Sunday 4 December 2016

Me and Mine Project - November 2016

I'm a little bit late in writing this post but that's because we have had a jam packed November. We had a few special birthdays and we also had a last minute weekend away in Disneyland Paris.

November is a month that we are hit hard with birthdays. We have at least two a week. In fact one week we have 6 birthdays!!! On the 4th November it was my father in laws 70th birthday and the following day was my dad's 60th birthday. That was a pretty stressful weekend with 2 surprise parties and lots of family get togethers. 
Next up was my husbands birthday. We kept that quite low key seeing as we were going to Disneyland the following week. Immediately after our weekend away it was Ophelia's 1st birthday. We had a family tea party in the house to celebrate. She seemed pretty pleased with it all. I'm gutted as we didn't get any family pictures on her birthday.

In November we were also invited to the opening of winter wonderland in Cardiff. It was such a fun, festive evening. We all went ice-skating (except Ophelia). We went on lots of rides and of course ate and drank the yummy food and drink. Eva had an absolute ball. We definitely want to go back as it's such a lovely place to have some family time.

If you read my blog regularly you will know that we are a massive Disney loving family. I am the biggest kid of all when it comes to Mickey Mouse. We headed to Disneyland Paris for a quick festive weekend break with my sister in law and her husband. I won't talk too much about it as i'll be writing a blog post about our trip but we had a fantastic time. It was cold but it was worth it to see Eva's face. We saw lots of the parades, shows and went on quite a few rides. Eva loved meeting Santa there and she talked his head off. 

It's a small world! Not sure why hubby and I are still smiling. This was about the 3rd go on it and the sing is rather repetitive lol!

We were also invited to meet Santa at Hamley's at the end of last month. I must admit he was one of the best Santa's i've ever seen, he must've been the real one. Ophelia is still not to sure about him but she's curious enough.

As you can see we've had a busy month as a family but a pretty good one. I am really looking forward to this month as my mum, stepdad, sisters, aunty, uncle and cousin are all coming back from Australia to spend Christmas with us. It'll be our first one together in 8 years. I'm sure i'll have lots of pictures to share.

Together this month we've loved:
Pizza (we seem to have eaten a lot if it)
Story time
Playing peekaboo
Santa and all things Christmas

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Oh how lovely. I'd love to go to Disney land at Christmas time. I can't wait to take Rosalie xx

  2. it would be so lovely to go to Disney at this time of year! And you've survived a buy month - hope December is more relaxing for you x

  3. aww how amazing has that been, disney at christmas looks fabulous!

  4. Wow - you busy bee! What an awesome month you have had. I would love to visit Disney at Christmas, it looks amazing. Kaz x

  5. It sounds like you've had a very busy month! Lovely family photos - especially the ones at Disneyland Paris! I would love to visit at Christmas time, I'm sure it would be even more magical! x

  6. You had so much fun this month! I would love to go to Disneyland, even if I am almost 30. I think it's an amazing experience for both children and adults.

  7. Happy belated birthday Mr.Norris. Busy month for birthdays in December for us. Grandad, daddy, 4 cousins and a bff, I do be broke lol. Winter wonderland in Cardiff looks brilliant unlike the place we went to see Santa recently, it was a huge let down! Gorgeous picture with Santa x

  8. What a busy month! You got some lovely family photos, and what a lovely time you had at Disney. I really want to go there

  9. Love her little face looking at Santa! Sounds like you've had a really busy month Kerry.

  10. What a woderful way to spend some quality family time. Lovely pics of a happy family.

  11. Wow. You had a super busy month! I'm very jealous that you went to Disney. I'd love to visit over Halloween one year.

  12. Aww what a lovely Me and Mine post - some many great memories captured. We hardly every get pics of all of us - really need to change that

    Laura x

  13. Wow you are super busy for birthdays in November, I thought I was bad with 3 haha! Disney looked AMAZING!!x


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