Wednesday 14 October 2015

What's in our caboodle hospital bag

I have finally got around to packing a hospital bag. Luckily we were sent a gorgeous one from Caboodle to use. The bag comes with a large changing mat, insulated bottle holder and a spare grabby bag that would be useful for creams and medicines.
I love the bag for more than one reason. The first is the size of it. It's actually big enough to carry everything you need in it and it'll also be more than big enough for when I need to use it after the baby is born. It'll be big enough to put all the babies things and some spare things for Eva in it too. 

The pockets inside are also great. They are actually placed in such a position that you can actually use them without taking space away from the bottom of the bag. By that I mean normally when you use side pockets they tend to restrict the room at the bottom of the bag. This doesn't happen with the caboodle.

One of the best features of the bag is that it's wipeable. This is a genius, very practical idea for a hospital/change bag. They always get dirty as you carry them everywhere and use them so much. 

I also like the fact that the bag isn't heavy. It's lightweight and even when you pack it full of all your essentials, it still doesn't feel ridiculously heavy like most change bags do. The bag comes in a few different prints and is great value for money. To view the bags click here, Caboodle bags

Here's what I've packed. I've probably forgotten loads of things so please leave me a comment if you think I've missed anything out:

For me:.
Big granny knickers
Nursing nightwear
A birthing nighty
Swim tankini for the birthing pool
A towel
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Nipple cream
Shower gel
Dry shampoo
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Comfy clothes to travel home in
Nursing bra
Hair bobble

For baby:
Coming home outfit

For me and hubby:
Phone chargers

What do you think of the caboodle bag. Have I missed anything out of the bag?


  1. I used the same bag as my hospital bag and it was great as I managed to fit so much into it. I think the only extra thing not on your list I packed just so I knew where it was was my TENS machine, I packed it there but used it at home and on the way to hospital but it was good to know it was with everything else and easy to find.

  2. Such a lovely bag. I wish i'd had this to read when i packed mine :) x

  3. Halloween costume? Just joking 👻 There's always something you've forgotten. I love the bag too.

  4. I took energy sweets with me - and a relaxation CD! I had a hypnobirth which was amazing. I also make natural sprays and took my Labour one in - it really helped. Good Luck! Kaz x

  5. Don't forget lip balm!! My lips were sooo dry during my labor and i was so thankful my hubby had some burts bees on him! :)

  6. Lovely bag! I think you've got the basics covered, I did a checklist a few weeks ago so hope it's helpful x

  7. Lovely bag! What about some arnica, sugary sweets for energy, and flip flops for in the shower?

  8. Love the bag!!! Perfect size for the hospital. Think you've got everything I packed although I swear my mum brought more things back each day! Xx

  9. Oh I love that bag. Was it big enough to fit everything in it? Maybe add some arnica and witch-hazel?

  10. Gosh it seems so long ago I did my hospital bag post! Take some socks for you too, also an extra pillow too! Can you believe we forgot baby wipes? So silly, those first nappies aren't fun! Haha x

  11. I love that bag! I think you've pretty much covered everything but I'd take lip balm, snacks and a magazine too. And don't forget maternity notes :) xx

  12. Make up,Hair straightners,Fake tan,Chocolate! Took them all with me as I knew I was having a csection and wanted some pick me ups...haha.Bag looks fab and funky by the way.Good luck!! Xx

  13. I found packing of the hospital bag really exciting - when it really starts to become real. Love your bag by the way - very stylish

    Laura x


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