Wednesday 11 October 2017

How I became a Nappy Changing Wizard #ad

This morning I managed to do something that I would never have thought was possible…I managed to change a nappy, one handed, whilst Ophelia was standing up whilst trying to deal with a mini crisis Eva was having with my other hand. I honestly thought I was some sort of parenting wizard. A nappy changing wizard if we’re going to give it an official title. Talk about multi-tasking. It made me giggle as I thought back to how clueless and useless I felt when I first found out I was pregnant over 5 years ago.

I remember that, after the initial excitement and anticipation I felt at becoming a first-time mum, panic set in. I became completely overwhelmed by all the things I had to learn, to buy and above all, by the thought of being responsible for another human being for the rest of my life. I actually lived at home with my mum until I was 21 so I had barely learnt to look after myself. I was one of those people that didn’t know how to ‘cook’ pasta. However, I already had an undeniable love for my bump and I knew I wanted to be the best mother I could be. I wanted to protect my child and use the best and safest products on the market for her. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me and I wanted to give her the best of everything.

Lots of questions dawned on me. What was the best pram to buy? Which moses basket shall I get? Which shops sells the best baby clothes? What nappies should I buy? How do I even change a nappy? All of these questions blew my mind and after searching the internet I still wasn’t sure who to ask. I decided the best people to call upon for advice and suggestions were close family and friends and in particular my mum. She turned out to be a beacon of support, having 3 children herself, she knew all the answers to the questions I asked.

Myself and my sisters were born over different decades (there’s a large gap between me and my middle sister) so she’d seen new brands and products come and go. She told me the best advice was to trust your motherly instincts with how you think and feel and to only buy things that you know are safe and that have been recommended to you by others.

Mum and Me

So back to the nappy saga. My mum advised me to use Pampers nappies. She used them in the 90’s, the 2000’s and now on her 2 grandchildren. It wasn’t until recently that I realised that Pampers nappies are made in the UK and have been since my mum started using them. Who knew?!

Recently I learnt that over 1500 Pampers nappies are checked by hand every day, using 130 different test methods and 24,000 measurements – all overseen by 33 people who are dedicated to checking the quality of every, single nappy.
These statistics are comparable with how many times I practiced changing a nappy with my mum. Seriously, it felt like I’d had around 1500 goes, using 130 different techniques (front to back, legs apart, legs together) before I finally nailed it. Needless to say, I was a slow learner but hey, look at me now, I’m changing nappies one handed.

The reason that both my mum and I are still using Pampers is because of the finer details that go into the production of making just 1 nappy. It takes 28 pairs of loving hands to make a single pampers nappy which I think is an incredible statistic. 80% of the production team are parents themselves putting love and care into each nappy. I think this is great as I practised so much at being able to change a nappy because in my head that was some sort of right of passage to becoming a mum. It makes me think that Pampers are doing the same thing with their rigorous checks in producing nappies. When you have something so precious, it’s always reassuring to know that something that forms a huge part of their everyday life is made with so much love and attention. 

You can find out more about how Pampers nappies are made by watching the video below.

As you can see Pampers are made here in the UK. When choosing what brands and products I use in our house, I always try and support something that’s British made. I’m very fussy on where my meat comes from so why shouldn’t I be equally as fussy as to where the products I use on my beautiful girls are from?

I’ve been changing nappies for nearly 5 years now. I think I’ve now got it to a fine art. However, Ophelia is now at the ‘I’m into everything stage’ so in short, she can’t keep still. Honestly, almost 2 year olds are fast and incredibly inquisitive. This kid can give Usain Bolt a run for his money. She’s always on the move and therefore needs a nappy to support her busy, active lifestyle. That’s another reason why we use Pampers. Pampers know that looking after baby’s skin and keeping their bottom dry at the same time is a priority. Ophelia suffers with her skin and I know that using any old nappy can really irritate her delicate skin. Pampers are the only nappy recommended by the British Skin Foundation and a great deal of care is put into developing nappies that are.

To sum up, here I am now, a nappy changing wizard. I went from the clueless pregnant woman to practically changing nappies blindfolded (I haven’t gone that far just yet) and I couldn’t have done it without the advice from my mum and the support from Pampers.

*This post was drafted in collaboration with Pampers and P&G but all thoughts my own


  1. Hehe I wish i was good at it....after 4 years I still have crazy, wriggling babies and often poo in my nail!! Love the images and your dress :-) xx

  2. One handed nappy changing is pretty impressive - I can't even manage that 4 kids down the line! lol. My youngest is constantly on the move, it's not even easy to change her with two hands!

    1. Yep it's hard work..when I catch her that is lol x

  3. One handed nappy changing - that deserves a medal. I had a seriously devilish riggler and one who just moved all the time!

  4. One handed nappy changing is a life skills all mums need!

  5. I like the sound of nappy changing wizard! It feels like ages ago now since I've last changed a nappy. T is now 7 so yes, I haven't done one in ages. Loving the new look of your blog ;)

  6. Such a fun title. Ill be honest when i tell you that this is what i'm dreading most abut motherhood when i get to it. But at-least you make it sound easy with enough practice!

  7. I think all parents become nappy changing wizards at some point. The one handed nappy change is an art form in itself

  8. We are a Pampers house too! My nappy days are coming to an end now though after nearly 8 years and 3 kids. Only night time pull ups for my youngest now x

  9. Hehe, I remember these days well. I have 4 children and always used Pampers too :)

  10. I am a huge Pampers fan, they are the only brand I used with all three of my children over the past 15 years. My mum also used Pampers with myself and my brother when we were younger too x

  11. I wish I had mastered the skill! My 3 month old daughter is easy, but my wriggling 2 year old toddler is another story. I had no idea that Pampers were make in the UK, that's so good :)

  12. I am a nappy ninja! I didn't realise there were so many checks that Pampers use to ensure good quality

  13. Its so funny how I was when my first was born, so delicate and took my time. With the second, its a whole different ball game! lol x


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