Sunday 2 August 2015

The 10 commandments of my pregnancy

Once I found out I was pregnant again, I made a decision to do things differently this time around. I'd set out a list of things that I wanted to try and live by during this pregnancy.
Here are my 10 commandments I've decided to abide by!

1 - Thou shall do my pelvic floor exercises

I have to say people tell you to do these exercises but I'm not sure first time around how much it actually sunk in. I never realised just how important they are. 

I am now 25 weeks so the question is am I following this commandment. The honest answer is no I am not. I tend to lie down in bed at night and think damn I haven't done any pelvic floor exercises today so I quickly try and do a few. These midwifes need to be a bit more military on this topic and drum it into my head.

2 - Thou shall not be caught up in weight gain

One thing I learnt from my first pregnancy is to not worry about how much weight you are actually putting on. I was obsessed with it on Eva and even though I was very conscious of it, I still managed to put around 2 and a half stone on.

At 25 weeks I have not jumped on a scale at all so I couldn't even tell you how much weight I've put on. I haven't even bothered looking in my pregnancy notes to see my actually weight in there. I've come to understand that my body is going to change and that I will put weight on so there is no point in fussing and worrying about it.

3 - Thou shall eat a healthy diet

During my first pregnancy I decided to jump on the eating for 2 band wagon which as you can imagine I regretted. I swore that this time around I would eat as healthy as I could.

My first trimester started off quite well and I ate the same low carb diet I was used to but I kept feeling faint. I am trying to be as good as I can be when it comes to treats but I'm not very good at resisting. 

4 - Thou shall control my hormones

Pregnancy hormones are a killer. One minute your crying, the next you are as happy as Larry and then 2 seconds later you want to smash someone's face in. This time around I wanted to make sure that I controlled my hormones around the hubby and my daughter.

I am clearly not a magician. Whilst I try to remain as calm and collective as I can be, my hubby has taken the brunt of most of my rage and anger. I try my hardest not to upset Eva but these hormones really aren't easily dealt with.

5 - Thou shall not waste money

A lesson learnt from pregnancy and child number 1 is you seem to get sucked in to buying lots of pointless gadgets and so called necessities which you really don't need and end up regretting spending the money on. Luckily for us we are having another girl so we have already got so much stuff that we shouldn't need to buy anything.

At 25 weeks I have literally bought 3 things which are all clothing items. So far I'd say I'm winning at this commandment.

6 - Thou shall not become a rubbish mum

I made a promise to myself that mine and my daughter's relationship would not suffer from my pregnancy at all. I wanted her to still have fun with me and not let her see me upset or being sick or just over tired.

Unfortunately, she saw me be sick quite a lot but she was very good and helped me. There are so far only 2 days where I have been so tired that I haven't been able to play with her. I think I'm doing pretty good as still being the mum she needs me to be.

7 - Thou shall be organised

If I learnt one thing from having my first child it was to be organised. Baby number 2 is due mid November which is always a busy time of year with Christmas etc coming up shortly after. 
We also have to do some room swapping in our house so there are 3 rooms that need redecorating. I assured myself we would be organised....

So far we have achieved nothing. No rooms have been redecorated!!!! We have 15 weeks left but I'm sure that will fly by. I must recite this commandment to myself and the hubby more frequently!!

8 - Thou shall remain active

I decided on this commandment as it was a dream of mine to float through this pregnancy and still remain as fit as a fiddle. My philosophy was that I was going to do exercise classes, lots of walking and evening swims.

It's safe to say that one is not obeying this commandment in the slightest and I am gutted about that. I have quit my gym, I don't think I've been on one walk and the only time I've been close to a swim is when I've been on holiday paddling around in the sea. Epic fail to say the least. Must work harder on this!!!!!!

9 - Thou shall not compare myself to other pregnant women

I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy and not compare myself to other pregnant women. I wanted to make sure I had a postive mind and attitude to it all. 

