son had suffered with Eczema for years and she couldn't find a product that wasn't irritating his skin further. She wanted to develop a natural range that you can trust to care and protect for your growing family.

All products are hypoallergenic and are tested by dermatologists to ensure they are mild and kind to use on your skin. They don't test on animals which is great. They are also committed to making our environment a better place for our little ones as for every 10 nappy subscriptions that are bought, they will fund the purchase of 1 acre of tropical forest from the World Land Trust.

The range is absolutely lovely. The packaging is super cute. It's fresh and it makes you immediately want to pick up the products and find out more. 

They have nappies (the fox and lion are adorable), nappy sacks and baby wipes. There is also skincare products for mum and baby, such as hair and body wash, bubble bath, oil, salve and breast balm. It all smells amazing.

After the talk, we ate lunch and mingled. Then it was time for me to interview Emma. I was so excited. It's not everyday you get to do something so special. She was absolutely lovely, everything I always imagined her to be.

We talked about the brand and then I asked her questions about motherhood such as how she juggles being a working mum? What are their favourite things to do as a family? You can watch the interview on my youtube video at the bottom of this post.

Later on in the afternoon the party started and more bloggers attended. I always love going to events and catching up with my friends online. We sipped cocktails and ate amazing canapés.

Overall, it was a fantastic event. Literally one of the best blogging events i've ever been to. The whole day was wonderful. I can't wait to try out the products, especially the skincare range for Ophelia as she really suffers with Eczema. 



  1. This looks like such a fun day. Products look gorgeous and YOUR DRESS.. perfect xx

  2. what an amazing event!! I am a massive Spice Girl fan, so how amazing to meet Emma. The brand sounds great too, really green and eco-friendly x

  3. This event looks amazing! The range of products looks fab and how incredible to meet Emma - she was my favourite Spice Girl haha! x

  4. Goodness, what a super event with gorgeous products! So jealous looking at those pictures. And really good to know Emma Bunton is as nice as she comes across!

  5. You look amazing! I would have been a little star struck to be honest.
    The products look great and the event looks like something only the elite get invited to! Fantastic for you and I hope you really enjoyed it all x

  6. Oh my Goodnes it sounds like a fantastic day x i love Emma as well - and her conpany seem amazing x

  7. What an incredible event and to meet Emma Bunton...WOW! She was my favourite Spice Girl when I was growing up :)

  8. Wow looks like it was an amazing event and the products sound ace. Im gutted I didn't go now but was in London earlier that week and could justify the travel twice but what a day and such ace photos too

    Laura x

  9. Ahhhh I really wanted to get to this but couldn't make it but it really looks as fantastic as I thought it would - I really love their range.

  10. Sounds like such a great event and Emma Bunton seems like such a sweetheart x

  11. What an excellent opportunity for you and your blog Kerry - so cool you had chance to interview Emma, well done! :)

  12. How lucky are you?! I've heard of Kit & Kin but just assumed it was baby clothing, I didn't realise it was baby products. My baby days are over but my boys have very sensitive skin, even the hubby uses babay products due to his ezcema so I'll have to have a little nosy at the range. PS loving the blog design

  13. What a lovely event this seems, like they are inviting you to be part of it rather than selling to you. Also, those canapés look lush!

  14. Looks like it was a fab event. The Kit and Kin products look great too.

  15. I love Emma and she is an inspiration for sure, didnt know she had started a company. It sounds like such a lovely event


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