Monday 2 October 2017

The Best Places to Buy Disney Clothes for Adults

Over the last few years Disney has exploded onto the fashion scene for adults which is great news for us grown up mouseketeers. Disney clothing seems to have become a fashion trend in its own right with not only the high street but luxury designers embracing all things Disney.

As you probably know I am a huge Disney fashion fan. I've been wearing Disney inspired clothes with pride for years. I am a sucker for it all. With so many places now stocking Disney clothes it can sometimes been mind blowing so here are my favourite places to shop for them:

1) Primark
Primark is the first shop that springs to mind when I think of Disney clothes (especially for sleepwear but that will be in a separate blog post). They have such a wide selection which is all so reasonably priced. I bought most of my clothes there for our trip to Disney World earlier this year. They had plenty of shorts and tees to choose from and now winter is here they have a lot of knitwear. I even bought Disney shoes there for less than £10. Such a bargain and they are really comfortable.

2) Cath Kidston
One of my favourite places to buy Disney clothes is Cath Kidston. Cath Kidston has always been one of my favourite brands so when they announced collaborations with Disney I was ecstatic. The quality is always great. I've worn my 101 Dalmatians dress so many times and it hasn't faded or shrunk. I've bought something from every range so far and I can't wait to see what the next one is. 

3) Uniqlo
I was first introduced to the Disney clothing by Uniqlo on our trip to Florida earlier this year. I popped into their store in Disney Springs and instantly fell in love. The prices are fab and they had a great range of Disney tee's for men and woman. Hubby bought a lovely Mickey Mouse Polo shirt and I bought plenty of t-shirts.

4) The Disney Store
The Disney Store doesn't have a huge range of adult clothes but when they do they are usually pretty special. I always adore their Christmas jumpers (i've got my eye on the ones they currently have in stock). You can also usually get some twinning outfits with your children if you are into that (we love it). 

5) Truffle Shuffle
Truffle Shuffle is an online store with an amazing range of Disney clothing for adults. Their vests and tee's are super adorable. I could spend a fortune on there.

6) Disney Parks
Buying clothes from any of the Disney Parks themselves usually means they are more unique as quite often you can only purchase them at the parks. I bought a great casual tee (as shown in the pic below) from one of the clothing stores at Disney Springs.

7) Independent Sellers
For something truly unique, special and more personal then get some clothes from independent sellers and online stores. Etsy and instagram have an array of retailers you can choose from. 
I was able to design the jumper that i'm wearing below which was from Rock on Ruby. It features all my favourite Disney princesses. I got it in 2014 and I still wear it now and take it on every Disney trip. I always get lots of people asking where I got it from. 

Where are you favourite places to shop for adult Disney clothes?



  1. You are Disney Queen, Kerry! Primark always have such amazing Disney clothes and such great value too. I don’t own any of the Cath Kidston stuff but they are pretty special. Your 101 Dalmations twinning outfits are gorgeous. X

  2. love all of these - especially the Cath Kinston pic, all matching - adorable! I have used Primark for Disney things before, love it x

  3. Primark have really upped their game lately, the Disney range is so good and still so cheap! I didn't know Cath Kidston had a Disney range, the dresses are so cute! I'll have to take a peek x

    1. There's a new one being released next week with cath kidston

  4. I like the range that Primark has of Disney clothing

  5. Thank you Kerry! This post couldn't come at a better time. I'm on the hunt for Disney attire for December!

  6. Primark is fab for adult sized Disney clothes... but so many different shops are licensed to sell them now you can find some great items almost anywhere.

  7. I had no idea Disney clothing was making a comeback! Very cool:)

  8. We struggled with Adult clothes too. We did have to go to unofficial stores. I even found a few T-shirts in Primark which I took with me. So did the wife and daughter. lol. The Disney Stores are JUST TOO Darn expensive even for the clothes they do have.

    John M. aka. Mrgeekandgadgets

  9. Primark is just fab. I LOVE your tee that you designed, I want one for our holiday in December to Disney Land Paris. Kaz

  10. What an awesome post! I think I might be a bit to old for Disney clothes now though!

  11. I stared a similar post for toddler boy Disney stuff ahead of our trip to Disney World a couple of months ago. I never finished it! 🙈 Love this one and wish I'd seen it before I went. The stuff you've found is many too cutesy and is just really fun! x

  12. Fab post - I love Disney :) I find asda and primark do great disney pjs!

  13. I always see things from Primark online, but I never knew Cath Kidston stock Disney clothes as well. I'll definitely be having a look now!

  14. I adore the pastel ice cream top and the Tinkerbell shirt! What a great post!

  15. Ooh I love this! Need all the inspiration for our trip in March x

  16. Love this! Am soooo getting a Disney Christmas jumper this year from one of these x

  17. EMP is great, I've got some really subtle and wearable stuff from there and the sales are fab.


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