Friday 27 October 2017

Lush Christmas Blogger Event

This week I attended the Lush Christmas blogger event at their Cardiff store. I have visited their shop since they moved to a larger unit but I hadn't visited their new spa so I was eager to attend to have a tour.

When I think of Lush, I automatically think of their bath bombs. Pre kids they are were all I used. I loved nothing more than relaxing in a bath and watching the colours swirl around me. However, now I have kids I very rarely get a peaceful bath so I hardly ever use them anymore. But, Lush sell a lot more than just bath bombs and I was gobsmacked at the amount of products they actually sell. 

The first thing I did at the event was grab my Snow Fairy inspired drink and head to their spa. 

The lift opened up into what can only be described as a British cottage/home. It wasn't what I imagined it to be like at all, but I was very pleasantly surprised and intrigued. It was very clear that this spa was truly unique. 

The consultation and relaxation rooms are like none I have encountered in a spa before. I felt as though I was in a home away from home. There were animated birds flying around the room and peaceful music and tones. I felt surprisingly calm and peaceful. The concept behind the spa is fantastic. The idea is for your mind and body to be one and to match your treatments etc depending on your mood. 

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know i've suffered with postnatal depression (PND). I've been using mindfulness techniques to help cope with it so the idea behind the Lush spa really appealed to me. I love the idea of understanding your mind and body and I am desperate to revisit for an actual treatment.

All of the treatments sound amazing but the 3 that I would like to try are Tales of Bath, Karma and The Planets. Tales of Bath sounds like the perfect treatment for a busy mum like me. I'm always on the go with hardly any time to myself. You get a massage and a bath. A bath all to myself sounds incredible. What a treat that would be.

After my tour of the spa, I had a one on one chat with a lovely employee who showed me some of the skincare products they have. I tried various cleansers, toners, moisturisers, masks and eye make up removers. We also tried some of their make up.

We then headed around the shop to see all of the Christmas range. The Lush Christmas gift sets are always amazing. The packaging is fab and so eye catching. I've got my eye on 'season's greetings', 'snow fairy' and 'Rudy'.

There are some super cute bath bombs and bars in the range. 'Christmas sweater,' 'The Snowman' and 'The Magic of Christmas Wand' were my personal faves.

I was really impressed with their 'naked' range of products. These are versions of their popular products in a bar form and therefore without packaging. This is eco friendly and much better for the environment. I tried one of the naked body lotions and actually preferred the texture of it on my skin to the same equivalent in the bottle. 

It was then time to leave and I was gutted. I wanted to run up and hide in the spa for the night, haha. I decided to buy the 'Santa Baby' lip balm, 'Enchanted' eye cream, make up remover and a 'Rocket Science' bath bomb for my daughter. We were also given a lovely goody bag. All that's left to do is convince hubby to buy me a spa treatment asap if not i'll be asking Santa.



  1. Oh I really wanted to attend this but it conflicted with uni :(
    Looks like you had a great time. I've been on a spa tour at their opening event and it looks amazing. I turn 30 next year (AAAHHHHH!) So I might treat myself.

  2. How fun, I love Lush! My kids love the both bombs too - great little stocking fillers x

  3. The event looks great. Lush make some great Christmas products

  4. That's an interesting theme for a spa - it looks very cosy and welcoming.

  5. Oh my gosh......a Lush Spa? That's literally my idea of heaven, it looks like an incredible place. Their Christmas range is my absolute favourite, i always get their bath bombs and wands as stocking fillers for the boys xx

  6. Oh wow I bet it was amazing and I bet it smelt amazing in there! I love LUSH products but like you always think" Bath Bombs! when I think of them! I had no idea there was quite so many other products available! xx

  7. The bath bombs are great aren't they. They make lovely stocking fillers.I didn't know they had a spa store, that's different.

  8. The store looks fab. Not been inside a Lush store in ages.

  9. I live up the road from their factory and our local Lush never seems to run events - such a shame as I love their stuff

  10. I love Lush, sadly the event near me was cancelled at the last minute but rescheduled for later this month, can't wait!

  11. Oooh the new Lush store and spa looks amazing! What a great event to be invited to - my brother usually buys me Lush products for Christmas ;) x


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