Thursday 29 October 2015

Disney Junior 6-in-1 game collection

We were recently sent the Disney Junior 6-in-1 game collection to review. I jumped at the chance to review it as Eva loves the Disney Junior channel so I knew she would be over the moon at having a new game.

 When it arrived, Eva was delighted before she'd even opened it (as predicted). Just the sight of all of her favourite Disney Junior characters such as Princess Sofia, Mickey, Doc Mcstuffins etc was enough to send her into excitement overdrive. Of course we had to play with it straight away.

The collection as it states contains 6 different games to play which are Bingo, Go Fish, crazy 8's, dominoes, matching and four in a row. The box itself contains one game board which has 4 sections, matching tiles and domino tiles, picture cards, a deck of cards, tokens, a spinner and of course some instructions. It seems like a lot but actually the box and it's contents are fairly small and well contained. The manufacturer suggests that the game is suitable for ages 3+, which is currently perfect for Eva.

Eva loves to play the matching game. It is definitely her favourite of the six. Another firm favourite is bingo which she likes to play with her dad a lot. I think she really enjoys the fact that the game doesn't have to be the same thing over and over again. She likes to play all 6 games and then she will put the game away. I think the fact that there are 6 games in one, really captures her attention and allows her to concentrate through all of them as she is not getting bored.I'm afraid there's no pictures of her actually playing it as she seems to get annoyed at me for not paying attention when we are playing together. I get told 'mummy no photo's, just play!'.

As a parent I am really happy with this game collection. It's an ideal starting point for preschoolers to learn about playing games. It helps encourage them to learn about turn taking and playing with other people. I also love the fact that most of the games help promote memory learning. Eva has had other board games before and has had things such as snap but it's only been since she's been playing all of these games that she now clearly understands the concept of matching pairs together. 

I would recommend this game to anyone with young children. I also noticed that there is a Frozen 6-in-1 game collection which I have added to santa's christmas list after the success of playing with this one.


  1. Great game collection! My kids love Disney and it's great when you can get so much use out of one board game. All favourite classic games as well, lovely. :-) x

  2. This looks great! I love it when you get several things in one, these kind of things tend to keep kiddies more entertained, don't they? My little girl would absolutely love this! It's on the list ;) x

  3. Aww, bless her, play games mummy no photo. That is adorable. I love it when games are targeted to the right age group, it's so disappointing when the games are too complicated. This looks just right.

  4. This game looks fab! I forgot to email you to say thank you - our prize arrived we won in your competition - I have hidden it away for christmas though!

  5. This would be perfect for a Christmas present - I love things that have more than one game - you get so much more for your money plus Disney is awesome

    Laura x

  6. "Mummy no photos, just play!" how cute! Sometimes we just need to be in the moment, don't we?
    Glad to hear you had so much fun with the games x

  7. Fabulous idea for young Disney fans. Will keep them occupied for hours


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