Thursday 20 August 2015

Childrenswear at the Next Christmas Press Day

A few weeks ago I attended the Next christmas press day which was at the Waldorf Hilton in London. I couldn't wait to go and view everything that was on offer. Christmas is my favourite time of year so I just had to have a sneak peak at what was going to be released from one of my most shopped in stores. 

This post will focus on childrenswear  I'm afraid I took limited pictures of boys things seeing as I have a daughter and another on the way. I was slightly preoccupied with making lists of what I wanted for them!! 
If you would like to see a preview of the womenswear then head over to my fashion blog by clicking here, Womenswear Preview. I'll also be writing a separate post on gifts, decor and homeware, so keep your eyes peeled.

Newborn and Babies:

First up is the adorable newborn and baby wear. I was immediately drawn to these rails as everything looked so cute.


There were plenty of christmas themed items on offer and let's face it we love them. We all love dressing our littles one's up in some sort of christmas outfit if we can and when the catalogue comes out we are going to be spoilt for choice. 

I adored the elf hat which you can see above. I'm sure my baby will never forgive me for dressing it in that!!

I loved the above baby grow too. It's suitable for a baby boy or girl and really captures the spirit of christmas.

My ultimate favourite item from the christmas themed range and one that is at the top of my list for my upcoming baby girls arrival is this amazing headless baby grow. I absolutely love it. It screams christmas and cuteness all at the same time. 

These amazing wizard of oz style shoes caught my eye too. They will make any baby girls christmas outfit burst with colour. They will look great amongst a taffeta dress for christmas parties. 

I also fell for this christmas themed dress and cardigan. It can be worn all through the festive period. I think the cardigan is fab. It's so quirky and looks very cosy.

Animal prints seemed key with a lot of the babywear items. I got the feeling the clothes were based around fairy tales as there was something magical to be seen in all these gorgeous prints.

These were my favourite items from the baby boy range. I loved the colours and print. 

Younger girls:

As with the newborn collections animal prints and reds were key styles on the collections. 

This outfit is an absolute must have for my daughter. The animal print blouse is ideal for the whole of the winter period and teaming it with the red tartan skirt and red wooden coat make it a festive masterpiece. 

I also liked these 3 pink items. There was a lot of pink seen in the womenswear and it's lovely to see that there is colour in the childrenswear too. More often than not winter clothes are in dark colours. 

Shoes and accessories:  

Here's a sneak peak of some of the shoes and accessories that were shown. 

Overall, I had a fab time and I cannot wait to see the catalogue when it is released. From what I saw on the day the newborn collections for both boys and girls were by far my favourite out of the whole childrenswear collection. I can't wait to dress bump in them when she arrives.

What has caught your eye? Do you buy anything for your children from Next?


  1. So many cute clothes, I want them all!
    I think I'll have to get the Christmas dress & cardi, that is amazing and something I would wear myself haha!

  2. I love Next clothes for kids and these look so cute! It's got me all excited for Christmas now!

  3. I love Next for kids clothes... don't have any of my own yet, but always find something to treat my niece to in there.

  4. I love next clothes. I adore the outfit with the skirt and red coat. I can imagine both my girls in those! :-)

  5. I love Next clothes for the styling but I do find them a little pricey so if I buy I tend to get one or two pieces for the kids and eek their wardrobe out with supermarket basics.

  6. Gorgeous clothes! I love Next but like Linda says, they are a bit pricey for me, so only for special occasions! Those red shoes are brilliant though, love them! x

  7. Oh I love Christmas - and Next too, although they do not have nearly as much clothing for boys as they do girls :( What a great day out for you! Kaz x

  8. Such beautiful things for my 2 lovely girls. They will look the bees knees when i place an order

  9. Oh, I love the dress and cardi set and also the red coat. My older daughter has a similar duffle- it is gorgeous. Glad you had a lovely day. Soon be Christmas...eeee :-) x

  10. Ooh I'd give my left arm to go to a next press day, love love love next clothes and Christmas so it's great to see a sneak peak of their new range!! Very exciting xx

    1. It wasn't as hard as you think to get to go, I wasn't asked personally, I asked their press team lol! x

  11. Eek yet more gorgeous offerings from Next :) I love their Christmas ranges :) xx

  12. Very jealous I wish I could have gone to this, I have a slight obsession with next kids clothes haha! Love all of it, I need that red coat and tartan skirt for my toddler xx

    1. haha me too! Have you seen my latest post which is called Eva's blogger style? It features a next top with 'blogger' on it!! I want one in my size lol x

  13. What an amazing event to go to! Lucky you. The clothes look gorgeous. I have a lot of Next for Freddie. Really good quality but not compromising on style

  14. I love getting the Next Christmas catalogue every year - Next never fail at Christmas, I love it all!


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