Tuesday 27 June 2017

New Chuggington Toy Range

Eva and Ophelia are both fans of the TV series Chuggington so they were delighted to be asked to review a brand new toy range which has recently launched. Unfortunately they arrived whilst we were on holiday so we had to eat a while to receive them and collect them.

The new collection features 24 little chuggers and ConnecTrax pack. They come in a sealable carry bag which is great for storing them in. They are suitable for ages 2 years and up but as you can imagine, Ophelia who is 19 months old, is also having fun with the set with her older sister.

What makes these toys extra special and unique is that they are actually compatible with most other pre-school systems which is perfect for us as we have many other tracks and trains. I think this is such a fab feature as we can connect them together for extended fun and games.

The trains themselves are made our of rubber, except the wheels which are plastic. This makes them feel nice and soft for small hands and means they are easy to grip unlike the other die cast ones we have at home. This also means they are lightweight which is ideal for taking out and about with us on adventures. They are great entertainment for if we are going out for a meal or away for the weekend.

Eva found the tracks easy to put together. They don't have a magnetic join, they simply slot together by links. Finally a track she can build by herself. 

Overall, we think they are a great set for preschoolers. I do think Eva will outgrow them quickly but Ophelia will be able to enjoy them for quite a few years to come. They look exactly like they do on the tv show which is great, they are easy to hold and the tracks are simple to put together. Even though they are soft to hold, they are very sturdy and they are surviving lots of bashing about.
We would have liked to have seen a few more pieces of track in the set but as we have other tracks at home that wasn't an issue for us.

You can keep up to date with the latest Chuggington toy news over on twitter at @Jazwares and @Chuggington.

*Thank you to Chuggington, Jazwares and Playtime PR for gifting us with these toys in exchange for our honest opinion*



  1. This looks like a lovely little set and nice to see them playing together

  2. That's good that they look just like the TV show as kids will probably want to play with them more that way x

    1. Yes they are exactly like how they look on tv which is great x

  3. They sound brilliant, especially as they can be teamed with existing toys at home. I like the sound of them being rubber and lightweight too.

  4. Chuggington is so much fun. I like that these are able to be taken with you on play dates etc.

  5. Awwww my daughter used to love Chugginton when she was little what a fab range for any fan!

  6. My son is train mad. He would absolutely love this. My daughter too I think. Lovely toy set. And handy storage bag too - always a hit with parents! Kate www.fivelittlestars.com

  7. This looks like a nice set. My boys love Chuggington too.

  8. It's such a lovely little set isn't it? We have it too and the boys have spent some hours playing with it x


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