Saturday 8 August 2015

Theraline maternity and nursing pillow

I had forgotten quite how difficult it was to get a good nights sleep once your baby bump starts to develop. If you're not getting out of bed to frequently go to the toilet then you're tossing and turning! 

Fortunately, I was sent a pregnancy and nursing pillow from Theraline to try. They offer a wide range of pregnancy and nursing pillows and also a revolutionary baby pillow which has one a gold parenting award and is designed to be used from birth (note to self to pop this on my wish list). 

I received The Original Theraline pillow which is made with a micro bead filling. I had a bright turquoise one which you can view here, Pillow. They have a range of colours available including some cute pastels and pretty designs so have a browse at the full collection here, Theraline collection.

The pillow is designed to be used in a variety of positions which will move easily with your body. The beads are used to help the pillow form to the shape of your body. Its benefits are to help relieve your legs, bump and back whilst sleeping (or resting) whilst providing stability. 

My first impressions when I saw it were that it was very long (although this is probably due to how short I am). I was worried it was going to be too long for me to get into a comfy position. First impressions aren't always right. 

The pillow is fantastic, it's become my new best friend. Straight away it made me feel less tense. I think where I have been so uncomfortable at night, my body has been tensing up causing me to be in even more discomfort. I am most comfortable lying on my left side and using the pillow so that it is infront of my bump and tucked between my legs has made me even more settled in that position. I've also found that using it so that it wraps between your front and your back almost a miracle at keeping me still. It really helps ease your back in this position.

I honestly can't praise this pillow enough. It has so many uses and I can't wait to use it when breastfeeding. I'm using it every night and I'm also using it when sitting on the sofa or reading in bed by putting it into a v pillow shape. Since using it I haven't had a bad back at night at all. It is going to help me so much until the end of my pregnancy and really help me feel comfortable in the very near 3rd trimester. When you first feel the pillow you don't expect it to be that comfortable. In fact it felt like touching a bean bag. However, this isn't the case at all as once you lie on it in whatever position you choose, it'll form to the shape of your body and it feels like sleeping against a heap of feathers. 

I am so happy with this pillow. I am finding sleep time not as daunting as it was before. Whilst it doesn't guarantee me a full nights sleep (this will never ever happen due to bump lying on my bladder causing frequent toilet trips), it does guarantee me comfort. I am gutted I didn't have one on my first pregnancy. One negative thing I will say is that the hubby thinks it takes up too much room in the bed but as far as I'm concerned that's a small price to pay. 

Have you used a pregnancy pillow before? Have you got any tips for a good nights sleep during pregnancy?



  1. I love my Theraline pillow, I'd be lost without it *leaning on it as I type*

  2. I had a pregnancy pillow, it cost me a lot but I wasn't that impressed with it, to be honest as it didn't support me enough. This one looks and sounds fab. Shame I'm not having any more babies to give it a go!! x

  3. Looks a comfy pillow even if youre not pregnant!

  4. Where do you find these gems. Excellent bit of kit

  5. The pillow looks really comfy! x


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