Monday 26 October 2015

ByStroom Changing bags

If you've read my blog for a while then you will know that I am a bag fiend. If there's one fashion accessory that makes my mouth water then it's the bag. However, since having my daughter, it's not often that I get to take a bag for myself out and i've swapped my arm candy for a change bag. With baby number 2 due in just over 2 weeks, I can kiss long goodbye to my Mulberry but thanks to ByStroom, I can say a big hello to my new beautiful change bag, The BEA.

ByStroom have got the most desired collection of changing bags that I have seen in a long time. If you're looking for a bag that's not only practical but oozes style and trendiness then you will definitely find one from this brand. They are a perfect brand match for me as they have managed to capture exactly what I am looking for. Every single bag allows you to still be fashionable whilst hiding your baby essentials. 

My BEA bag is beautiful. The shape is quite unique and is large enough to fit anything and everything in it. In fact i've joked about it being similar to a Mary Poppins bag. I just keep pulling more and more things out of it. For now I am using it to carry around all of my essentials such as phone, purse etc and my daughter's essentials such as change of clothes, snacks, and a drink. I have no doubt that when my new baby arrives, I will be able to fit all of our things in it, which as a mother is music to my ears. You always have your hands full, so the more I can get in one bag, the better. With my last change bag I found I couldn't get everything in to it.

I adore the style of it. The handles are braided so it gives it a more special look. The colour black goes with pretty much everything but it is available in 10 different colours. The bag is easy to clean as it's water and stain resistant so you can wipe it with a wet wipe or wet cloth. This again is also very handy when you have a baby and a toddler as things do tend to get very messy. The bag contains a changing mat, bottle holder and a toiletries bag and also has lots of different compartments and pockets. This is great for me as I'm also a bit of an organised freak. 

I am loving using this bag and I can't recommend them enough to anyone. I will write another blog post once baby arrives, so that I can update you on how it is working with using it for the essentials for all 3 of us. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

I've also chosen my other top picks of bags from their website. It was very hard to narrow it down as I could honestly happily use any of them. I would like to get a tan coloured one too, to match any outfits i'm wearing that black doesn't look good with. 

1) This is a new bag to the website which is called the INGA. I absolutely love the shape of it!!!!

2) This is the GANLY which is a best seller. I love the style of it.

3) This is the ALMA. It does look a bit smaller than most of the of the other bags that they do but I am still a big fan of it. I love all the buckle detailing.

4) Is the INGA again but in a different colour. I must like this one seeing as I've featured it twice.

Have you heard of the brand before? Do you like their bags? What changing bag did you have? Make sure you like their Facebook and instagram pages to keep up to date with any offers and competitions, Facebook,  instagram.



  1. This looks great. I'll have to show these to my friend who's just had a little one. I can see why the tan one is so popular!

    M xxx

    The CSI Girls

  2. This looks like a great bag. A good size too and great for putting all of your stuff in it x

  3. G may be a toddler but I am no where near ready to give up my changing bag! I've currently got an eBay's ok, but it's not very special, it looks like a changing bag (not at all stylish!) and I hate how the material feels. I guess I'm die an upgrade :D I've not heard of this brand before but I'll definitely be checking them out, I'm eyeing up the Alma xx

  4. These look great. I was always a fan of the rucksack changing bag, but love these for looking more glam! :-) xxx

  5. I love the changing bags that look more like handbags. This one really suits you.

  6. I have never heard of this brand but they do look great - I love that this could easily be used as a changing bag or a handbag!

  7. Aw fab I have this bag too and I love it! It is so big I will be able to fit everything and more in it! x

  8. Ohh these bags are gorgeous - I love how roomy they are and they don't look too much like proper change bags either - very glam.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  9. I love the Inga in the charcoal grey. Seriously I wish I'd had some taste when i got pregnant with Gus. I went straight for the standard polka dot Cath Kidston and 5 years on and tattered beyond belief it's as garish and awful as the day i bought it. I should have met you and Laura side street to style me then!!!! Save me from my ludicrous self!

    1. Aw, Jess, you have such a gorgeous style. I wish I could wear all those colours as well as you do. x

  10. I love how much more stylish changing bags are becoming. I just didn't see anything like this when I had my first, almost 6 years ago.
    I laughed at the Mary Poppins bag comment because I love a big bag that is full of everything you could need. Not long to go now... hope you are doing okay xx


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