Sunday 9 August 2015

Our day out at Folly Farm

A few weeks ago we stayed in a caravan in Kidwelly and took the opportunity to go to Folly Farm seeing as we were half way there. Arwyn had been when he was younger but myself and Eva had never been.

We were quite shocked at how reasonable the ticket prices were and I have to admit we weren't expecting much seeing as the price was so low. An adult price is £10.95 (£9.86 if you book in advance, a child is £9.95 (£8.96 if you book in advance) and aged 2 and under are free. Therefore, we didn't have to pay for Eva.

When we were handed a map we couldn't believe how much there was to do and see there. There are a number of different areas to see which you can view on their online map here, Map.

First up we headed to The Jolly Barn and Farm. This is where all of the farm animals live such as donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs etc but they are housed in a quirky way. Everything was big and colourful and therefore eye catching for Eva. In fact her exact words when she walked in were 'wow this is amazing!'. You can feed and pet the animals and there are also special talks and events going on throughout the day such as milking goats. Unfortunately we kept missing the times for that and it was something we really wanted to do. There is also a play area in there which kept Eva entertained for ages.

We then went into Folly Interactive where Eva got some educational fun through exploring, colouring and playing. She loved it in here as she had little tasks to do. She really enjoyed the fossil area.

Next up we visited the Vintage Funfair. The word wow springs to mind when trying to describe it. It's simply beautiful. As it says on the tin it is a huge vintage funfair with all the old rides and stalls. You could literally spend all day in here, it's amazing. The rides and stalls take tokens which are priced at 50p each which I think is very reasonable and you don't mind paying this small price on top of the admission. This is unlike when you are in a big merlin theme park where you end up paying quite a few pounds for their added extras which I really begrudge. There were plenty of rides for toddlers and for big kids so there's lots in there to entertain the whole family. I'd drive all the way to Pembrokeshire just to go in here, that's how much we all enjoyed it.

We then went in one of the Farms many play areas. This was one of the indoor ones which as you can see from the photo is very big. Eva had the time of her life in here. There are food outlets located around this area so you could grab a bite to eat or like I did grab a cuppa and sit back and relax whilst watching the little one run riots. 

I'm surprised Eva had any energy left after doing so much up to that point but next we saw Folly Zoo. There are a few zoo animals here but we enjoyed the penguins and the lions the most. I'm excited to see that in September they are opening a Black Rhino reserve. We will have to go and see this as I believe they are currently on the extinct list.

We then headed to the adventure play area which hosts lots of different play zones. Arwyn seemed to really enjoy the jcb/digger area and of course he and Eva had a fab time on the racing cars. 

(family selfie on the big wheel)

Finally when we were all pretty tired from such an exciting day we went on the land train which takes you around an outdoor animal area. We were very grateful to be able to have a sit down at this point. Eva actually fell asleep whilst going around which I wouldn't put to her being bored more that she was so unbelievably tired after seeing so much.

To sum up we honestly had the most wonderful day. It's easily one of the best places I have taken Eva and I am so grateful that we went as a family because we all had fun. You could come here whatever the weather as there are plenty of things to enjoy indoors. I strongly recommend you visit here.

One thing I spotted whilst there was they offer an annual pass which again is such good value for money. I am putting this on my annual pass pregnancy wish list (blog post coming soon on that). I want to be able to make sure I can afford to take Eva out on day trips whilst on maternity leave so annual passes are perfect for then and I know I would get good use out of it.

Have you been to Folly Farm yet?


  1. Folly Farm is the best place for kids we have been loads of times and easily done in a day from Cardiff now with all the road improvements. Glad u had a great day we will be joining you next time :)

  2. You make us want to go now. Pencilled in for a trip soon. Thanks

  3. Looks fab! Think we may look into going there as it's not too far from us x

  4. We LOVE Folly Farm! It's such an amazing place and I agree with you that it's great value too.The penguins are my favourite, and I also love the viewing platform for the giraffes. Oh and the vintage fun fair. Glad you had a good day x

  5. We went as a family last year (G was only 4 months and he loved it even then!) and we loved it! Going again in September and I'm so excited, to see G enjoy it more but also for me lol! I'm hoping we get to see the rhinos but if not we'll go back later in the year...tempted to visit Santa here. We also couldn't believe the prices. I'd easily expect to pay double for all you get to do there. I'm all excited to go now! x

  6. Aww what a great day you all had! Fantastic photos and memories that will last! Great read, I just wish it was closer to us! Suz x

  7. Ahhhh I love Folly Farm. It's grown so much over the years! Great fun for kids of all ages (even the grown ups who think they're still kids ;) )

  8. Another place we haven't been. Heard good things about it though and it looks like a reasonably priced day out (which makes a change!) #WhenInWales

  9. We love folly farm, it's long been a family favourite here and we're lucky to live a short way from there. Looks like you enjoyed your trips


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