Wednesday 18 October 2017

Shopkins World Vacation Premiere

 Have you got any Shopkins fans in your house? If so then they will be delighted to hear about the new and highly anticipated Shopkins film sequel - Shopkins World Vacation. 

Eva is at the age where she loves collectable toys, so Shopkins are right up her street. She currently has a few but she's hoping Santa will bring her some more to add to her growing collection. 

She is hosting her own Shopkins party for the film premiere which she can't wait for. Fans are invited to watch the premiere simultaneously on Thursday 19th October at 16.30pm so be sure to get your copy. The digital download is available here, Amazon. You can head over to the website to download invites, a map and song lyrics so you can really join in with the fun,

You can share your views and best bits across social media with the following hashtag #SPKWorldVacation. We will be sharing bits of our party so make sure you're following us over on twitter to see what we thought. 

So what is the anticipated sequel to Shopkins Chef Club about:

Shopkins favourite Kooky Cookie wins the trip of a lifetime to London, but it's not long before plans start going awry, setting the scene for a round the world adventure as Kooky becomes a fashion icon and an unwitting owner of the Crown Jewels. And with mischievous Biscuit Bandits on the loose can the Shopkins and their best friends, the shopies, save the day?

Eva was kindly sent a surprise package ahead of the premiere. But what character did she receive?

•This is a collaborative post with Shopkins*



  1. My daughter hasn't got into Shopkins yet but maybe this will be the time! The storyline sounds adorable. x

  2. Shopkins looks bright and fun. I can see why your little one loves it so much.

  3. My little girl is starting to get into Shopkins lately. I will have to watch this with her as it sounds like something she would like x

  4. My daughter fell in love with Shopkins thanks to the ad a while ago. She seems to have forgotten about the brand now. I bet she would love this.

  5. Omg Eva is so cute! Mine haven't got into Shopkins yet, not sure why. But I might secretly check them out myself haha!

  6. I'm not familiar with Shopkins, but know my niece loves them so I will have to let my sister-in-law know :)

  7. Ahh Shopkins, they bring so much joy to youngsters. Your daughter is adorable

  8. A friend of mine has a little one who is obsessed with shopkins... I'll have to get her some for her birthday.


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