Friday 23 October 2015

Reminiscing about our engagement 5 years ago

It's been 5 years yesterday that Arwyn and I got engaged in Kilimanjaro. I cannot believe how time just seems to fly by nowadays. As I realised it had been 5 years, I started to think that years move to quickly and I wondered where the time had gone.

I hadn't started my blog at the time we climbed Kilimanjaro so I've never written about it. I'll briefly describe our experience. We went with the charity Scope and were lucky enough to be put into a team with some amazing people who we still speak to today and who came to our wedding. The climb itself was gruelling. There were good times and bad. If you had asked me about it for a few months afterwards, I would have said it was the worst experience of my life and wouldn't recommend it to anyone (hubby would have said the same). However, looking back on it now it really was life changing. It really pushed you to the limit. It was physically and mentally draining. I had a really bad day one day where I broke down in tears but all of my team supported me. It was if we'd all been friends forever.  They were am amazing group of people. Having to wee and poo out in the middle of nowhere was also an experience I'll never forget (the views were pretty good though). The food was awful and I was put off camping again for a long time! I've lost my two big toe nails because of the climb too.

We didn't actually make the very top as we suffered badly with altitude sickness whilst attempting to reach the summit so the doctor sent us back to camp.
After the climb we all went back to our hotel to get ready for a big party. Arwyn was acting very weirdly. Finally he asked me to go outside and look at the mountain in the moonlight. Stubborn me was shouting at him telling him we'd be late for the bus and I never wanted to see the mountain ever again. I really did make it difficult for him. When I eventually went outside he got down on one knee under the stars and the brightness of Kilimanjaro in the background. I was so shocked. It ended up being the perfect time to propose as we had a huge party that night. The night was so special as we spent it with all the people that we had experienced Kilimanjaro with. We drank lots of champagne and partied the night away. I couldn't have asked for more.

Even though it seems like only yesterday this happened we have been through so much ever since. We had a wonderful wedding (with Eva already in my belly). I found out I was pregnant 3 days before our wedding day. It was lovely knowing we had a little secret to ourselves. We had a fantastic honeymoon in Las Vegas and Hawaii. We got Alfie our dog. We had our first daughter and are now expecting our second. Plus we have had lots of fantastic other holidays and trips.

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!



  1. How romantic getting engaged there! I got engaged in Blackpool - not quite the same lol

  2. That is so romantic. We don't make it easy for them do we? Lol! Hope your toenails have grown back :-/

  3. I loved reading this, how romantic!
    I've never fancied doing anything like Killimanjaro and this post has made me realise that is most definitely is not for me!
    Happy Engagement Anniversary :)

  4. Ah what a wonderful proposal - how lovely that it was a complete surprise! You have had a whirlwind few years by the sounds of it!

  5. That is such a lovely story, what a great setting for a proposal! :-)

    ​​​​Leanne​ ​x​
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  6. Aw this is SO romantic... I love reflecting back on times gone by... :) x

  7. Awww, what an amazing place to propose! And climbing Kilimanjaro - what an incredible thing to do together! I love that you are still friends with the people in your group. I guess an experience like that will bond you for life! xx


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