Monday 12 December 2016

The Christmas Blogger Interview - This Day I Love

Next up to feature on my Christmas Blogger Interview is Leyla from

1 - Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

Yes.  We have a memory tree instead of a Christmas tree.  It is decorated with items we collect from the places we visit as a family, as well as those the children have made.  It is wonderful unpacking all the items and placing on the tree, talking about all the places we have been as a family.  I love watching the girls remember different places too.

2 -  What’s your ultimate Christmas movie?

I used to always watch the Muppets Christmas Carol with my sisters every Christmas eve, so for me this is my ultimate Christmas movie.

3 - What 3 songs would be top of your festive playlist?

Bob Rivers - 12 Pains Of Christmas (with lyrics)
Michale Buble - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Guns N’ Roses  - White Christmas

4 - Are you an online shopper or do you go to the actual stores?

Online shopper, I actually really have a dislike for shopping so avoid it at all costs during the year.  

5 - Do you make shopping lists or buy things when you see something nice?

A bit of both. I start shopping in the sales and I also enter competitions throughout the year to try and win presents.  

6 - Do you send Christmas cards?

No I donate money to a charity instead.

7 - Do you have an elf on the shelf? What do you do with it?

No, I really do not get the elf on the shelf thing.  Perhaps someone could explain it to me?

8 - Do you have chocolate advent calendars or something else?

I have a handmade advent calendar which I fill with different items.  This included chocolate, books and toys.  They girls get something different each day.

9 - Do you do a Christmas eve box? If so what’s in it?

No, but the kids get given new PJ to wear on Christmas eve and they are also allowed to choose one present from under the tree to open on Christmas eve too.

10 - Do you make any gifts?

Yes we always make the gifts for the teachers.  Last year we made gingerbread snowflakes.  I think this year we will do peppermint creams. 

11 - Do you do any Christmas crafts?

Yes we love to do Christmas crafts and last year I made a few videos which are over on my YouTube channel.  I have a few planned for this year too so keep an eye out over on the channel. 

12 - If you could only eat 3 things from your Christmas dinner, what would they be?

Meat, Sprouts and Roast Potatoes 

13 -  What’s your favourite festive tipple?

Sloe Gin

14 - Where are you spending Christmas this year?

We spend Christmas day at home! We will visit family over the Christmas period as well. 

15 - If you could go to any Christmas market in the world where would you go?

Not a Christmas Market but I would love to see what Disney World in Orlando is like over Christmas, I bet it is magical. I visited the Christmas market in Lapland one year and that was amazing!

Thank you for taking part. We have very similar tastes. I also love sloe gin and would definitely like to go to Disney World for Christmas.

You can find Leyla on the following social media channels by clicking the links:



  1. I love the idea of a memory tree instead of a Christmas tree x

  2. I love these sorts blogger lists, especially christmas ones x

  3. Lovely post, I met Leyla a few years ago and she is so lovey :) I still love Muppet's Christmas carol. We watch it every year.

  4. I so want to go to Disney World. I really love the idea of a memory tree too. That sounds so lovely. x


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