Wednesday 12 August 2015

#RockTheBump Pregnancy and Maternity fashion

If you've been reading my blog you will know that I have been writing you some pregnancy style posts over the last few weeks and I'm excited to announce that I have teamed up with 2 lovely bloggers to bring you even more style.

#RockTheBump was started by Chelle which documented her pregnancy style. Myself, Chelle and another lovely pregnant blogger Jaime are relaunching #RockTheBump as a collaboration. We can't wait to read all of your posts. You can link up any posts about pregnancy style or maternity/breastfeeding style. They can be old or new posts so you can still join in even if you aren't pregnant.

The link is open at the bottom of this post and don't forget to tweet the 3 of us and use #RockTheBump to be involved in style chats. Also try and read and comment on as many of the other posts as you can. 

These last few weeks i've been on the hunt for some over the bump leggings as i'm now 27 weeks pregnant and can't find normal leggings comfortable. The best and most affordable ones I have found have been from H&M which cost just £7.99. Have you seen any good ones anywhere?

My next few purchases will be for the last trimester of my pregnancy and will be for an autumn/winter wardrobe so make sure you keep popping back to check on what i've bought. 

Share your posts on this link. We look forward to seeing lots of new ideas :)



  1. My last pregnancy I had some maternity leggings from New Look that were utterly amazing and fitted beautifully .. i need to check them out again this time :-)

    1. I always forget about New Look!! Will check in there as I want some in some other colours. I only bought black ones x

  2. This sounds great, I'll have to remember this if I do a maternity fashion post :). I've only bought a few maternity bits so far and they're all from New Look. I got some jeggings, which are annoying me at the moment as they feel like they keep falling down, even though they're my normal size, lol, but think it's cause my bump isn't quite big enough yet to fill the whole of the elasticated bit at the top. I also got two dresses, a top and some maternity tights :). I had to get some maternity bras a while ago as my usual under wired ones were getting uncomfortable, these were from Mothercare.

    Gem x


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