The realness is that I am constantly comparing myself to other pregnant women and I am constantly upset about it. It's a really silly thing to do as everyone is different. This is the reason I made the commandment in the first place.

10 - Thou shall remain calm

After an extremely difficult and traumatic birth and aftermath where I was completely let down by midwifes, I decided that I wouldn't let that nightmare rule this pregnancy. I promised myself that I would be relaxed about the care I would receive this time around and that I would listen and trust my midwifes.

I think this is one commandment I will never be good at. I tried so hard to be a normal patient but I failed massively. As per usual my care has been rubbish with a lack of appointments and no one listening to me. I am hoping that a change in birth hospital will help me calm down.
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  1. Very educational and honest. Thank you

  2. Oh bless you, it sounds like you're doing so well. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, it'll fly by.
    Alana x

  3. These are great rules for pregnancy - hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x

  4. Great list... I have been pregnant 5 times and still struggled with some of them! Number 5 in particular!! #maternitymondays

  5. Excellent commandments! I wish I had set some similar goals when carrying my 2nd.


  6. I think I'd aim to live by all of these if I was to get pregnant again, especially the one about not wasting money! The difference between what you think you need and what you actually need is amazing! #maternitymondays

  7. Great list but also don't be too hard on yourself for the ones you arne;t sticking with - it's great to aim for some of these but pregnancy is hard sometimes and you need to be kind to yourself, it's only a short time in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx

  8. Hope your birth goes alot better this time. Weirdly, I had a fairly smooth one but I think I'd worry sick next time that surely it won't be as straightforward again (I'm so paranoid 😂). Completely agree with not getting sucked unto buying too much, that was my downfall last time too. #twinklytuesday

  9. Fantastic commandments. I was so stressed about my weight gain during my pregnancy. I will endeavor to be more relaxed about it if there is a second.


  10. I love these commandments. I'm not sure I could stick to all of these in my next pregnancy though. You must be very disciplined xx

  11. Great list! It sounds like you're doing really well. I remember being quite healthy during the first trimester but the bigger I got, the less willpower I had - especially when it cam to eating! Don't be too hard on yourself, you're allowed a cheeky treat every now and then! Sounds like you're doing a great job with your daughter #TwinklyTuesdayx

  12. I love the "thou shalt not become a rubbish mum". I don't think it's possible to become rubbish so long as you always try your best. Also I agree on the money wasting. It can be easy to waste money aND i did a little with my first baby. I've learnt not to do this next time..."if there is ever a next time" fingers crossed when i'm well enough!

    Angela from

  13. some great commandments! I have also tried to stick to many of these x #MaternityMondays

  14. Wow - I think I failed at almost all of these each time. Particularly the hormones one. Not the best at staying in control of that even when I'm not pregnant! The picture you had linking from Twinkly Tuesday's is lovely! #TwinklyTuesday 💕 Noah & the Girls

  15. And I shall do some serious 'nesting'. Great post, it made me smile as I remembered all these things. #TwinklyTuesday xx

  16. Oh yes to the pelvic floor exercises, after two babies I'm really regretting ignoring that advice!!

  17. Great post...I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you in my second pregnancy and can totally relate to the commandments, they're very similar to the things I hoped to do this time and my success rate is probably on par with yours too!! I would say that I've generally managed to enjoy it more this time with less anxiety about each twinge though - I hope you have too. Good luck with everything xx

  18. Such a great post! I wish I had done more pelvic floor exercises as am really regretting not now! xx

  19. You will be awesome Kerry xx

  20. These are wonderful commitments. I had to let go of the staying active one when I was placed on modified bedrest with my twins, and I fought it. Thanks for being part of #TwinklyTuesday.

  21. I promised myself with pregnancies number two and three that I would follow a super-healthy diet. However, my body had other ideas and just like my first pregnancy, I craved carbs and crisps. Eating stodge was the only way to stop me feeling sick! x

  22. Great list! I've definitely failed with the healthy eating though... I did well for the first half of my pregnancy but all I want now is comfort food- roast dinners, chips and cake! xx


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